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No More Smoking: May 31, 2010

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Sara Bellum

Get this: There are more than one billion smokers on planet Earth. Yep, that’s a billion people around the world whose nicotine addiction is leading to high rates of cancer and emphysema, increased air pollution and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking causes more deaths each year than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined!

So what to do about it? For starters, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared May 31 as “World No Tobacco Day.” For this year’s theme, WHO is focusing on women and girls—who make up about 20% of all smokers worldwide. That’s more than 200 million women and girls who may not be getting all the facts!

But fortunately, the trend with teens is going in the right direction. The latest Monitoring the Future report of teens in 8th, 10th and 12th grades found that cigarette smoking among U.S. teens is at its lowest point since the survey started in 1975. That’s a fact worth celebrating, since smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and disease in this country, which means the best way to avoid these negative consequences is not to start.

Picture of a teen with a no smoking sticker over his mouth.

Other trends are not so good, including the one showing that advertisers are targeting more girls outside the U.S., who may not know as much about the dangers of smoking.

Everyone can take a step toward making May 31 tobacco-free—in your family, your school, your community, or the world. If you or someone you love smokes, get the facts. The American Cancer Society is a good place to start, with a Guide to Quitting Smoking.

Make every day a No-Tobacco Day!

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I really hate smoking and as long as possible I want my boyfriend to quit smoking because I am pregnant because I hate it if I can smell the smoke. I support this one. [removed commercial link]

I hate smoking very much. I am always wondering that why so many people like smoking. I have a friend who smokes three packages of cigarettes every day. He has this bad habit for about eight years. And, his lung has very serious problem now. I have made the decision that I will never smoke in my lifetime. I am a young painter in China, specializing in creating different kinds of oil paintings. [removed commercial link] Thank you.

I dislike smoking because it just shortens your life

I hate cigarette smoke makes me short of breath .. please stop making cigarettes in the world, but I'm also thinking about how people live in my country Indonesia from cigarettes, cigarettes contributed the largest foreign exchange here


Yah most of people dislike smoking including me. But e-cigarettes solve our problem. I smoked 3 to 4 packs per day and was able to stop completely on the very next morning after starting to smoke J&J electronic cigarettes. As incredible as it seems, I was still able to work out and exercise although I smoked so much, but now I'm hardly ever out of breath and my disgusting hacking smoker's cough has COMPLETELY disappeared. I don't cough. I have no "tickle" in my throat. I don't smell. My house doesn't smell. I feel 100% better

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a laboratory analysis it did of electronic cigarette samples found that they contained toxic chemicals similar to ingredients used in antifreeze! That can’t be good. And even though e-cigarettes turn these chemicals into a vapor to be inhaled, that vapor still contains nicotine, which is real addictive. Don’t let the flavors fool you. And anyway, who wants to be addicted to cigarettes, battery-operated or not?

I love smoking it makes me relax, I know the consequence but I don't care

I smoke electronic cigarettes. Way better than regular ones. But read reviews before getting yourself one, most are low quality

very good resources on how to quit smoking is [commercial link removed]. All free, relevant and helpful information from true educators.

I stuble on this site and it was what I needed it work no problem i have been smoke free for 90 days now
[commercial link removed, per guidelines]

One of the concerns about e-cigarette use is that it is modeling addict behavior. It looks like smoking. Why not use a nicotine patch so you can break the behavior and break the burden of addiction? I guess I would wait until ALLL the research is done before diving into the use of an unregulated substance.

My ecigarette has no nicotine, only food products I buy in the grocery store and mix myself. I quit smoking in less than a week while using ecigarettes. I'm not alone in this. I understand addiction, formerly being an intraveinous drug user of cocaine, heroin and abusing many other substances. ADDICTS NEED ALTERNATIVES WHICH THEY FREELY CHOOSE or the cycle continues. If it's at least 'safer' than smoking, ecigarettes are a move in the right direction. In my own case of not using nicotine in my ecig, what I ingest are FDA approved food items - glycerin & flavoring extracts only. Chewing gum can be modeling addictive behavior. The real issue is: are you addicted?

With the patch, you're still addicted.

Whoever smokes should really stop.... For the women out there....It shortens your life by 14.5 years..........It also can cause miscarriages and painful,unexpected periods... Im 13 years of age and i strongly believe smoking should be illegal......