Drug Prevention 2017 Song Contest Winner: Deep Snow

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Once there was 
A person who 
Thought their world 
Was hopeless 
With nothing left 
They saw the white 
Dropped the fight 
And they thought 
Lay me down to rest 
Alone in the deep snow 
Feel the cool, the rush, the chill, the numb, The kiss of the deep snow 
Flurries luring in their ear 
"Hold still. It will all be over soon." 
Swallowed up in emptiness 
Left as bare as the surface of the moon 
Verse 2: 
Follow me 
I heard it say 
And you will be happy 
So I went 
A victim of the sirens 
Is it too late to fight it? 
Take me back 
Save me from being buried alive 
Stolen from life