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A New Look for NIDA for Teens

Sara Bellum

Facebook isn’t the only Web site that gets a makeover now and then.

Have you noticed that the Sara Bellum Blog and NIDA for Teens have a new look? And it happened just in time for the 2013 National Drug Facts Week, with its 500+ exciting events aimed at shattering the myths about drugs.

93% of teens who use social media use Facebook.

The newly designed Web site lets you share facts about drugs and even test your own knowledge.

Best of all, teens guided and inspired the new design! This past year, we worked with the NIDA Teen Advisory Group, or TAG, to make sure the new site would be appealing.

Some of the new features include:

  • New logo: TAG members helped select a new logo from seven designs.
  • New images: Teens recommended using engaging images that included real people.
  • Home page poll: The TAG also suggested that we add interactive features to the home page to draw visitors into the site.

75% of teens use a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device to access the Internet.

We did more than just update the design of NIDA for Teens. We also made sure that the new site would look good on all screen sizes, like cellphones and tablets.

How did we do? What do you like about the new design? Do you have any suggestions? Tell us in comments.

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