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Not LOKO for Alcoholic Energy Drinks

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Sara Bellum

You may remember that a while back, SBB addressed an unhealthy new fad—energy drinks. We speculated that these drinks, although highly publicized in the coolest venues, were not safe even though they promised to deliver an extra dose of energy. Now, SBB confronts an even more dangerous issue: alcoholic energy drinks, like Four LOKO.

Double Trouble?

Why are alcoholic energy drinks so dangerous? They contain two main substances: alcohol and caffeine, the first a depressant and the second a stimulant. These two substances should never be consumed in large quantities and they should definitely never be mixed. Why? Because they have opposite effects on your body that can fool you into drinking more than you can handle.

Depressants like alcohol slow down the central nervous system. Drinking a lot of alcohol can affect your coordination and perception, and even make you pass out. Stimulants, meanwhile ,“wake up” the central nervous system and increase energy and alertness.

Opposites Do Not Attract

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the caffeine in alcoholic energy drinks masks alcohol's effects on the body, which motivates people to drink more. Worse, the average beer has 4 to 5 percent alcohol, while an alcoholic energy drink is 12 percent alcohol! So, people can get really drunk without realizing it, making them more vulnerable to overdose, alcohol poisoning, and even death.

In the past few months, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has pulled alcoholic energy drinks like Four LOKO off store shelves, banning them in many states. Better to keep it natural: Go for a run or do some yoga to feel good.

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i dont see how gaderade can be alcoholic drink lozxx:D

This is a bad combo the sooner it's gone the better

I think that it is entirley up to the the person if they want to drink it and there 21 go for it you cant ban every little thing just because its bad for you this is a free country and if someone wants to do it let em do it you can not control peoples lives. If they screw up its there own fault and they will have to learn from there mistakes its just a part of life.

Way to go FDA! Hope you guys keep up the good job. What's the point in making this alcohol-energy mixed drink? Maybe its better to take stimulants first and after a while alcohol or vice versa. but mixing? no effect. LOL! better drink juice. way very healthy and good for your health and immunity. hehehe..! yea i know right i better go to walmart amd get some juice.(:

Yeah natashia is right. We can learn from our mistakes. I also drink some alcohols before but when I notice that it's not good for me, i stopped. It's really up to the person of what he/she thinks what's good for them.

i agree with natashia and eliza too so un ban this [expletive deleted] im 21 and maybe i want some lol