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can drugs affect your athletisism or will you stay the same


steroids can strengthen muscles and improve performance but in the long term, steroids can deteriorate your performance. drugs that are smoked like nicotine and marijuana can interfere with pulmonary function and thus deteriorate your performance.If you want to know more about steroid abuse, go to:

-Nora Volkow

About how many people in the world do drugs???


Thanks for your question. The truth is that we don't know about the use of drugs in all of the countries throughout the world. In my travels while visiting countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, South America and Asia, I've learned that the rates of drug abuse vary from country to country. Opiates (like heroin)are common in some countries and stimulants are common in others. Also - you might be interested to know that including alcohol and tobacco, many people in all countries use drugs. NIDA has an International Program and you can visit the website at:

-Wilson Compton

Can drugs used once kill you?


That is an interesting question. Did you know that abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol contributes to the death of more than 100,000 Americans every year? People can die from their first use of Illicit drugs such as cocaine and heroin because they affect parts of your brain that control your ability to breathe and maintain your beating heart. Here's NIDA's Website for teens with information on the science behind drug abuse, facts on drugs, questions and answers, real stories and interactive activities.

-Nancy Pilotte

can i get addicted to steroids?


Every user has different feelings and experiences when using steroids and coming off the drug. When someone stops using, they can experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms linked to addiction. Symptoms can include mood swings, fatigue, restlessness, loss of appetite, insomnia,the desire to take more steroids, and depression. Evidence for steroid addiction is certainly not as strong as it is for other drugs like cocaine or heroin. Still,it is clear that people develop a tolerance and dependence on steroids and willingly experience negative consequences when using steroids,both of which are signs for drug dependence. If you want to know more about steroid abuse, go to:

-Kevin Conway

Are some drugs more addicting than others?


yes some are more addicting than others. drugs like methamphetamine are believed to be among the most, but more people are addicted to nicotine than any other drug To learn more, check out "The Science of Addiction" at

-Nora Volkow

Are you going to answer my question soon??


We are answering as fast as we can!


Can you HiV with a person that doesnt have it?


You cannot get HIV from an uninfected person.However, you should know that even when a person says they are uninfected, they may have HIV.A large majority of people do not know their HIV status.Also, it is possible to test negative for HIV but still be infected, especially the first few weeks after infection.You can find information about the link between drug abuse and HIV infection, with links to the latest research findings and news updates at

-Steve Gust

Can you list some drugs that are depressants?


Sure. Depressants slow down your nervous system. Examples of these include alcohol, valium, xanax, librium, and sleeping pills. For more information see:

-Aria Crump

can you live a healthy normal lifestyle after beinhg addicted for so many years


Yes. There are lots and lots of people who have recovered from using drugs and have gone on to live wonderful lives. Most people find that they need to make some changes in their lifestyle once they stop using drugs, like doing activities that don't involve drugs or hanging out with people who don't use drugs. All in all, there are lots of reasons to stop using drugs!

-Melissa Riddle

Do drugs affect relasionships?

-Eastern 25,

Absolutely, yes, drugs can affect relationships.It isn't possible to list ALL the ways that drugs can affect relationships, but we know that drugs increase risky behavior, and may reduce people's ability to control their behavior. One result of this is that diseases like AIDS are spread among drug users more readily. (See We also know that sometimes people start using drugs because they are around people who use drugs. And it is often very hard for someone to stop using drugs if the person they are involved with is using drugs.

-Lisa Onken

do drugs affect you sexually


Drugs definitely influence your judgment and inhibitions around sex, putting you at risk for sexually transmitted diseases as well as sexual violence. Please go to the following link to learn more about the relationship between drug use and HIV infection:

-Liz Robertson

can u die from weed


That's a really great question. It is not very likely marijuana (weed) use will kill you directly , but its use can affect your decision-making ability which can lead to harm to yourself and others. For example,marijuana makes your reaction time to stimuli longer (it seems like you have a lot more time than you do to do something) . This can lead you to make a poor decision, like driving while under its influence. These two things together may prevent you from responding appropriately while driving and can lead to a traffic accident. You, or someone else, may die as a result of the accident, but not directly from the pharmacological activity of the drug. For more information about marijuana, go to

-Nancy Pilotte

dear experts, you are not experts. answer MY queshtions not amanda. My teacher is dissapointed in you. please call me to answer my queshtions at 1-56 383 7876. im pissed off GOODBYE


Sorry, you're upset, we've been here answering questions non-stop for about 3 hours and we've gotten close to 20,000 questions already. We are doing our best! Read the archives next week, maybe you will see your question and answer posted there!


does any drug affect your growth


yes stimulant sand steriods have been shown to retard your growth

-Nora Volkow

Have most teens used marijuana in their life?


Although it may seem that everyone is doing it, it is probably way fewer that you guess. In a national school survey last year, about 15% of 8th graders, 32% of 10th graders, and 42% of 12th graders reported having used marijuana in their lifetime.

-Marsha Lopez

does marajuana affect your driving?


Yes. It does. Marijuana slows everything down which means that it slows your reaction time, your ability to make rapid critical judgments and discriminate shapes--figure out what you are looking at, it impairs perceptual-motor coordination and motor performance (there is a delay between thinking about doing an action, like putting your foot on the brake and actually braking), impaired short-term memory, attention, knowing what color the traffic signal is and it slows your time perception (you think something will take you a few seconds but it actually takes much longer). Marijuana is the most prevalent illegal drug detected in impaired drivers, fatally injured drivers, and motor vehicle crash victims. Look at: more information

-Petra Jacobs

Do they have more drugs in middle school or high school?


More high schoolers report using drugs than middle schoolers. For the latest stats on drug abuse in 8th, 10th, and 12th graders, check out NIDA's Monitoring the Future survey at

-Nicolette Borek

How can you help someone who is badly addicted to meth?


The best way for someone to stop using meth is to get treatment from a doctor, therapist or support group. The sooner they get treatment the better are their hopes for recovery. For more on treatment and where you can find it, you can call the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator at 1-800-662-HELP or go to their website at Because talking with someone about their drug use can be uncomfortable, it might be helpful to ask someone to help you, like a trusted family member, teacher or coach.

-Melissa Riddle

How can drugs affect your body?

-Groucho Marx,

Drugs affect your body in many ways. You can find out more about that at:

-Steve Grant

how do can you stand up to pure pressure if all your friends are pressuring you to smoke


Peer pressure can really be difficult to handle. Here are a few tips. First be assertive about what you want (for them to back off).Remember that it's your body and at the end of the day, you live with the consequences of your choices. Feel free to state reasons, for example--"that stuff makes your clothes stink" or"I don't want to be addicted to cigarettes". Finally, be prepared to ask yourself if your friends are really acting like "friends" if they keep asking you to do something that you don't want to do--especially when it is something that's harmful to you. Stay strong.

-Aria Crump

How do drugs affects ones common sense?


Most drugs will affect your brain which in turn will influence the way you behave. Drugs can alter your judgment and inhibitions and may lead you to do things you would not normally do.

-Jacques Normand

how do drugs have certian affects


Great question! Drugs can have many effects on your brain and body. Drugs act on different parts of your brain, and your brain controls your thoughts and your body. All drugs affect affect the dopamine system. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain (also called a neurotransmitter) that has a role in lots of functions. Drugs can also have additional effects on many other parts of your brain. For example, cocaine and marijuana both affect your ability to reason and to remember, but by activating different parts of your brain. So cocaine would directly affect your frontal cortex (the area primarily responsible for decision-making)and marijuana affects an area called the hippocampus, which is responsible for learning and memory. You can find out more at:

-Nancy Pilotte

how addictive is heroin?


Heroin, like many other opiates,is a very addictive drug, as anyone trying to come off of it could tell you. It can cause severe withdrawal symptoms in someone trying to stop taking it, and, when heroin is smoked or injected, it gets into the brain very rapidly, contributing to its addictive potential.You can learn a lot more about heroin abuse and addiction by visiting

-Barry Hoffer

HIV can be trasmitted by sharing of the needles using drugs obvisouly and other things ex: sex etc.... however what is missing? why cant they find a treatment? What do they need are they anywhere close to finding a cure?


That is a great question.Tremendous advances have been made in treating HIV infection and AIDS, which has become a chronic disease and can be managed for many years. Some of the latest medications actually reduce the levels of HIV below detectable levels, so there is great hope for curing AIDS. There is a lot of research still going on to find a vaccine for HIV which would prevent the disease. Until then, more needs to be done to reduce the risky behaviors that you mentioned, like sharing needles and having unsafe sex with an infected person.You can find information for young people, parents and teachers about the link between drug abuse and HIV infection, with links to the latest research findings and news updates at

-Steve Gust

how can new born babies be addicted to crack at birth


When a mother takes a drug, like crack or nicotine, that drug can be passed on to the baby through the placenta. The level of the drug in the baby can be high enough for the baby to show signs of withdrawal from the drug when they are born. Some babies born to mothers who have have abused crack during pregnancy are born prematurely and are smaller than babies born to mothers that didn't use the drug. For more information on the effects of crack, see

-Larry Stanford

How can snorting cocaine give you nosebleeds or make you lose your sense of smell?


Cocaine affects the blood vessels in the nose by making them narrower. When this happens the membranes in your nose are damaged for lack of oxygen. If that were not bad enough, cocaine increases blood pressure. The two together combine to give the user nosebleeds. In addition, the nerve cells that are responsible for the sense of smell also suffer from lack of oxygen and become impaired in their ability to send proper odor signals to the brain.

-Barry Hoffer

How do you know if you're an alcoholic?


Hi good question! A person is considered an alcoholic when they cannot control the amount and frequency of alcohol use. That is, the person uses alcohol in situations that can put him or her at risk or in danger, for example, while driving a car. A person is also considered an alcoholic if they use larger amounts than what they intended to use, when alcohol affects his or her social, family, work, or emotional life, or continues to use alcohol in spite of knowing that it causes them medical or psychiatric (mental) consequences. The American Psychiatric Association publishes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) which has the diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence. For more information on alcohol and resisting peer pressure go to Thanks for your question! Keep them coming!

-Ivan Montoya

How does a drug test work?


There are several types of drug tests, but the most common uses a urine sample. In these tests, a sample is exposed to various antibodies for drugs. If a drug is present,usually an indicator on the test will change color or give some other visual sign that you have tested positive.You can find out more about drug testing at:

-Steve Gust


-opp u no me,

it depends on the drug,the way it is taken,your age and other factors. methamphetamine can produce addiction rapidly, and if you are younger you may become addicted faster than if you are older.To learn more, check out "The Science of Addiction" at

-Nora Volkow

How long does Oxycontin stay in your system?


It depends on how much you've taken and what test is being used to detect it. A sensitive test can pick up a single dose, for instance.

-Frank Vocci