Dr. Vijay Ramchandani

Dr. Vijay Ramchandani, is a clinical pharmacologist who developed an interest in science and research in high school and while studying to become a pharmacist in Bombay, India. He received his Ph.D. at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he learned how to “do science”, and did a postdoctoral fellowship at Indiana University, where he learned how to “think science”. Vijay’s research aims to understand what happens to alcohol when you have a drink, i.e., where does it go, and what does it do to your body, i.e., how it affects brain function and behavior. He also studies why alcohol affects different people differently, i.e., how factors such as age, gender, drinking history, genetics, and stress influence how people respond to alcohol. He is interested in understanding why some people develop alcohol problems, while others may be protected. Vijay also mentors trainees from high school students to postdoctoral fellows in neuroscience and addiction. In his free time, Vijay likes to watch movies, listen to music, and try out new recipes.