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Singing Out Against Drugs: ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT, Part 2

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Sara Bellum

We recently had a chance to talk with Super Star (his legal name) of the ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT (RSSS). He gave us some advice about becoming a rock star, but he also had some great information about shattering the myths around drugs and drug abuse. Check out part 2 of his interview.

Why is it important to shatter myths about drugs and drug abuse?

Knowing the facts about drugs is essential because drug abuse can kill you or the people you care about. And you don’t need to be addicted a long time for that to happen. Taking a pill, binging on alcohol, or ingesting cocaine just once can bring on horrible consequences, including death.

NIDA’s “Shatter the Myths” booklet states that nearly “1 in 11 people who use (marijuana) become addicted.” I was one of those people. When I was a teenager, I never thought smoking marijuana would lead me to crack cocaine. At the time, I thought, "It’s just weed—no big deal.” But after a while, smoking marijuana wasn’t enough for me, so I sought other drugs to chase the high feeling. I might have made different choices if I had known more about drugs and how they affect you.

We at ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT (RSSS) want to share the facts about substance use because there is so much misinformation out there. We believe that if people are informed, they can make better choices for themselves. The ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT is excited to support and promote National Drug Facts Week this year. If National Drug Facts Week was around when I was in high school, I might have asked, “Can you help me?”

How has your life changed since you stopped using drugs?

I’ve discovered my purpose in life after surviving an almost 15-year battle with the disease of addiction. Today, I’m a recording artist. My twin brother, Rock Star (also his real legal name), and I recorded Serenity [link removed], a first-of-its-kind CD focused solely on combating addiction. A Grammy-winning producer worked on the CD, along with many famous musicians who came together to help others through their own addiction struggles. Guests on our CD include current and former members of the bands Kiss, Heart, The Goo Goo Dolls, Dokken, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and many more.

What are RSSS’s Skype sessions?

The Skype sessions give the chance to participate and ask questions in a small group. I share part of my story as well as information from NIDA’s “Shatter the Myths” booklet with facts about drugs and drug abuse.

My main messages are:

1. Success is achieved by making responsible choices. Waking up every day and doing the right thing will always get you to the right place.

2. Everyone should believe in themselves, no matter what others think.

3. Sobriety is COOL!!

What advice can you give someone who wants to experiment with drugs?

I’d tell them to ask themselves if not ever having the chance to go home again is worth the risk. Is waking up in a jail cell worth the few minutes of escaping reality?

I would tell them to reach out to an adult or someone they trust and tell them about how they’re feeling. Ask for help, because not asking for help or support can lead to a life of misery or no life at all.

Always love, always encourage, and never let despair get in the way!

-Super Star

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a great message - to be continued in raw detail in the "Serenity" book, by Super Star - a must-read for all ages and all stages of recovery or any other of life's journeys.

I am only mad I didn't think of this!

coffe is more addicting then weed fact

Probably the most generally used painkiller in America is acetaminophen (brand Tylenol). This really is readily available over-the-counter. Acetaminophen can also be in sleep helps (for example, Tylenol-PM), as well as in strong prescription narcotic pain relievers for example Vicodin and Percocet. Recent reports have discovered that acetaminophen may be the leading reason for liver damage and most likely accounts for 1600 cases of acute liver failure that occur every year. The medication is regarded as safe in the suggested dose but since it is in a wide variety of types of medication, people frequently finish up taking double as well as triple doses if they're using different pain relievers or sleep helps. An Food and drug administration advisory panel advised the Food and drug administration to prohibit Percocet and Vicodin along with other prescription medications which contain acetaminophen. Because of how much money produced by pharmaceutical companies through the sales of narcotic medicines, and also the realization they spend about $150 million each year lobbying our government authorities, it will likely be a very long time before any real changes occur in regards to the true benefits of cannabis and it's different strains [link removed, per guidelines].

drugs are bad. fact.

Not knowing the Facts is Bad. Fact.

Fact. Drugs Are Evil!

People say drugs are “COOL”, but I Think Drugs Are “LAME!” Fact.