Juvenile Justice Event Toolkit

If you are interested in an event or promotional activity that focuses primarily on juvenile justice, here are links to resources from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and others.

Drugs & the Brain Wallet Card

All teens are at risk for substance use disorders, and as many as two-thirds of teens in the criminal justice system may already be struggling with substance use issues. Effective prevention of future substance use issues as well as treatment for existing problems among teens in the criminal justice system decreases drug-related criminal behavior and can improve a young person’s relationship with his or her family, school, and community. However, many criminal justice systems do not provide adequate prevention programs or sufficient treatment and lack resources to address drug use among offenders. National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness among these teens, offering an opportunity to educate and intervene, hopefully interrupting the cycle of addiction and incarceration.

If your community is interested in holding an event for National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® that focuses on juveniles who interact with the justice system, we have federal resources to assist you in planning your event.

Resources for Adults Working with Teens

NOTE: All resources are available online only unless otherwise indicated.

Principles of Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment: A Research-Based Guide

Booklets and Materials for Teens


Resources for Parents, Counselors, and Mentors

Marijuana: Facts for Parents

Activity Ideas

Check out the links below to see what one juvenile court did for NDAFW!

Montgomery County Juvenile Court

Montgomery County Juvenile Court

In Montgomery County, MD

NDAFW Promo for Penn Highlands

Montgomery County Juvenile Court

In Montgomery County, MD

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