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Real Life: SBB Readers Share Personal Stories

Sara Bellum

Several SBB readers have submitted personal stories about their experiences—or their families' experiences—with addiction. We offer these stories to give you an inside view of how drug addiction can affect people's lives.

We are posting these comments as we received them, unedited, except as reflected in the Sara Bellum Blog guidelines.

@Dale My son is 33 years old and badly hooked on bath salts. Like the girl that wrote her dad talks underneath his couch because he thinks people are under there my son thinks someone lives in his attic and people are climbing the trees around his house and watching him. He has pawned most of the stuff in his house to get it. I have been thru his coke addiction with him and he was clean for three years. That was bad, but candy compared to this. He has lost his job, his son he raised, most friends & family & hurt me when I refuse to give him money for this. All I can do for him is pray for him.

@James Hi, I was a teenager who abused drugs. Not just cannabis, as in this post, but many drugs. A lot of people believed I was doing it in an act of rebel, a way to say ‘[expletive deleted] you’ to my life and society. In some regards it probably was but a part of it was I was battling some major inner demons, as the case with a lot of kids.

When you’re growing up and you’re falling into a chaotic pit of mental health issues, you can often feel alone. You definitely feel like an outcast. You feel like you’re the only person in the world who’s going through this. “Why me God?” is a common question. Drugs, such as cocaine, induce a sense of euphoria and they allowed me, and probably many others, to forget just for a couple of hours, just to get away. It was bliss.

I am not supporting drug abuse. Drug abuse did more damage to my life than I could possibly imagine. For one, I didn’t go to college nor did I finish high school but that might not have happened anyway on account of being hospitalized numerous times over the course of those years.

My point, however, is to make it clear here that drug abuse is often never just the problem itself. It’s a nasty side effect and, regardless of a suspension or kicking them off the football team, a teenager going through serious issues will never stop. If you want them to stop, get to the root of the issue. Don’t get me started on how wrong it actually is to knock children off their favorite extra-curricular activities because of this. This will do more damage than good.

So yeah, this is my view from a reformed drug addict who is now the lead technical director of a marketing company. I think my opinion counts. I’ve just shared something I haven’t shared in a good few years.

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what happended to Dale is very sad and i know it is very hard too. And sometimes prayer does held.i hope he wil get better soon then some speacial help:(

7th grader nikki marshall

well if u got faith in GOD you know prayer will work. Please have faith in GOD because if u don't that's just like sayin you really don't trust GOD.I WILL pray for your son and i hope the future be positive for him.Even me sometime need to have more faith in the lord . THE LORD IS A GRET GOD who has help me through many bad things.If he help me he can do the same for you and your family be we all GOD children and he love us all the same.AS i shall pray for you please pray for me. IM a 8th grader that go to Ruffner Academy.
you can just get treatment
its not that easy

what happended to Dale is very sad and i know it is very hard too. And sometimes prayer does help hope he wil get better soon then some speacial help:(

7th grader nikki marshall

yes it's very sad. But I think that God will help him find his way.
yes it's very sad. But I think that God will help him find his way.

however, a drug addict is a negative thing. they must be rehabilitated until it is completely healed. for everyone, it is best to melakukanl positive thing to fill out daily activities .. [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

however, a drug addict is a negative thing. they must be rehabilitated until it is completely healed. for everyone, it is best to melakukanl positive thing to fill out daily activities. [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

The guy with the son and the bath salt, your son eats bath salt?

I know its ok to eat sea salt for pretzels.... but not bath salt....
It's not the actual bath salt you use in a bath tub.

however, a drug addict is a negative thing. they must be rehabilitated until it is completely healed. for everyone, it is best to melakukanl positive thing to fill out daily activities. [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

Simply put; drug abuse may have some underlying problems, but people need to realize that it is first-and-foremost a disease. Some people's brains are simply much more susceptible to the call than others; it's chemistry. And you won't know that you're one of them until you pick up the pipe. The best we can do is aiding those we love in getting clean, no matter the cost. We must realize that nothing makes them feel the way the drug of choice makes them feel, and that is the root of the problem. The costs are too great.

drug addiction is a very bad thing. just pray for him and help him work this out. mack sure to not let him get neer drugs o alchohol the best thing for him right now is the health piramid. oh and dink lots of water you can get trew this. (i would send him some special help so h cvan talk this out) I like to express myself by painting have him pick up a brush and create! (if it is a painting with things that are good for him like a pretty senery painting you know hes getting better)

Peace out and good luck!


Me and my friend are crying their eyeballs out. OMG SOOOOO SADDDDDD

I will pray for your family

i have expirienced things with drugs so i understand the consequences.!!. i will pray for u

I have did drugs befor and its nothing to play with

stop doing drugs

dude have you not seen the videos the show all the crap u put into ur body when yu do drugs ??? SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:(((((( cry


i have been addicted to k2 ans other synthetic drugs. it is a very hard thing to get rid of...good luck ill pray for you and your son

i was going thru the same thing that u went thru and i agree 100%



wow that is really sad :( drug addiction is not a funny thing to joke about soooooooooooooo sssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im really sorry about your son. maybe soon he will realize that that isnt him. best of luck-
7th grader

thats sooooooo sad! i always onder whats going on in a persons mind whenever they decide to do drugs... so sad
God can change your life! Let Him work in your so you won't get back in drugs. There is always a better way, if you just turn around.
i need some kind of help i cant control myself

@Anonymous Addiction is a difficult disease, but there are treatment programs and professionals who can help you. If you are looking for help there are a couple of places you can start. To find a treatment center near you, visit the National Substance Abuse Treatment Services Locator online at If you would like to talk to a counselor contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). This service is confidential, and counselors can help with substance abuse and family problems, in addition to suicide prevention.

I am taking a pharmacology class in school and today was the first day i heard about bath salt now this. I am a mother of an eighteen year old going off to the world and I pray he never tries any drugs because I was there once lost in the world trying new drugs back in the ninety's and now it has gotten worse and without coming to Jesus I would of been dead and never had seen my son accomplish so much in his life. It is not worth the pain and the long term effects that will carry throughout your life get help and realize your mother loves you and wants the best for you. Yes school is stressful so is life losing your family, friends is even more stressful remember God will never leave or forsake you even when you don't think he is near he is get help be pluged in with the right people that will bring you up and not down including your family. God Bless you and one last thing to you and others a woman or a man is not worth dieing for or getting hooked on drugs as well my brother is dead since Jan of 2000 he is my only siblin I miss dearly because of the use of drugs and a breakup. Life is to short and in a blink of an eye your gone.. peace be with you.
I don't know what God has to do with anything, because religion causes just as much stress in people as anything else. To be fair though I dislike religion, just because the context its taken throughout history and the amount of trouble its caused even in recent years. But I do get the sentiment and wholeheartedly agree. Gods are what we make them out to be after all. The name I'm posting this under isn't my own and is being used for privacy. I wish luck to everyone in the world that need the help to fight against temptation.
great post
Hi, I was pressured into taking bath salts on school grounds. Worst of all by my Best Friend. She didn't hold anything against me, but she encouraged me to do it by telling me what I could gain. I did the bath salts because I didn't want to lose my best friend or what she was offering me. A whole group of us did it. One of the students who were doing the salts with us was the one who told. He didn't get in trouble because he said he didn't do anything. The rest of us all get suspended for ten days with an expulsion hearing. We all passed the expulsion hearing but once we all tried the salts and went back to school we were already hooked on them. We hardly had enough to make us hooked but all it took was a little bit. I never thought I would be one to say I was hooked on drugs. If you have a child who is on drugs all I can say is don't be so hard on them. They honestly don't know any better. Everyone thinks they're invincible. No one thinks they will get in trouble no one thinks they will get hooked. no one thinks that anything bad could ever possibly happen to them. As a teenager who has experienced these feelings and thoughts, I know. I'm still a teenager and I just got expelled from school. No, it wasn't because of drugs. But because I wanted to help a friend and I had to take the blame in order to do it. I'm sorry my life took the wrong path but I know now that I need to make an illegal U-turn and speed to the right road or I'll end up at an undesired location. Thanks for reading my story and thanks for not offing yourself like so many of my friends have.
great story u shared

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