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The Year in Drugs and Health News: 2019 Blog Roundup

Image by NIDA. 

The NIDA Blog Team

Thanks to scientific research supported by NIDA and others, we learned a lot about drugs and drug use in 2019. And we talked about it right here on the Drugs & Health Blog.  

We gave you the latest on:

  • Vaping-related illnesses and deaths
  • How drugs re-program your brain
  • The facts about CBD

…and that’s just a start!

Below, we’ve listed the top blog posts from 2019, grouped by category. For more drug news, check out the 2018 Blog Roundup or scroll down and explore the blog categories on the right-hand side of this page.

Drugs and Your Brain

E-cigarettes/Vaping and Tobacco


National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week®

Opioids and Prescription Drugs

Other Drugs

Real-Life Drug Use Stories

Staying Healthy

Test Your Knowledge

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