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Why Does the Government Study Drug Abuse?

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Sara Bellum

Why have a government agency to regulate the food we eat (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and an agency to help protect our health (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)? These agencies are important in helping make rules, spread messages, and monitor things that affect Americans to make sure that we all stay healthy. The Government continues to add agencies that help to regulate and monitor health. In 1974, it created the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to study, fund research, and spread the word about the science behind drug abuse and addiction.

As SBB has explained in many past posts, addiction is complicated. Like other mental disorders—such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia—addiction is a chronic disease that can last a lifetime without proper treatment. And addiction not only affects the addicted person, but also their family members and friends.

NIDA's Goal

The goal of having a national agency that supports drug abuse research is to help prevent drug abuse and addiction. The more research we have to prove that addiction is a dangerous and lifelong brain disease, the more able we are to reduce the devastating effects that drug abuse has on individuals, their families and communities, and society as a whole.

NIDA logo.

NIDA's goal is to give people scientific knowledge about the dangers of drug abuse. So, NIDA continues to explore how drugs work in the brain and body, and to develop and test new approaches to treatment and prevention. The first step is taken by researchers; the next step is up to you. How will you use this knowledge?

Over the years, NIDA has made its research available to many different audiences. In 2003, NIDA launched the NIDA for Teens Web site, which now hosts the Sara Bellum Blog (uh-hum), and other great tools, including Choose Your Path, which is an interactive video that asks you to make choices about prescription drug abuse, then see where those choices lead.

Check out some other great resources that NIDA provides for students and young adults.

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drugs can make you do alot of bad thing people should stay away from them

do u mean it
what do you mean?

stay drug free

doing drugs is something that some ppl think stop the bad feelings and make them feel good....but thats not it at all..they make you do stupid things and people see you as someone that you arnts... just stay away from drugs is what we should do!!

Drugs. Every year a lot of NGO organize SAY NO TO DRUGS rallies all over the world but we donot see any change. More and more people are taking drugs now. The only solution is to teach our children what drugs and what bad things they will do to you form the very start. Make them fear to these things.
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i do understand ths situation because im doing a report on government abuse so yea

i think any drug isnt necessary good even if someone has a mental illnes there aint no magic pill