What’s in the News “Book Club”

Shatter the Myths Book ClubDo you read things online about drugs that seem confusing?  Our free booklets Drugs: SHATTER THE MYTHS and Marijuana: Facts for Teens are great resources for answering your questions.  Invite your friends or your whole class to sit down and have a discussion about the facts in these booklets, and you can help each other sort through the facts about drug abuse.  Discuss questions like these:

  1. Why do teens try drugs?
  2. What is dangerous about drugs?
  3. What should teens know about using prescription drugs to get high?
  4. Is there such a thing as drugs that help you study better?
  5. Do you know people who drink and drive?

To order the booklets, send an e-mail to NIDA drug fact specialists at: drugfacts@nida.nih.gov