About Us: NIDA for Teens, Teachers, and Parents

Welcome! This website is a project of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIDA created this website to give youth ages 11 – 17 the facts about drugs and their effects on the brain and body. Designed for teens and those who influence them—parents, guardians, teachers, and other educators—the science-based information and resources inspire learning and encourage critical thinking so teens can make informed decisions about drug use and their health. 

We welcome your feedback and are interested in hearing about how you use our materials.

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NIDA for Teens

Written specifically for a teen audience. Features include:

  • Drug Facts – scientific facts about drugs, including how they are used and by how many teens, how they affect the brain and body, and how many people die as a result of use.  In addition, click on the tabs to see videos, games, infographics, blog posts, publications, and questions and answers from NIDA’s Chat Day with teens—all related to that specific drug.
  • Drugs & Health Blog – posts bring a scientific perspective to news reports about drugs and focus on how drug use can impact the everyday lives and health of teens.  From the risks of second-hand marijuana smoke to the role of social media in decision making, posts connect teens with the latest drug use research and news.
  • Videos and Games – from videos that let you decide what the characters do next, to animations on why drugs are so hard to quit, to in-depth graphics on the human brain, NIDA videos have you covered.
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NIDA for Teachers

NIDA's Lesson Plan and Activity Finder curates more than 90 science-based lessons and multimedia classroom activities into one place. Find lessons based on drug topic or type and see at-a glance descriptions that provide information on national standards, length of lesson plan, and appropriate grade levels with links for viewing, downloading and ordering free classroom materials. This resource is your new ‘go-to’ library for everything from teaching about the brain-body connection to how opioid misuse can cause an overdose. It also features the ever-popular Mind Matters series (formerly Mind Over Matter series) and Scholastic’s Heads Up Real News About Drugs and Your Body series. Other features include:

  • Infographics – visually compelling graphical representations of science-based information and data.
  • National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® – a national health observance for teens to promote local events that use NIDA science to SHATTER THE MYTHS® about drugs.
  • Ordering free materials – science-based free materials for use with students in the classroom and after school.
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NIDA for Parents

Our Parents pages provide links to resources for caregivers of teens.

  • Preventing Teen Drug Use – links to information about how to talk with a teen about drugs and what to do if drug use is suspected.
  • Drugs: Basic Facts – links to in-depth information to help parents brush up on the facts about different drugs.
  • Drug Treatment – information about what to do if a teen has a problem with drugs.