Drug Facts Chat Day: Steroids

Steroids—are they bad for you?

Your own body produces all the steroids it needs. It needs them to regulate your growth, and for reproductive functions. The kind sometimes used by athletes are called anabolic steroids, meaning that they are similar to the male hormone testosterone. Adults and teens who use large quantities of anabolic steroids risk heart disease and liver damage, and may not reach their full height.  It also can cause aggression, male-pattern baldness (who needs that?), and shrinkage of your testicles (if you are a male).  If you are a female who is using anabolic steroids, your voice may deepen permanently, you may grow facial hair, and develop male-pattern baldness. See the teen site Drug Facts for more info on steroids, and check out this video: NIDA scientist Ruben Baler talks about the dangers and consequences of steroid abuse (1:48).

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