Human Trafficking and Drugs

June 19, 2017  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Illegal transporting (or trafficking) of people and transporting of illegal drugs often happen together. Read More »

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NIDA staff member and three teen award winners, holding their award certificates

Addiction Science Award Winners 2017

June 12, 2017  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Find out what teen scientists learned about genes, drug use, and risky behavior.   Read More »

Cigarettes and ashes with words "No More"

“Third-hand Smoke”: A Lingering Problem

June 05, 2017  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Tobacco's dangers are more than what we can see and smell.  Read More »

Road with fork ahead, surrounded by green grass

Addiction in Fiction: Dealing with the Consequences of a Drug Problem in “This Is Us”

May 30, 2017  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Fictional characters are often portrayed having real-life struggles. What can we learn from their stories?  Read More »

Screen grab of YouTube video

What Increases the Risk of Having a Drug Problem? (Part 2)

May 22, 2017  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Difficulties in school, at work, or with friendships can put you at increased risk. Read More »