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You Said It: "My Parents Do Not Understand My Stress"

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The NIDA Blog Team

“You Said It” is a periodic series based on real teens’ answers to the NIDA for Teens poll questions. Check out our current poll on the NIDA for Teens homepage.

You feel stressed out sometimes, right? That’s normal. Stress affects everybody at times, and you don’t have to handle it alone. So we were bummed—but not surprised—to see that nearly a third of those who answered our NIDA for Teens poll agreed with the statement, “My parents do not understand my stress.”

Talk about it

Why weren’t we surprised at that response? Because stress can increase negative emotions that cause a person to feel lonely or disconnected from others. In fact, research has found that stress in teens can be connected to depression. And depression can leave a person feeling isolated—even from people they know well.

While it can seem like parents don’t understand what you’re going through, it can help to talk about it with them or with another adult you trust. It’s good to remember that your parents were teens once and they had many of the same feelings. They may have hidden their feelings from their own parents.

Drugs and stress

Some people may think that drugs will help them deal with stress, but guess what? Drugs actually make it harder to cope with stress. And stress can make a person more impulsive and harm their ability to make decisions. Then they’re at increased risk for using drugs and for developing an addiction.

All those happy faces on social media can be misleading; even if they don’t talk about it, everyone deals with stress. And remember, when you’re stressing out, talking with someone you trust can make a big difference.

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It’s probably better to talk to a therapist or some one qualified to help instead of using drugs.
I'm not the type to get stress easily,but when it does it feels painful.I usually get a headache when I do get stressed out,I found it was best to take a cool or warm shower and empty your mind,helps a lot.
Ridley 3, I don’t have a lot of stress but if anyone does or ever does don’t just sit in your room and do nothing. Go talk to your parents and maybe they can help you not be stressed out.
I think when teenagers have stress they don’t go to their parents about it because they think their parents will make things worse not better. I think that if you are really stressed out you should definitely go to an adult because they may have gone through the same things you’re going through. Also using drugs is not a good option because you will get addicted and that’s could end up in death.
I don’t think I have a lot of stress but when I do it can be very hard to handle I try to talk to my friends because they can usually relate to my stress. I believe the best way to deal with stress is if you talk to someone that can relate to you because you guys agree about the same thing and it’s sometimes good to know that someone worries about the same thing you do.
I believe that you should definitely have a talk with your parents if your having stress or dealing with it.You can also go to someone you look up to to see how they dealt with their stress.
I believe that your parents know when something is going on in your life, good or bad. So you should just admit the stress to them so they can find the best possible way to help.
I agree that parents don't really understand the stress that their kids face everyday. Stress at my age can come from school, friends, or just life in general. I have a lot of stress in my life but I do not resort to drugs. I handle it by trying to talk to my mom about it and she try's to figure out a way for me to handle it. Even thought sometimes my mom doesn't know or understand my stress she tries to help in the best way she can.
Teens are often stressed for many different reasons. Teens should talk to their parents to help with stress.
I think talking to someone about your stress is definitely a good thing. I unfortunately, don’t really talk to anyone about my stress, but I do want to change that.
I think that stress can be harmful to teens. If you don’t let your parents help you can become depressed. And depression leads to drug use and suicide
I think it’s a good idea that they’d suggested that it can help to talk about stress with parents or with another adults you trust. I think it’s good to remember that your parents were teens once and they had many of the same feelings. this makes your situations that you are going through miren relatable.
I have learned that most people do understand what you may be going through especially your parents even if you feel like you are alone. Just talk to your parents they were teens once to so they will know.
I agree with the statement “My parents don’t understand my stress.” I think that even though parents have already been through situations that I am facing, everyone is different. People handle different situations by doing different things. I think that the way not to go is taking drugs. I think that taking drugs would just make the situation harder and you would probably have more stress in your life.
Sometimes parents really don’t understand what’s going on. Sometimes stress is also something to handle by yourself. Doing drugs to deal with your stress is something you should never do. If you are that stressed to the point where you do do drugs you should get help.
Parents should be more understanding of the streets kids go through. With school work puberty and peer pressure a lot of stress falls into teens laps. There has to be a better way to cope with stress, may it be rehabilitation, or medication you can use to help?
When I’m feeling stressed I usually go to my parents, a trustworthy adult or even just my friends to talk about it. My parents are good at helping me figure out and overcome the problem.
I think that stress happens in younger teens because of the hormonal change as well as school events and life changes, I would agree that it has strong ties with depression since negative emotions can increase and cause other unpleasant things. I think that parents should be more aware of these things and try to spend time with their kids to get a better understanding of what their child is going through and how to help them deal with it, helping stop the issue before it progresses is always a good thing.
Many teens that deal with stress never try to explain it or talk about it. If you don’t deal with your stress it could build up. In addition, with stress I would imagine that you are more likely to procrastinate when it comes to finishing a project.

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