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Instructions: T-Shirt Iron Ons

How do I make my T-shirt?

  1. Find a t-shirt or other cotton item that you can use for your iron-on. Be sure to get permission from your parents first.
  2. Pick up some iron-on ink-jet transfer paper at your local craft or office supply store. Choose opaque transfer paper for dark-colored items and transparent transfer paper for light-colored items. Transparent transfer paper may help you avoid white outlines around your artwork. Always read the instructions that come with the transfer paper.
  3. Download the artwork you want, free on the NIDA for Teens Web site.
  4. Use an inkjet printer to print your downloaded artwork onto the transfer paper. The artwork comes as a flipped, mirror image (backwards) of the design. This is so it will face the right way once you transfer it to your t-shirt or other cotton item.
  5. Use an ordinary iron to transfer the design onto your item. Be sure to have a parent supervise you while you are using the hot iron.

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