Drugs and the Brain

Question 1

Neurons are special cells in the body. What chemicals do they release to talk to each other?

Not quite. Synapses are the gaps between neurons where neurotransmitters are released.
No. The basal ganglia pushes us to do healthy activities like eating or hanging out with friends.
The brain stem is a part of your brain, but it’s not a chemical like a neurotransmitter. It controls your heart rate and breathing. Try again!
Awesome! Yes, neurons send messages to each other by releasing neurotransmitters. This is how neurons can talk to each other and make your brain and body do things, like go for a walk.

Question 2

Which statement is INCORRECT about the brain?

This is absolutely true! But, we’re looking for the INCORRECT statement here.
Guess again! This is a true statement. The three main parts of the brain affected by drug use are the basal ganglia, extended amygdala, and prefrontal cortex.
You’re right! The brain actually weighs only three pounds.
Nope! This statement is correct. You need your brain for the five senses – taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound.

Question 3

Drugs change the way that neurons talk to each other, which can make you act in ways that you normally wouldn’t. What are some of the ways that drugs can make you feel?

Correct! When you take drugs for a while and then try to stop, it can make you feel really sick. But there are other effects from drugs. Can you find them?
Yep! Are there other answers that show how drugs can make you feel?
This is one of the many effects drug use can cause, but can you find more?
Yes! Drug use can also make it hard to make good decisions and control your actions.

Question 4

Which of the following are true?

People who are addicted to drugs…

Yup! When you take drugs, the brain has learned to crave the drug all of the time, but addiction does many other things to the body.
Nope. You actually can get other medical problems when you take drugs, even death.
Yeah! This is because long-term drug use can lead to serious changes in the brain that affect how you think and act. See if you can find other choices that make the statement true!
You’re right. People who are addicted to drugs can’t stop taking them, even when they know it’s bad. Check out some of the other correct choices here.