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YOU Are the Voice of Your Generation…

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Michaela Pratt, Marketing & Project Manager for Mentor Foundation USA

…Which is a pretty powerful thing, when you think about it.

At Mentor Foundation USA, we encourage teens to use their voices.

This is why, every year, we join forces with NIDA during National Drug Facts Week (NDFW) to host National Drug Facts Day. At this special event, we invite youth to engage with top U.S. scientists and guests to shatter the myths about drugs and substance abuse. We give youth the opportunity to ask all of their questions about substance abuse, openly and without fear of judgment, and get answers from experts in the field.

Special guests also speak about their experiences. Last year, R&B singer Mario Barrett spoke about his struggles growing up with a mother who had a heroin addiction. This year, Dr. Lonise Bias joins us to speak about the loss of her son Len Bias, who died of an overdose just after being drafted into the NBA.

Throughout NDFW and National Drug Facts Day, the focus is on teens like you! We want to ensure that participants go away with enough knowledge to feel empowered to make responsible choices. This is why YOUR voice matters! We believe that if you have good information, you have the power to make healthy decisions.

Speaker at  Mentor's National Drug Facts Week even 2011.National Drug Facts Day is just one of many events being held nationwide for National Drug Facts Week. Find and participate in an event near you.

Michaela Pratt is the Marketing & Project Manager for Mentor Foundation USA, a nonprofit organization that works to reduce risk factors and increase opportunities for youth. Through its programming, the organization works with the business community and other organizations to connect youth with the professional world. Structured mentoring programs, 1-day career opportunities, and community workshops help to motivate youth toward higher achievement and healthy lifestyles.

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It is wonderful to see so many from my generation reaching out to share their experience, strength and hope to our youth. As therapist, mentors, teachers, and parents, we must stay on top of the latest trends, stay active in the lives of our youth and never sit back and rest thinking that others will step up to the plate to educate, suppliers and guide our youth in the awareness of substance abuse and addiction. Therapy [commercial link removed, per guidelines] is a great way to assist in helping to educate our teens and adults and to assist in ongoing awareness and ways to help reach our youth.