Accessible 2015 Truth Poll

  • I am too afraid to ask the school nurse about drugs.

  • I really don’t know how marijuana affects the teenage brain.

  • There are things I wish I could tell my parents but I am afraid they will judge me.

  • Sometimes I feel too sad to go to school.

  • I have a friend who held a party where there were no adults.

  • I don’t think marijuana is all that bad.

  • I know an adult who has a drinking problem.

  • My parents do not understand my stress.

  • I think teenagers are pretty smart about drugs.

  • I think drug users are losers.

  • I think drug users are cool.

  • I think marijuana is good for you because it’s a natural herb from a plant.

  • If I thought I needed drug treatment, I would know who to contact.

  • I have been to parties where parents serve alcohol to kids.

  • I know someone who started smoking and wishes he could quit.

  • I have had someone offer me a prescription painkiller when I had no pain.

  • I have friends who try to talk me into smoking marijuana.

  • I have tried to help a friend stop using drugs.

  • I think teachers do a good job of explaining the dangers of drugs.

  • What’s the best way for a doctor to talk to their teen patients about drug use?
    1. The doctor should focus only on the health effects of drugs. - 37.00%
    2. It would be best if he/she just gives some statistics about how common drug use is among teens. - 21.00%
    3. Teens would prefer a booklet, not talk. - 16.00%
    4. The doctor should keep it general and not ask teens about their own use. - 16.00%
    5. The doctor should ask teens about their personal experiences with drugs. - 10.00%
  • If I needed information about the effects of drugs on the body and brain.
    1. I would ask my doctor. - 25.00%
    2. I would be too embarrassed to ask my doctor. - 9.00%
    3. I would ask an older friend, brother, or sister. - 0.00%
    4. I would ask a school counselor. - 13.00%
    5. I would look on the Internet. - 53.00%
  • If doctors were to ask teens about their possible drug and alcohol use, this show I think most teens would respond.
    1. Doctors hardly ever ask about my possible drug or alcohol use. - 18.00%
    2. Teens won’t tell their doctor the truth because they are afraid he/she will tell their parents. - 67.00%
    3. They will tell the truth because most teens trust their doctor. - 3.00%
    4. They would be willing to tell the truth about alcohol, but not drugs. - 9.00%
    5. It’s not my doctor’s business. - 3.00%
  • When I go for a check-up, this is how my doctor treats the drug and alcohol issue.
    1. My doctor never talks to me about drugs or alcohol. - 31.00%
    2. My doctor asks me about my possible alcohol use, but not my drug use. - 13.00%
    3. My doctor asks me about both. - 29.00%
    4. The only time it comes up is when I am asked to fill out a form before my appointment. - 18.00%
    5. The form I fill out before an appointment only asks about alcohol, not drugs. - 9.00%