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Steroids: More than Meets the Eye

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Sara Bellum

Regardless of whether or not teens should care about body image or physical appearances, the truth is that we do care, a lot. And working out is a healthy way to look and feel better. The trouble comes when people sacrifice their health to look buff—like by taking steroids.

While not that many teens try steroids even once, according to NIDA surveys (about 3 in 100), those who do use steroids are getting a lot more than just larger muscles. Steroids can cause acne and make your hair fall out. They can also damage your heart and change your hormone levels so that girls might grow facial hair, and boys could develop breasts. Seriously.

In the video above, NIDA scientist Dr. Baler reveals more about what steroids can do.

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I have a friend who takes steroids since 10 years. He has NO-ZERO-NADA-NONE-0 immune system, he catches colds etc. every week but he continues taking steroids just to look good, I feel sorry for him :(


That's crazy that at the end of the video he talks about the effects can be irreversable. Amazing. It's too bad that it's all about looks. People don't take roids to get stronger (for the most part) they want to get bigger and look better. So sad. Great video and I hope more people start realizing this!

- Todd

That is strong video. Good to know all these negative effects. Also, as you have mentioned it, steroids could trigger acne. Acne is one big issue for young people. I have my blog [removed link, per g/l] full with info about acne cure. It could be interesting to those who already developed acne problem using steroids.

Sasha Smitt

He has NO-ZERO-NADA-NONE-0 immune system, he catches colds etc. every week but he continues taking steroids just to look good, I feel sorry for him :(

Take steriods to improve your look - often it has the reverse effect.

As thatsit say, your immune system can go to zero

Side effects can be hair loss (a tabu subject for many and a BIG influence on your self esteem), lower sex drive (no further comment needed for this one I believe etc.

A steriods side effect campaign would solve a lot of this, I believe - maybe include it with the drug awareness campaigns...


Life is a journey, not a destination "Aerosmith"

And I was thinking to start taking steroids, I think I will leave them be. Thanks for this video, It sure attacks on a broad reasons why we should not take steroids and people need to know this.

But If steroids as that bad, what do you think of supplements??

These supplements although help sometime don't live up to their hype...But this so far has work.

thank you about intresting post.

thanks for sharing the info

mariguana is bad

mariguana is bad

Is It worth it to take steroids? I think steroids also has some advantage though.. Why was it manufactured for? But maybe if you take in excess it will cause problems. Is it really that bad? Even with small amount of it? I really think there's an advantage on it. Although I know in excess of it is bad. I'd prefer not to take it.

it was manifactured for patients use, but it didnt work so now ppl abuse it

I really dont believe the use of drugs is the way to go. Having suffered acne and then the onset of menopause I finally figured out that the changes needed are from the inside out by varying diet, habits and routine. It can be solved! [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

You're a bright young woman Sara, thanks for bringing this important issue of steroid usage among teens to light. [commercial name removed, per guidelines]

thanks to share very impressive article.Awesome article

Taking steroids to improve your looks isn't worth the affects that can happen. Working out if healthy for your body. Working out correctly can get the same look. You could look buff just by working out. Steroids have so many bad side effects. Its nice to know all of them.

the reason some people use steroids is because the want to look different. but when you use steriods your hair can fall out thats not very attractive. and i know people who hate needles so why would you stab yourself with needles just to be a little faster a little stronger or a little better at sports. i dont thing the long term effects are worth it. as a serious full time dancer i am FULLY against this and fully support all you good people :)

It has been my experience that many health issues experienced by both men and women can be caused by hormone imbalance.
It is as if hormones are like a tower of cards. Once one is moved even slightly out of balance the whole deck comes tumbling down.
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Cra- cra!! that video almost made me cry and make me want to throw up!!! =(
stawoids is a no no