Marijuana Leaf

Question 1

Which of the following statements are TRUE about marijuana?

Yup! Your brain is still growing and changing until your 20s, so using marijuana as a teen can change how your brain grows. But, there’s another statement here that is true too.
No way! Over time, marijuana can change the way your brain works. If you stop using marijuana, your body can get confused and you can start to feel sick. This makes it hard to stop, which is called an addiction.
No, this is not true. Even though you’re not inhaling smoke, studies show that vaping can be harmful because you still inhale chemicals.
Yes, this is one of the short-term effects of using marijuana. There’s another true statement about marijuana among the choices here.

Question 2

Marijuana can affect your brain and body. Which is NOT a long-term effect?

Yes, you are correct! This is a short-term effect. However, when people take marijuana over and over again to get this feeling, it could lead to more serious long-term effects that affect memory and learning skills.
No. This is a long-term effect on the body, so this is not the right response.
No. This is a long-term effect on the body. We are looking for answers that are NOT long-term effects.
No. This is not the correct response because these are long-term effects.

Question 3

True or False: Marijuana for recreational use is legal for teens in every state.

No way! Although laws about marijuana for recreational use vary by state, marijuana use is NOT legal for teens in any state.
You’re right. Marijuana use is NOT legal for teens in any state!

Question 4

What are some common ways that people use marijuana?

Yup. People can smoke marijuana rolled up like cigarettes. What are some other ways people use marijuana?
Yeah, people put marijuana in tea and drink it. Check out the other choices of how people use marijuana.
No, injecting or “shooting up” is not a common way that people use marijuana.
You’re right! Please select another common way how marijuana is used.