Oro Valley Optimist Club

Where: Oro Valley, AZ
When: August 27th, September 24th, and November 5th, 2011

Brief Description:Dispose-A-Med is an event, which invites local residents to empty their household of unused, unwanted medications. It is not limited to prescription items but includes over-the-counter medications such as vitamin pills, cough syrup, suppositories, inhalers, patches, etc. It is not limited to human medications. Many veterinary medications mirror the effect of human medications and therefore are dangerous. Some of them are exactly the same formula. The goals of the program are to reduce the availability of harmful medications in the household that toddlers and older children can consume either accidentally or as part of a drug related problem. In addition, the removal of these products is very beneficial to the environment by reducing groundwater pollution. Lastly many of the empty containers are recycled to the animal care agencies for vet meds.

Dysart Unified School District #89

Where: Surprise, AZ
When: October 31 - November 6, 2011

Brief Description: We will involve our four high schools and one alternative school in student-driven activities through the week. Student groups such as SADD, Diversity, and Student Council will lead the programming, to include - informational myth buster paper tents on cafeteria tables all week; poster contests; filming of PSAs; banners around campus; etc.

Where: Scottsdale, AZ
When: November 6, 2011

Brief Description: We are staging a Run Drugs Out of Town Run at Chase Field on November 6th. The Run is for kids of all ages (so far 19 months to 80 years) and goes once around the warning track. Then you get to run the bases and meet some of the Arizona Diamondbacks and lots more. Everyone wins a medal that says "I'm a winner, I don't do drugs".

Pima Prevention Partnership

Where: Tucson, AZ
When: October 31 - November 4, 2011

Brief Description: The week long event event will involve games and creative activities that will strive to shatter the myths of substance abuse. The youth of Sin Puertas will also be participating in, The National Drug IQ Challange.

Coolidge Youth Coalition/Coolidge High SADD

Where: Coolidge, AZ
When: November 3, 2011

Brief Description: We're focusing on the Coolidge Youth Coalition's Go Green-Don't Let Drugs Pollute Your Life quote campaign by doing a Green Ribbon Week at Coolidge High School. On November 3rd, the Coolidge High S.A.D.D. students will be handing out the Drugs- Shatter The Myths booklet. S.A.D.D. students are also putting together drug fact awareness boards to be displayed around Coolidge High School.