2019 Truth Polls

NIDA’s Truth poll is offered to students during National Drug and Alcohol Facts Chat Day to encourage them to think about their daily challenges related to substance use in their student and family communities. The questions are the same every year, so responses can be tracked year to year.

I know someone who started smoking and wishes he could quit.


I don’t think marijuana is all that bad.


I have been to parties where parents serve alcohol to kids.


I have a friend who held a party where there were no adults.


If I thought I needed drug treatment, I would know who to contact.


Sometimes I feel too sad to go to school.


I think marijuana is good for you because it’s a natural herb from a plant.


There are things I wish I could tell my parents but I am afraid they will judge me.


I think teachers do a good job of explaining the dangers of drugs.


I think drug users are cool.