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Pop Quiz: What Do You Know About Safe Driving?

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The NIDA Blog Team

Want to be a safer driver? Here’s a start: Take the quiz below to see how much you know about drugged, drunken, and distracted driving. Correct answers are listed after the questions.


  1. Of the top five causes of death for teens in the U.S., where do motor vehicle crashes belong on the list?
  2. For high school seniors, what’s more common: driving after using drugs, or driving drunk?
  3. Fill in the blank: ____ percent of all drivers aged 15 to 19 who were involved in fatal crashes were distracted (not focusing on the main task of driving) at the time of the crashes.
  4. Are teens more likely to take risks when they’re driving alone or when they have passengers in the car?
  5. True or false: Marijuana impairs a person’s ability to drive.
  6. The average car’s weight is closest to that of a:
    1. Tyrannosaurus rex
    2. Black bear
    3. Beluga whale
    4. None of the above
  7. If you text while you’re driving, how long on average do you take your eyes off the road while texting?


  1. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens. Each year, enough teens die in car crashes to fill 50 school buses. (Sources: CDC, Drugs & Health Blog)
  2. More high school seniors are now driving after using drugs than are driving after drinking. (NIDA)
  3. Ten percent of all drivers aged 15 to 19 were distracted at the time they were involved in a fatal crash. (
  4. One study found that teens are more likely to take risks when driving with their friends in the car, even if their friends aren’t talking. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – read more in this Scholastic article)
  5. True! Even a single marijuana cigarette can make it harder for a person to drive safely. (Drugs & Health Blog)
  6. C. A beluga whale. The average car or truck weighs about 4,000 pounds—even more than a beluga whale. Driving one is a big responsibility! (Drugs & Health Blog)
  7. Almost five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. When you’re driving at 55 miles per hour, that's enough time to cover the length of a football field blindfolded. (

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Drunk driving is not safe.
This blog gives a good description of why and how teens are the main cause of a lot of accidents. This will give me an incentive to not drink or partake in drugs, and also to be a good driver. Hopefully it will for others to.
This is interesting.
Why give a question then the answer stupid
wow i learned something now i know not drink

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