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Which Path Would You Choose?

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Sara Bellum

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to see your life in the future? Have you ever wondered what MIGHT have happened if you’d just done something differently? Now’s your chance!

On July 27, 2011 NIDA launched a new, interactive activity on its PEERx Web pages called Choose Your Path. This activity asks you to play the role of the main character and walk through a day in his or her life. As you go through the video clips, you are confronted with the decision to choose between two paths. For example, you have to choose whether to take certain prescription drugs that were not prescribed to you—and you get to watch how each decision plays out onscreen.

The first video in the Choose Your Path collection, “BFF or the Ex,” allows you to experience a teenage girl’s life as she goes to school and encounters some serious drama with her friends. Only you can decide which path she will take. Should she go on a date with her best friend’s ex boyfriend? Or avoid the drama altogether and say no to him?

How it Works

First, a video clip will play on the screen to set up the scene. At the end of each video clip, you will have to choose one of two different paths by clicking a button on the screen. After making your choice, you can watch the scene play out. If you don’t like the ending, or if you’re curious about how a different choice will play out, just start over and choose a different path.

Behind the Scenes

Making this video took a long time, but was really fun. Students at Rockville High School (RHS) helped to make the video look as realistic as possible. NIDA auditioned and cast real-life teens to play the roles of the characters you see onscreen. After that, we took over the halls and classrooms of RHS to shoot the scenes. Many times we had to do LOTS of “takes” to get it just right. It was cool to see an abstract concept become a reality. We hope you like it!

This video was made with teens just like you in mind, so please send us your feedback. We want to hear what you think!

An image link to videos in the "Choose your path" section of the site.
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I think that smoking and doing drugs is just stupid. Ive known many people in my life who are sick because they chose the wrong path. any times i have been asked if i wanna do it and each time i say no. I just want to say those of you who are doing it STOP it isnt worth it.

ya i agree

talk to mum is the right choice to make

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Life takes a U turn when we are addicted to Drugs and other products that induce Ebbing solutions. Its time that all understand the importance of a healthy life. No matter how much you advice people they don's tend to change, but the day they find symptoms they are on the path of transformation.

I think that drinking and doing drugs is wrong, i have someone that is very close to me that has done drugs and that lead to a divorce and a need. instead of spending time with his children he went off with his new girlfriend and got high and drank. this ruined not only his life but his wife's, and all four children. i think if he would have stayed on the clean and right path that he would be okay today and he would be healthy