Social Media Campaign

Gather your friends, and help us SHATTER THE MYTHS® about drug and alcohol use by sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, etc.  Social media has become the best way for getting information out there fast, so let’s help spread the news about drugs and drug use!


Twitter is good for short-form, easy-to-read public messages and real-time communication. Twitter Polls allow for an interactive element. We use them as mini-quizzes and post the answer as a comment.

Twitter has a tutorial on using Twitter Polls here:


Facebook allows you to share more in-depth content, making it an ideal place for ongoing conversations. Facebook has introduced Stories, which let you share a photo or video on your Timeline or Page for 24 hours.

You can find more information on Facebook Stories here:


Instagram stories are another great way to engage your audience with live video from your event. Instagram is also a great place to reach younger audiences and get them to ask topic-specific questions. shares tips for engaging on Instagram in this post:


Snapchat is another great place to reach teens and young adults. Create Snaps and Stories of your event or to share your reasons for wanting to SHATTER THE MYTHS® and challenge your friends and followers to share theirs! We have an #NDAFW geofilter template and example of some SHATTER THE MYTHS® pledge card videos below.

Here are some things to consider when using Snapchat from highlights how and NASA use Snapchat: