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Marijuana Event Toolkit

If you are interested in an event or promotional activity that focuses primarily on marijuana, here are links to resources from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and others.

Marijuana: Facts for Parents

Marijuana is one of the most used substances by youth – with close to 45 percent of U.S. teens having tried marijuana at least once by the time they graduate high school. It is important to note that the number of teens vaping marijuana has more than doubled in the past 2 years, often using e-cigarette devices that go undetected by parents and teachers.


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Currently, the number of teens who think marijuana is harmful is declining–in part because of the mixed messages being conveyed by the passage of medical marijuana laws and legalization of marijuana in some states. It is more important than ever that teens learn accurate information about its risks.

Scientific evidence shows that regular marijuana use during teenage years can affect the developing brain, and lead to problems with studying and learning new things well into adulthood. Science tells us regular recreational marijuana use interferes with other aspects of functioning and well-being.

There is a lot of misinformation online about marijuana use. If your community is interested in holding a marijuana-focused event for National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week®, we have resources to assist you in planning your event. NDAFW 2020 will be March 30 - April 5.

Monitoring the Future 2019: Teen vaping climbs significantly. See table below for numerical representation
Monitoring the Future 2019: Teen vaping climbs significantly. See table below for numerical representation
Monitoring the Future 2019: Daily marijuana use in lower grades increases but past year marijuana use steady. See table below for numerical representation
Monitoring the Future 2019: Illicit drug use. See table below for numerical representation

For more statistics on teen drug use, see NIDA’s Monitoring the Future study.

Federal Marijuana Resources

Illnesses and Deaths from Vaping Marijuana: The U.S. Government has alerted the public to thousands of reports of serious lung illnesses associated with vaping, affecting teens as young as 13. Sadly, dozens of people have died from these illnesses, some as young as 17. Most of these illnesses are from vaping products containing THC, the main psychotropic ingredient in marijuana. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has posted an information page for consumers.


Poster - Underage Drinking Prevention

NOTE: All resources are from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and available online only unless otherwise indicated.


Multimedia and Interactive Resources

Lesson Plan and Activity Finder

Activity Ideas

Classroom Activities

Become a CSI Agent
Who can sort out clues in the CSI: Web Adventures virtual game and solve the mystery first. Read More
El equipo de NDAFW se entusiasma con presentar un nuevo juego de Bingo que cualquier... Read More
Choose Your Path
Students watch NIDA's "Choose Your Path" interactive videos and vote for which "paths" to choose. Read More
A Listicle Tickle
Students use NIDA’s Drug Facts to create a list of 10 reasons why they should stay away from drugs. Read More
Graffiti wall
Students create a graffiti wall on poster paper with facts and myths about drugs and drug use. Read More
Educate players about topics related to drug and alcohol use. Read More
Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Students write a radio PSA about the risks of teen drug use and share it with their class or the school. Read More
Remembering Celebrities
Teens present about the life of their favorite celebrity who passed away from drug use or overdose. Read More
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Teens create a 1-minute video about how drug use has affected their school, community, or someone they know. Read More
Songwriters Competition
Have a songwriting contest based on drug facts, and offer prizes for the most creative message. Read More
Get Involved
Have students write one or more government officials about drug-use issue. Read More

School-wide Activities

Addiction and Art contest
Hold an art contest for students around the theme of drugs and addiction. Read More
Chat Day logo
On NDAFW Chat Day, students ask NIDA scientists questions about drugs, drug use, or addiction. (Registration is required.) Read More
Drugs: Shatter the Myths
Use our free booklets to guide a student discussion on the facts about drugs and drug use. Read More
Trivia Night
Teams of students answer questions from NIDA’s free “Drug Facts Challenge!” game. Read More
Students show off their dance moves while wearing t-shirts with drug facts displayed on them. Read More
Good Morning, School!
During school announcements over the PA system, school staff state a drug fact. Read more
Halftime Activities
Hold creative and fun sports halftime contests—supporting your school teams while sharing drug facts. Read More
I want to SHATTER THE MYTHS because
Join NDAFW by sharing why you want to SHATTER THE MYTHS! Read More
Lunch n’ Learns
During lunch, teachers state a drug fact and a related question for students to discuss. Read More
Teens build a large sculpture to represent what drugs do to the brain. Read More
Students create memes using messages from the free booklet,  Drugs: SHATTER THE MYTHS. Read More
Peer-to-Peer Counseling
Older students meet with younger ones, explain the dangers of drug use, and coach them on how to avoid drugs. Read More
Rap Slam Poetry Slam
Teens write and present rap lyrics or poetry about the risks of drug use. Read More
Facebook Scavenger Hunt
Students search for clues around their school or community. They get a tip on how to find the next clue for correct answers on drug use. Read More
School Assembly
Hold an assembly where students hear directly from someone who has survived the disease of addiction. Read More
Sidewalk Art
Teens use chalk to write one drug Q&A from, Drugs: SHATTER THE MYTHS on a sidewalk, with an artistic design representing the question. Read More
Social Media
Share your NDAFW event on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social platforms. Read More
There's Snow Business like Show Business
Hold a talent show where teens can perform; the audience answers questions from the Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge. Read More
Wearing the Message
Students develop messages—or use NIDA’s free downloadable images—and put them on t-shirts. Read More

Activities in the Community

Bake goods
Host a bake sale to help raise money for your school or club; hand out drug facts to spread the word about the dangers of drug use. Read More
Illustration of a bike race
Organize a local bike party, and use our free logos to create t-shirts/stickers for the event. Read More
Candlelight Vigil
Hold a gathering to remember local people who have been lost to drug use. Read More
Concert with Local Bands
Team up with a local band, create posters or use free posters from NIDA, and hand out the booklet, Drugs: SHATTER THE MYTHS. Read More
Drug Awareness 5K
Organize a running or walking group and, at each mile, have people holding up signs with drug facts on them. Read More
Local Radio Call In Show
Ask local TV/radio news shows to mention drug facts during the week of NDAFW to help spread the word to prevent teen drug use. Read More
Poster Campaign
Young people create illustrations to showcase  the risks of drug use. You could display their art in the community. Read More
social media icons
Host a Twitter chat, Facebook Live discussion, or other online event to SHATTER THE MYTHS® about drugs and alcohol. Read More
Take it to the Streets
Teens take part in community events and hand out information about the risks of drug use. Read More

Need more ideas? Check out the Get Activity Ideas page, photos from past events on our Flickr page, and events on our View Events Map page.