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Allyssa Garcia

Allyssa Garcia

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. We asked teens to tell us who inspires them to stay away from illicit drugs. Here’s what one teen said. 

I know drugs tempt us every day. They're all around us. I am gonna tell you how I stay away from drugs.

How many of you have been influenced by a drug? Who influenced you? Your friend? Someone in your family? A stranger? Well, you're not the only one that has happened to.

Some people I used to be friends with do drugs, but just because they do drugs doesn't mean I have to. My grandma helps me stay strong and not get tempted. Even though my grandmother suffers from dementia today, she is still a role model to me. All her life, she was a hard worker and she is a smart woman. She always made sure everybody else was okay, never once thinking about herself. When I see me, I want to see her and all of her greatness in me. I want to be just like her once I grow up, and to do that I need to keep out of trouble.

When somebody offers you drugs, say no. Saying no is easier than you think. If you do drugs, you can end up in serious trouble. You can end up going to jail, or you can get in trouble with your parents or school. Just know what's right in your heart and you will have the ability to say no.

Hanging out with the right crowd can help you stay away from drugs. If your friends try tempting you, they're probably not good friends. Friends reflect who you are. I know I want to be held to high standards and with great respect.

Stay strong and don't let drugs enter your life. You are a strong person and you can say no.

9th grader Allyssa Garcia has been in choir since she was in kindergarten. She has always participated in school activities and clubs, and she loves to write.

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Your Beautiful<3.
yeah I guess so
Hi Jessica, I know it's been several years since you've written this. Maybe you don't feel this way anymore, but I hope that you know you ARE beautiful! Your story is so compelling, and I hope you've been able to follow the path you set for yourself even at a young age. You are an incredibly beautiful young lady, and you are doing so much good in this world. I hope you now recognize that.
yeah i know
<3 <3
you are correct
If using camera effects make you beautiful anyone can be beautiful then. Js. I prefer a girl that looks good without effects and a girl who has a great personality.
That's true and sweet
saying no is easy but you could also just avoid them
You are on the right path and will attract followers who will leave the world a better place.
Mrs. Garcia's 6th graders enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for the awesome advice. Thanks for being a good role model. Keep up your high standards and make your grandmother proud.
SMS LOVE your story
Very good advice, everyone should follow and stay strong.
I liked your story your grandmother sounds very helpful to you.
Allyssa is my daughter and I am so proud of her and her desire to make a difference!
Good for you!! Unfortunately I gave in to marijuana two years ago, and was addicted for about a year and a half. Luckily, I found the strength to quit. I got away from all of those bad influences and moved in with my uncle in Colorado. As most of you know Colorado has been the first state to legalize marijuana, which gives me a challenge. I have been sober for about 8 months and when I tell people "No" i am proud to say it. Everyone just remember that you don't need drugs and alcohol to be happy. You need to be yourself and be grateful for all you have, and the most joy will come out of it. Don't give in! Stay strong and be who you want to be!!
I was researching for a school project and when I came across this comment I felt so happy that you were able to back off! I wish you luck with staying away from marijuana and other drugs! Thank you!
hey, how were you addicted to marijuana for a year and a half? what were the symptoms? did it affect you in a negative way?
God has put a wonderful person in your life, and that is your grandmother. She seems to be a person you should, and are, look up to. I'm glad you have such a wonderful example to follow! Me, well, I haven't been offered drugs yet, but that's probably because I go to an "protected" school. (We are Christians, so we do what we know is right) But I have seen someone in our school (1 person out of over 100 in 2011-2012) use a drug in class. Everyone was talking about it secretively, and I heard about it. And I am normally the person no one talks or comments or pays attention to (just because we're Christian doesn't mean we're perfect. No one is.) but this was something I wouldn't stop bugging them (people in my school) about. See, my dad is a teacher and the principal, so this was just a burden, but I was glad I knew about it. For days I was hesitant to tell my dad, but eventually I asked God for courage and strength, because I knew this person needed help, but no one would tell an adult. Once I told him, a felt so relieved that I no longer had to carry this "suitcase" with me any longer. God is SO GOOD! This person was offered help, and some people were saved from trying his drug, because he started asking people to do his "dirty work." That person(s) that was saved from future harm still goes to our wonderful school, but the drug addict got suspended before parents and children could think about the situation (parents meaning, pulling kids out of school, we don't keep secrets from parents, though). Thanks!!
y'all need jesus
I think this is true.
if its that easy to say no why does people not do that
Its not that easy you see, after doing something once and it making you feel good you tend to do it again and again. People don't say no most times because of peer pressure.
avoiding drugs and those kind of things in life can be made either easy or hard. the friends that we have and the people that we associate with can make a difference. for myself I chose to stay away from people that use drugs not because I dislike them but because I want to stay away from those kind of things and I know that has made me a stronger and better person, I find it quite easy to stay away from these things just because I chose my friends wisely. I would love to hear some stories of how other people keep away from them and how they stay strong.......... [email address removed, per commenting guidelines]
um I liked ur story bra cx
ur story inspires me not to try it 'never' ;)
nice story
great story
dayyymmm guuurrrrrll that STORY FINE as hell!
your grandmother sounds like a wonderful person and ur luky to have her
she hot
Ur hawt
That's wassup yournhella kuteh
good story, thank God you made the decisions
Thank God you made that decision! :)
Drugs are bad...
in treatment for drugs i kno what ur talking about i think if i would of stayed in the right crowed i would of accomplished alot more
This is good
This a good story really like it
good job
That is right girl!!!
Some people don't realize how hard it is to say no. With all of their friends pressuring them or them wanting to feel as though they fit in, or it could be as simple as they want to be cool. It's upsetting to know that teenagers face this everyday and some end up messing with their whole life from one decision.