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October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. We asked teens to tell us who inspires them to stay away from illegal drugs. Here’s what one teen said. 

You probably haven't met my mother.

Or any of my teachers.

Or the friends I surround myself with.

And that's okay.

But you see, I've always grown up in a loving—albeit kind of tension-filled—household. I have a mother who’s strict, but loving, and a father who drinks and sometimes forgets my birthday, but I can feel his unconditional love for me as well.

I've always been surrounded by words like “Don't become like your father” and “Don't do drugs, kid!” And at first, it just seems like “yeah, yeah, whatever.” But when you have someone close to you abuse a substance like alcohol, everything just kind of clicks into perspective.

I've grown up with an alcoholic father. I remember thinking, when I was little, that everyone had a father that got drunk every night and left the lights and TV on late and woke up with eyes bloodshot and rimmed-red.

This was my norm.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, although I have an alcoholic father, I've never felt the pull of alcohol or drugs. Maybe it's been indoctrinated into me. Or maybe it's because of the people I've surrounded myself with and learned to trust with my issues: my teachers, my friends, and my mother. I see their lives and hear the stories about their misguided siblings or friends or parents, and I think, That's not who I want to become. I want to be like my mother, my teacher, my friends.

Maybe it's not always about you. Maybe it's about the people your heart decides to care about, about how they will be affected by your actions. Doing drugs is not a personal decision. It is a selfish one. So if you ever feel the urge, don't just think of yourself. Think of those around you.

Born and raised in Irving, Texas, the author of this post (who asked to remain anonymous)is a 9th grader who loves chick flicks, writing, and traveling, and finds that she is happiest surrounded by nature, immersed in a good book.

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Wow your tough keep on going on with your life and don't give up.
well u should think about urs 2 slow
This is a very inspirational story, and made me realise how amazing my parents are...
your story was REALLY touching and i could really relate to your story. bc I'm a 9th grader who grew up with an alcoholic father as well. thank you, and i hope your life is amazing right now
head up never down :')
Wow! amazing story. I was really touched. I know what it feels like to have someone close to you, and see them throw their life away. At least he's got you.
wow i love the detail and emotions in your story. be yourself. listen to your heart. say to yourself "should i follow in my fathers footsteps".
Can I hug you, Anonymous author? Pwease?
I can relate to this. But, keep on doing the positive things and don't let anything bring you down. Be strong!
this is a very good story so i am going to cry now ;')
Don't cry
I now how it feels to have an alcoholic father bc I that's how mine is, but always keep your head held high and keep on going with your life . I'm also a 9th and struggling, but now I know that I can keep on going. Your story was very inspiring to me thank you!
This is good. I like this. It is good to show perspective
keep your head be real
you're very brave
thanks fam
You are very brave, and I know everyone keeps saying this, but you truly are. What you've grown up with is something I don't think I would've been able to survive through. You have had such a positive attitude through all of this and you need to keep that up. In reality, having a positive attitude always helps, since you've got one, keep it, never let it go, share your story with millions of other people, keep your head high, and life will be great. :)
That is amazing! Your story is so inspiring! Thank you! :)
Stay strong! :))
Your story is amazing and I understand more now about how people may cope with a loved one with an addiction. Stay strong and keep moving forward. :)
my dad gets drunk and beats me sometimes

Please talk to a trusted adult such as a teacher, counselor, coach, or pastor. They can help you figure out what to do. You might also consider calling the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).