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Sara Bellum

NIDA stays up to date on drug use trends. At the end of 2012, we noticed a huge spike in the number of searches on the NIDA for Teens Web site for information on “Molly,” a club drug made from MDMA, the pure form of Ecstasy.

Mostly, Molly is abused at clubs and concerts and is referred to in electronic music. Now, rap and hip hop are mentioning the drug more often.

In 2012, several major artists released songs that referenced Molly:

  • Kanye West, “Mercy”: “Something about Mary, she gone off that Molly / Now the whole party is melted like Dalí.”
  • Trinidad James, “All Gold Everything”: “Popped a Molly and now I’m sweating, woo!”
  • Rihanna, “Diamonds”: “Palms rise to the universe, as we moonshine and Molly / Feel the warmth, we’ll never die / We’re like diamonds in the sky.”

While many of these songs focus on the euphoria Molly can cause, they leave out the dangers it poses to the brain and body. To find out in-depth information about how Molly affects the brain, check out this three-part series on MDMA.

Molly may be a hot topic in pop culture, but most teens steer clear of the drug. In 2012, NIDA’s Monitoring the Future survey found that only 7.2% of 12th graders had used Ecstasy in their lifetimes—a 4.5% decrease from 2011.

Tell us: Does rap music influence what you and your friends do, like what you wear? Do references in rap songs make you want to seek out the facts?

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this is why teens gets addicted with drugs, because their role models are also using such. [commercial link removed, per guidelines]
people get addicted by choice not by role models. we have our own minds
Dude rap did not influence me to pick up the pills and snort them and use a rig and smoke weed and all that shot I started out on my own dawg
How'd you get started homie?
hey my name is alex and i learn alot about this drug and meth
Yes, I believe that music (different genres, not just rap) influence what people do. I wouldn't say it happens (or has happened yet) to me personally; but I see kids taking drugs that they have heard somebody rapping or singing about in a video. They'll take it without really knowing what it can do to their bodies, without thinking about all the bad things that can happen because the people singing about it in the videos and on the radio look rich, happy, and cool. I think its sad that people sing songs on the radio celebrating drug use, but can't be real when something really goes wrong because of using those drugs. Wayne has seizures.... right.
young weezy
young weezy
Music can really influence someone to take drugs. A lot of songs are about taking drugs or drinking alcohol. These songs are targeted to a younger/ teenage age group and that's when people start to learn about drugs. They think that if this celebrity is doing drugs then it must be cool so I can do it.
This is so true
I think music plays a big role in young teens life. And these songs about durgs,alcohol, etc. influnce teens a lot becase they make it seem like its fun and nothing bad will happen to you but its not.
Music now a days is only about drugs. I can think of so many songs that have some sort of drug in it wether its alcohol, weed, etc. The hard part is to think of a song that doesnt have any drug sayings in it. Music that is singing about drugs, I think affects a person into doing drugs. They think they are having fun, maybe i will too. Some people may do it because their favorite celebirty is singing about it and that person may be their role model. This can really influence people into taking drugs especially teens.
Music is a big part in my life so I listen to many different songs each day, there are many artists that teens listen to who's songs are mainly on drugs and alcohol. This is very dangerous in the fact that is teens listen to this music they will be influenced to start using drugs and alcohol.
I think that music is part of the reason teens use drugs or alcohol. Some teens think that if an artist sings about it then it must be ok, but it is not. Tobacco, drugs and alcohol is very harmful to your body.
Kendrick Lamar is thankfully fighting against it. The statement "Death to Molly" was flashed at the end of one of his music videos;
"Now listen to the music,you can a a a feel it drug is a poison never wanna take it"
Rap artists do not choose who adopts them as role models. Instead of attempting to groom every public figure as a role model, we should be teaching our children how to properly choose role models. If my child looks up to Juicy J and French Montana, I sit them down and have a nice talk about role models and the values that a good one possesses. Also, in their work, artists incorporate many things that have meaning in their lives into their work. If drugs are an important part of someone's life, it is not our place to judge their choices and lifestyle. The best we can do is educate children about the potential dangers, and let them make independent decisions.
You Sir, should be the role model of every parent in the world.
spoken like a true king
Well said
If a singer starts singing only good of a drug I don't have them as my role model but my role model has a hidden message in her songs to not do drugs and to not let bullying get to you.
i can only speak for myself with this question. rap music does not influence anything i do to be honest with you all, my parents may think differently but the only person that influences me is me at the end of the day
These young people really have it together!! You rock!! Maybe they should form group to write and tell the "knucklehead" negative musicians to get with the "real program"- a life free of mind altering, body destroying, future ruining drugs!
Not only does music influence substance abuse, it is media in general. However, if proper education is given we can reduce the impact of these substances. Like tell people what these drugs can do. Like krokodil or Molly or a multitude of other new designer drugs. Show the graphic truth to people. Don't censor it. While the media may glorify it for entertainment purposes, we really need to isolate the substances and show what these drugs actually do to the individuals and their families.
If people want to do drugs let them, you can't control everyone. Why don't you try making alcohol harder to consume??? Why is marijuana is still illegal??? Why are you so against marijuana? This is my body and I can do whatever I want with it. I like how health risks are brought up so often. Yet the biggest issue when it comes to health is the food we eat, the poison they feed us. Do you really thin k the FDA is going to make sure we are protected? Nope they are run by Monsanto, and they are all for GMO's. If someone wants to do some molly let them, if you don't want them doing it in public or having it relate to the public at all I am cool with that. But if someone wants to roll in privacy you can piss off. Most of you need to explore your mind and stop the simple minded blabber. You people do realize with the proper nutrition you can live a healthy life, even in conjunction with marijuana. Do you know that it fights cancer? I am not saying it is the cure all and everyone needs it. I am saying let us that like it use it without repercussions. I don't tell you what to eat, drink, listen to, watch, say etc. Sorry for the rant but I came here to check out the effects of molly and marijuana was a topic this website talked about. It is worded negatively which I hate, yes it has cons but so does everything else. You can get addicted to food so should we be ban food? There is no physical addiction to marijuana, there can be a mental addiction but again revert back my previous sentence. Not to mention the addiction is dependent on the person. I can quit right now if I wanted to, I will get irritable but with anything you just stop doing there is a drastic change in some form.
The reason why marijuana is illegal because people actually care about others health. We don't want to see people suffer from the poisons people consume, we actually don't want to see others die. It is for your own good that marijuana is illegal, we don't want people to die because of some stupid drug. Don't do drugs, you will kill yourself!
Don't judge rap artist I'm sure that if you were poor grew up in a poor neighborhood barely had food and some kids from up the street were raping about how there lives are and how they have to resort to gangbangin in hopes that there records will be sold to get out of the h**l there in.
music like this is not the reason people get addicted, people get addicted because they CHOSE to pick up the drug. life is about choices but its up to you to choose the right one.
This really saddens me.
Yes, rap songs do influence my friends because they than tnink its cool to do molly or anything else that is dangerous. Also, it makes them think that its safe ands theres no effect form these dangerous things because the celebrities/rappers are doing it. No, because i know that the stuff is dangerous and that i will never use it.
i don't like rap, and i am not a follower, so i don't try to sound "cool" and copy anything i see. i also like pie.
Hi my name is what? my name is who? my name is chica chica slim shady
life is shrat
kids now adays and their molly, all i hear is molly molly molly, two problems associated with molly the rap music and the EDM scene. molly can be addictive if you go to a rave every week, its associated with the music, i couldnt go if i wasnt on something because its the experience really. kids think life is freedom all of a sudden cus they can tune into higher planes of reality and happiness from the molly, molly can make you soft and kind; extremely aware of your surrounding and feel love. but in the end its all a chemical illusion from the serrotonin release, as it is trending alot of kids can turn into misinformed retards about it, them kids need rehab and a curfew. live your life just stay true to your nature you might get a dirty pill and wake up in a body bag. drink your water and exercise, you can also rave without it, dont be a flake.
^ :)
Honestly, i use hydrocodone , Xanax , Lean, weed ,Adder all and Promethizine I really haven't seen a change in my behavior or anything that deals with my life or school. Most of the drugs i do not depend on i can quit whenever but i use for the fun of it and i dont see any affects.
That's insane. Have you ever heard of long term? You might not see any side effects right now, but 30, 40 years down the road? What happens then?
You are right, deterioration speeds up and side effects comes back to you sooner than you think
He'll probably go to business school, but his spelling won't improve. Occasionally he'll rant about the the dangers of drugs to his kids and pay taxes that support government propaganda like this site. The vast majority of youthful drug users get bored and move on. The people who stick with it usually do so because there's nothing better in their life or because they have an underlying psychiatric condition. Personally, I think you'd have to already have a bit of brain damage to use promethazine recreationally. It's a really sedating antihistamine and anti-emetic. A perfect drug for a wild night at the ER while suffering from food poisoning or anaphylaxis. Not so much for dancing to EDM.
it isn't propaganda
Although it may be difficult, pccodenet believes in teaching your child the facts about drug addiction which is something you shouldn't avoid
Ive used Molly sporadically since 1987 and if you don't take it nightly or in high doses, hydrate, sleep and eat I've found no ill effects and the same for many others as well. I won't pretend that it's not great while partying etc. it's greatest benefits for me has been alone with my spouse or a couple friends just talking and laughing. Popular culture is surely an influence but so is honesty, facts and advice not over dramatic government sponsored commercials, hype and disinformation. Just ask the heroes returning from the desert suffering from PTSD who are being treated, or the cancer patient using it to come to terms with their deaths rapid approach or the troubled married couple who find a new line of communication while taking it and saving their marital bonds. Drugs aren't evil. It's the motives lies greed exploitation and horror stories that kill and destroy families. Maybe focusing on booze could do some good but it's doubtful.