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Shattering Drug Myths During National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW)

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The NIDA Blog Team

Every year, for the past five years, we at NIDA have dedicated ourselves to helping people get the facts about drugs, drug use, and the consequences of use.

This year, with over 1,000 NDAFW events in every state, more teens than ever before will have a chance to learn something that may change the course of their lives. 

Can teens really have that much control over their future? Absolutely.

The truth is that learning the facts about drugs helps people to make informed decisions. And even if we all sometimes make mistakes or take risks (when we know better) taking some time to learn and remind ourselves about  what can happen when people use drugs, can only help us lead better, healthier, and safer lives. There are many things teens have no control over---but when it comes to drugs, you are in charge of your future. 

This is especially true nowadays. When Google is the go-to method for finding information, it’s easy for myths and misinformation to spread faster than the truth. And, with so much out there online and on TV, it can be easy for things to seem like a “he said/she said” where no one is more credible than anyone else and we are left to think it everything is just an opinion. 

But the facts, the science about drugs, are not a matter of opinion. NIDA brings you the facts. And NIDA is the most credible source for information about drugs. Period. 

Our mission is to fund research and to share the results with the public. It’s not to make drugs illegal. It’s not to make drugs legal. Our mission is to get the facts. And on this week—and every week—we welcome you to join us in this pursuit. Your future might depend on it.

Don’t have a NDFW event in your area?  Follow the conversation on Drug & Alcohol Facts Chat Day.

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This is great because it tells teens that THEY have control over their future
It's great that this is being spread to teens all over the country. It's important for not only teens but everyone to know about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. If everybody knew about the dangers in the future and didn't use drugs, our future could potentially become a better place for the next generation.
We are planning an event in our city of Mishawaka, Indiana. So far we have three guest speakers: a psychiatrist who specializes with drug abuse, a mental health substance abuse director and a local police officer. I am beginning to get familiar with this great website to use also. Looking forward to it!!

Wonderful! If you haven't already, please register your event here: That will let us add you to our online event map and let you connect with NIDA staff. Good luck on your event!

when is the next meeting?

The next National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week Chat Day is Jan. 26, 2017. You can learn more here: