What’s Your “Natural High?”

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Information about the Natural High contest
  • Music?
  • Writing?
  • Sports?
  • Cooking?
  • Running?

A natural high comes from any activity that makes you feel good—but doesn’t involve drugs. Doing things you enjoy, like riding your skateboard or dabbling in photography, releases natural feel-good chemicals in your brain like dopamine, which regulates movement, emotion, motivation, and pleasure.

Natural High Contest

Natural High, a drug prevention organization, invites teens to talk about their natural highs and what they are doing to inspire others to pursue their own natural highs. Teens can submit a video or an essay to enter the Natural High contest. Winners receive $300 to spend on their natural high activity. One grand prize winner will be featured at the 2013 Natural High Gala in San Diego, California (includes airfare and lodging for a teen and a parent/chaperone).

The contest ends April 30, 2013, so review the contest guidelines no longer available and submit your entries soon.

Eric’s Natural High: Dance

In 2012, Eric Barrios won the grand prize for his video about dance. He used his prize money to take a dance workshop in Los Angeles. Winning this prize has helped Eric “further his natural high” and brought him one step closer to “achieving what he wants to do in life with dance and film.”

“I think the NH contest is cool because it gives a chance for someone to share their natural high nationwide! It gave me a chance to finally express how I feel about being naturally high.” –Eric Barrios

Tell us in comments: What is your natural high, and what would you do with the prize money if you won?

NIDA is not a sponsor of the Natural High contest, nor is it associated with Natural High.

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