Dr. Nora D. Volkow

Dr. Nora D. Volkow is now online. Dr. Volkow is the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Her work has been instrumental in demonstrating that drug addiction is a disease of the human brain. As a research psychiatrist and scientist, Dr. Volkow pioneered the use of brain imaging to investigate the toxic effects of drugs and their addictive properties. Dr. Volkow was born in Mexico, and earned her medical degree from the National University of Mexico in Mexico City, where she received an award for best medical student of her generation. She was recently featured in a 60 Minutes profile called “Hooked,” which you can watch on the 60 Minutes site. She has been named one of Time Magazine’s “Top 100 People Who Shape our World.”  Dr. Volkow is also an artist and avid runner—logging dozens of miles a week.