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A New HIV Case every 9 ½ Minutes

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Giselle, NIDA Intern

Every 9 ½ minutes: that's how often the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that someone in the U.S. gets infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In the next 10 minutes, someone will get HIV—and it could be your friend or someone in your family.

By the way, do you remember the word for thought in my earlier post? Comorbidity? Well, HIV is one of the many diseases that is "comorbid with" drug use. NIDA's "Learn the Link" campaign is all about how drug use can expose us to infection from HIV. When someone is using drugs, their decisions may not be well considered. They can have poor judgment and do risky things, like having unprotected sex. And that might mean getting infected with HIV.

According to the CDC, by the end of 2007, 3,230 adolescents 13 to 19 years old were reported to be living with AIDS in the United States and dependent areas (like Puerto Rico). And unfortunately, more people are getting infected all the time.

June 27 was National HIV Testing Day. Did you get tested?

This is a guest SBB post from NIDA intern Giselle.

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that's so scary.
every 91/2 min. someone gets infected with HIV.

can there be a blog on PCP and LSD?

Thank you for your useful post. But I had difficulty navigating past your website because I kept getting 502 bad gateway error. Just thought to let you know.

Hi Matt and thanks for your note. The IT team looked into your comment on the error message and it appears this message has to do with the type of Internet connection you're using, so I'm afraid we can't address it. Maybe try from another computer?