Drug Facts Chat Day: Vaping

Why are vape pens (e-cigarettes) bad for you? What if they just contain flavoring?

Vaping is on the rise among teens, which has health experts very concerned. There are a lot of misconceptions about vaping and electronic cigarettes.  Surveys show that many teens don’t really know what is in the devices they use, including potentially dangerous chemicals and oils.  They might think a device only contains flavoring, but most do contain nicotine. One thing we worry about with vaping is that it may lead to nicotine addiction and this has caused some teens to start using regular cigarettes, which can cause cancer. Recently, there have been reports of lung problems from vaping that have put people in the hospital, and in some cases people have died. Until health experts can figure out what is causing these terrible illnesses, it is safest for teens to stay away from all vaping. Check out these resources on e-cigs – https://teens.drugabuse.gov/drug-facts/tobacco-nicotine-e-cigarettes.