Drug Prevention 2016 Song Contest Winner: Free

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closes doors we leave open 

but I'd been hoping it'd stop choking 

hope from the smartest sad their paths are the farthest yeah man

its been hard since 

9th grade thought we'd cope without starting 

but kids these days are

bombarded distracted broken off target 

grown apart from people that we

partitioned put in compartments 

we lie to ourselves 

say that its harmless 

we hide from their scars in bottles and parchment 

that they roll up and' smoke 

where is the hope? 

still nothing is being done been 

I'm at the end of my rope 

since the beginning 

its eternal never getting better 

I mean it's clearly poison 

Still they collectively love 'it 

so individually stunted 

the pressure intense 

they learn succumb 

think it's not right to be natural 

too much to be unique so

they reach tweak socially and peak locally 

I'm tired of hearing it 

obsession continues 

and I'm the only one fearing it 

Is this fading feeling really worth the threat of addiction 

but no one ever will listen 

but I can't ever give in 

'cause we been taught drugs are toys 

alcohol has no consequence 

and that if we smart enough we can stay all on top it 

we tell ourselves these things 

because we need to be part of it 

a dream crushing social scene to no room to beam naturally so I weep 

actually all I ever hear is 

this isn't problem since people "being safe"

now that's not really possible 

but they still say it not really honest

so i've grown to hate it 

this feeling of complacency 

so thats why I been raising FREE 

I only hope we can be saved

all I see is friends in cages

all I see is wasted shame

yea, drunkin thoughts and smokey haze

yea, but still hope we can be saved

break the bonds, loose the chains

find yourself, make a change, man

make a change, man

misconception misdirection 

their perception of their use 

is far from the truth 

makes the stakes higher 

you can't call them liars 

when the denial is something they buried in 

I see the symptoms, worse depression and anxiety steps towards dependence 

and I've tried to be the voice of reason 

but they go hard like its open season on their own bodies 

this year is different 

the mentality worse 

more unaware of the hurt 

they'd chalk it up to perspective 

but thats only rejecting whats 

right in front of their faces 

hurts to see they can't face it 

make themselves victims 

then feel the pain they inflicted 

to feed a fleeting affliction 

which often leads to addiction 

so they feel like they're living 

but what is life without value 

what is life if we don't value ourselves 

and our choices 

and put our health over voices 

that only offer up poison 

that poison is jointed 

all of a sudden I'm groping like 

where the people i used to know before see, imaginary lines and weakened wills 

no top of the hill with drug impaired motor skills jacks and jills 

watch em frequently spill into some dangerous stages man these some dangerous phases

It's like we don't know life or 

right from wrong 

say life ain't long then squander it 

but never ponder it 

meanwhile the strong few have abandoned nonsense since the movement we maintain is 

toward freeing souls from the cold 

hold of false promises offered them by drugs 

replace that fake stuff with love 

keep our fingers crossed pray its enough 

band together 

and we can all stay above