Dr. Gaya Dowling

Please welcome your CHAT DAY moderator---Dr. Gaya Dowling. Dr. Dowling oversees the new ABCD Study, which will look at what affects kids’ brain development as they grow up and how that impacts important aspects of their life like how they do in school. She’s excited to moderate the CHAT again this year, a job she has done for 8 years, because it’s the most fun part of her job at NIDA! Although Dr. Dowling’s favorite subjects in school were math and science, she never expected that studying science would give her a chance to go to the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, as she did when NIDA’s work on the HBO film Addiction won an award. In her free time, she loves to play with Legos with her two kids—a nine-year old girl and an eleven-year old boy. Her biggest build…the Shield Helicarrier, almost 3000 pieces.