"Addiction and Art" Contest

Art can be a powerful expression of emotion around the theme of drugs and addiction. Your activities could include one (or both) of the folowing:Hold an Addiction and Art Contest

  1. Have teen artists paint or draw images that represent addiction or living around people who use drugs. Display entries at a school art show; students can vote on their favorites.
  2. Ask teens to use take photos related to the theme of drug use and addiction, and then create a collage with their photos. Display the collages on a page on your school’s Web site.

For ideas and a toolkit on how to hold an Addiction and Art show, go to the Web site created by artists who support NIDA’s mission: http://www.addictionandart.org.

Evidence of Addiction Everywhere by Lee WeberWrapped Up by Carmine VunakThe Mind of an Alcoholic by Parker Lanier