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A “Wearable” That Measures Alcohol Intake

The NIDA Blog Team

These days, you can track and measure things related to your health with a wearable device—from the number of steps you take to how well you sleep. So why not a device to measure how much alcohol you drink?

Alcohol and sweat

That’s what our sister institute, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, is hoping to find out. It held a contest—the Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge–to find wearable alcohol tracking devices with the best potential.

The first-place winner is a wristband monitor designed to track the amount of alcohol in your blood (also known as your blood alcohol content, or BAC). The device measures your BAC through the sweat on your skin. It’s called the BACtrack Skyn.

A person could set the BACtrack Skyn to notify them when they’re drinking too fast, or when their BAC reaches a certain level. That could help them know when it’s time to switch to a non-alcoholic drink, or when it’s safe—or unsafe—to drive.

Keeping track

The BACtrack Skyn hasn’t been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for approval, so you can’t get one yet. We’ll be following this technology and let you know when there’s been enough research to decide how well it works.

Stay tuned—there’ll be more “tech tools” that aim to help people avoid or treat a substance use disorder, and we’ll cover some of the most interesting tools here on the blog.

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Staying Healthy
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yes yes yes
Agree with every word
This sounds like a smart idea because many people don't pay attention to how much they are drinking and when they should stop. Being alerted on when you should stop and knowing how much you have been drinking is very important and could help many people out.
I think this is a great idea so it is easy for you and other people to see your alcohol intake.
How can sweat determine all the specifics about how much alcohol to drink ?

We’re glad to hear you’re interested in the details of how this works! Check out this link more information on the award. You can also contact NIAAA directly for information; the contact information page provides several ways to reach out:

I think this a great idea. It could save lives and also help alcoholics
I feel like it is a very good tool to monitor heavy drinkers and make sure they stay safe. This would also be good with kids to keep them out of trouble. It is a very good idea.
I think the new BAC watch is a good idea to help prevent deaths and injuries. However, not many people will go out of there way to get this watch. Therefore, the ones that do will be safer for the future
I think this device is a very smart idea. It keeps you safe and helps you avoid dangerous situations.
I think a wearable device to track your alcohol would be a fantastic way to monitor you alcohol intake. It could tell you when it’s time to switch to a non-alcoholic drink, or when it’s safe—or unsafe—to drive. It would prevent a lot of accidents that could result in paralysis, brain damage or possible death.
I think it's cool that a bracelet can tell u when u have too much to drink.
I’m glad something is being done to help prevent people from drinking too much alcohol. I’m just concerned alcoholics are going to be too drunk or not care enough to pay attention to the device. Hopefully it helps someone not get in an accident.
The wearable device is a good idea because it helps people be safe.
I think it is a very useful, life saving device that could save lives. Having something tell you when it’s time to stop is good for people. People drinking past their limit is the reason they get in accidents. This device could possibly save lives.
I think a wearbke device is a great and smart idea to help people.
I think for some people the BACtrack Skyn would be a great device for them. I think that it isn’t very cool that a device can tell you how much alcohol is in your blood. I think that this device would decrease the amount of car crashes that involve drunk drives.
Yes I agree because this device is very helpful towards people who have been drinking and aren’t aware of how much they’ve been drinking and the bracelet will tell them.
I’m very shocked that someone has made something like this. I think that this device will save the lives of many, if it really does tell you when you shouldn’t drive if you drink too much then people can drive less while drunk and it can also help prevent alcohol poisoning. I’m very happy that people are putting up an effort to change and help the lives of others.

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