Winning Videos: Tobacco--I'm Not Buying It

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According to the Surgeon General’s report on smoking and young people, more than 600,000 middle school students and 3 million high school students smoke cigarettes.

In March 2012, the Surgeon General launched a video contest encouraging teens to develop videos around the facts in the tobacco report. SBB announced the contest, and now we want to share the winners.

Grand Prize Winner (Ages 13–17 Category): “Tobacco—I’m Not Buying It Rap”

The Manatee Youth for Christ SOZO team from Bradenton, Florida, raps about the dangers of smoking and why some teenagers start smoking, emphasizing with the chorus, “Tobacco OH NO I Ain’t Buying It.”

Grand Prize Winner (Ages 18–25 Category): “You Don’t Smoke Cigarettes, Cigarettes Smoke You”

Ayyaz Amjad’s video features a young man who realizes that people who smoke may not be as in control as they might think.

Grand Prize Winner (Spanish Category): “El Tabaco y la industria”

A narrator describes the dangers of smoking as her friends hold up signs with selected facts on them. The video was created by Sarah Skipper, Karolina Almasi, Taylor Crews, Natalie Curtis, and Malorie McKinnon.

Check out all the winning videos, including the runners-up.

What do you think of the videos? Do their messages inspire you to make your own video or to think differently about smoking?

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