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Teens Get It: Marijuana and Tobacco Are Hazardous to Your Health

The NIDA Blog Team

Picture a big party, attended by lots of people in your high school. Imagine that some people at the party are smoking marijuana or tobacco. How many people at the party do you think will be interested in smoking with them?

The answer might surprise you.

A tale of two declines

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health has been conducted every year from 2002 to 2016. The latest edition of this survey, from 2016, found that:

  • The number of young people who said they’d used marijuana in the past month went down from just over 8 percent in 2002, to under 7 percent in 2016.
  • The number of young people who said they’d had a problem with marijuana in the past year (this is what experts call “marijuana use disorder”) went down from 4.3 percent in 2002 to 2.3 percent in 2016.
  • The number of young people who said they’d used tobacco in the past month also went down dramatically: from about 15 percent in 2002 to less than 6 percent in 2016.

The truth is out there

It looks like more teens are getting the message that both marijuana and tobacco can do a number on their health. The smoke from both contains toxins (poisons) that can harm their physical health in all kinds of ways. And a person can become addicted to the nicotine in tobacco, as well as to marijuana. Something you thought was fun can turn into a lifelong problem.

When it comes to using marijuana or tobacco, more teens are choosing “none of the above."

Teens’ drug use has continued to decline—with one big exception. Learn more here.

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Over the years , teens are starting to get the message that smoking Marijuana and Tobacco can affect your health physically and mentally.
I don't believe the statistic about how many kids have smoked weed in the past month
Mostly who uses drugs are teens....they don't even think what would be the effect ...some says it's just for experience but they continue using until they became addicted.
I agree with this marijuana is a drug in the state of nebraska and is proven dangerous because 1 in 6 teens and adults that will smoke weed will get hooked school performance will drop and most usual signs are constant laughing and not responding to bed incidents going on like divorce and awareness of arguments. so all in all marijuana is very bad.

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