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Steroids: More Than Meets the Eye

The NIDA Blog Team

Are steroids dangerous? NIDA shares the straight dope on steroid abuse in this post from 2009.

Working out is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. And some people take it very seriously, hitting the gym every day. But one way that dedication can lead to danger is when people sacrifice their health by taking steroids.

While NIDA surveys show that not many teens try steroids even once (about 3 in 100), those who do use steroids are getting a lot more than just larger muscles. Steroids can cause acne and make your hair fall out. They can also damage your heart and change your hormone levels so that girls might grow facial hair, and boys could develop breasts. Probably not the look people are going for. NIDA scientist Dr. Ruben Baler reveals more about what steroids can do in the video to the right.

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