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Interested in a topic-specific event?
NIDA also has several toolkits for events that are specific to the following themes:

We also have a general NDAFW toolkit available in Spanish.

NEW: Federal School Resource Guide Now Available
The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has released a resource guide for evidence-based prevention programs in school settings. The resources included in this guide are available free from the federal government and can help educators protect students and schools from the impact of illicit substance use and misuse.

Activity Ideas

Lesson Plan and Activity Finder

Check out some of the activities below for ideas and for help with planning your National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® event or promotional activity. It’s going to take some work—but if you can pull it off, your event is going to be awesome and it might just save some lives!

  • Check out events and promotional activities on our NDAFW Events page and photos from past events on our Flickr page
  • Register your own NDAFW event on our Registration page

NOTE: Be sure to read our privacy notice out loud to the audience before your event. Also, NIDA would love to see your NDAFW images! Please include the “SHATTER THE MYTHS” Photo and Video Request (PDF, 3MB) release form with any photographs, audio files or videos that you share with NIDA.

Get Involved at School

School Assembly

There are many inspirational people in your local community working with people recovering from a problem with drugs. Read More

Become a CSI Agent

Who can sort out clues in the CSI: Web Adventures virtual game and solve the mystery first. Read More

Lunch n’ Learns

Learning while you eat is definitely more fun! Read More

Good Morning, NDAFW!

During the school announcements over the PA system, have teachers, counselors, and the principal state a drug fact. Read More

Choose Your Path

Suggest that your school hold an assembly to focus on the dangers of prescription drugs. Read More

Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Write a radio public service announcement about teen prescription drug abuse. Read More

Chat Day logo

Follow the Chat! Read More

Get Competitive


Educate players about certain topics and facts surrounding drug and alcohol use. Read More

There's Snow Business like Show Business

Hey it’s getting cold outside! Time for an indoor karaoke or talent show. Read More


El equipo de NDAFW se entusiasma con presentar un nuevo juego de Bingo que cualquier persona pueda utilizar. Read More

Songwriters Competition

Use your musical talent to spread the word about drugs and drug abuse. Read More

Trivia Night

Hold a trivia night at your school or community center. Read More

Get Creative

Graffiti wall

Create a graffiti type wall on poster paper with facts about drugs, slogans, facts/myths, posters, and messages about where to get help. Read More

Organize a massive sculpture exhibit at your school, or challenge other schools in your county to enter this contest. Read More

I want to SHATTER THE MYTHS because

Join NDAFW by sharing why you want to SHATTER THE MYTHS! Read More

Poster Campaign

Paint the town in drug fact posters! Read More


Organize a meme challenge at your school. Read More

Addiction and Art contest

Art can be a powerful expression of emotion around the theme of drugs and addiction. Read More

Sidewalk Art

Hold a contest for teen artists. Read More

An image is worth a thousand words

Create a 1 minute video of how substance use has impacted your community or a neighbor community. Read More

Concert with Local Bands

Everybody loves a good concert. Read More

Wearing the Message

Get creative and develop your own messages and images to put on a t-shirt. Read More

Fact: Drugs mess with your brain's wiring and signals

Remind teens about the dangers of drugs with a listicle about DrugFacts using NIDA’s resources. Read More

Rap Slam Poetry Slam

Are you and your friend good with words? Hold a "slam" event---writing rap lyrics or poetry about drug use. Read More

Drugs: Shatter the Myths

Our free booklets are great resources for answering your questions. Read More

Get Social

Bake Sale

Host a bake sale to help raise money for your club! Read More


Put together a flash mob in the local school, mall, or Movie Theater. Read More

social media icons

Host a [Twitter chat, Facebook Live, or other online event] to share scientific facts and SHATTER THE MYTHS® about drugs and alcohol. Read More

Get Involved

Host a program where everyone attending writes their Senator, Congresspeople, Mayors, Governors, or even the President. Read More

Remembering Celebrities

By understanding that drug use can extinguish talent, youth, and life, we can truly understand the consequences of the disease. Read More

Local Radio Call In Show

Contact your favorite local TV and radio personalities and see if they would be interested in doing a call-in show. Read More

Candlelight Vigil

Drug use can hurt families and communities, no matter where you live. Read More

Peer-to-Peer Counseling

Sometimes the best people to explain facts to teens are teens themselves. Read More

Facebook Scavenger Hunt

Scatter clues around your school or community. Read More

Drug Awareness 5K

Staying healthy is more than just being drug-free! Read More

Social media has become the best way for getting information out there fast, so let’s help spread the harmful news about drug abuse! Read More

Take it to the Streets

Volunteer at community events and hand out information regarding drugs and drug abuse. Read More

Get Watching

Movie Night

Watching movies together and discussing them as a group can help all of us learn to stay away from drugs. Read More

Get Sporty

Halftime Activities

Come up with creative and fun sports halftime contests! Read More

Bike Race

Organize a local bike party to raise awareness about substance use. Read More