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Meet Molly: The Truth About MDMA

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Sara Bellum

Recently, Madonna created some buzz when she mentioned “Molly” at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. Madonna shouted to the audience, “How many people in the crowd have seen Molly?”

Madonna was talking about the song “Have You Seen Molly?” by Cedric Gervais. However, “Molly” is also a nickname for MDMA. Many news outlets reported that the legendary pop singer was talking about drugs, not the song. Madonna responded by saying, “I don't support drug use and I never have.”

All About Molly

We were happy to hear that Madonna doesn’t encourage her fans to use MDMA, because it’s a very dangerous drug. MDMA is manmade—similar to the stimulant methamphetamine. It’s commonly used at dance clubs and concerts, and can make people feel like they have more energy and less fear. But the myths about MDMA being "pure and safe" are definitely not true.

Let us introduce you to the real Molly.

  • Molly Is Often Mixed Up. MDMA is a synthetic drug, meaning that it’s made of chemicals. It comes in colorful pills, tablets, or capsules that sometimes have cartoon-like images on them. Sometimes each pill, or batch of pills, can have different combinations of substances in the mix and cause unknown consequences.
  • Molly Makes You Hyper. People who use MDMA might feel very alert, or “hyper.” But MDMA can also cause muscle cramping, nausea, blurred vision, increased heart rate and blood pressure—and in rare cases, hyperthermia and even death.
  • Molly Can Depress You. Potential side effects of MDMA include feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, and memory difficulties. These can last for several days to a week (or longer in people who use it regularly).
  • Molly Is Dangerous. MDMA can be extremely dangerous in high doses—increasing the risk of seizures and compromising the heart's ability to maintain its normal rhythms. A study in animals showed that exposure to high doses of MDMA for 4 days produced brain damage that could still be seen 6 to 7 years later.

Ecstasy and MDMA Use Is Rising

Despite these harmful consequences, NIDA’s Monitoring the Future study shows that past-year Ecstasy use is up significantly among college students and young adults age 19–28. Another report shows that emergency room visits related to Ecstasy increased nearly 123 percent from 2004 to 2009; two-thirds of these visits involved 18–29 year olds. This is troubling news, since we’re still learning how Ecstasy affects the brain.

Tell us what you think of Madonna’s “Molly” mix-up. If Madonna’s comment had been referring to drug use, would that change your opinion of her? Are you more likely to buy her album “MDNA” (coincidentally similar to MDMA) since hearing about this in the news? Let us know in the comments.

Update: For more on Molly, check out our post, “Have You Seen Molly? Even if You Think So, You May Have Been Fooled.”

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To add to my comment, I experienced with the Molly when I was still a teen. Since then - Molly is nothing but a peace of chit... They add anything you can imagine to it. From rat poison to hormone growth pills. Don't take that stuff if you are planning on living a normal life
Amen ! I Took It Like A Month Ago At First It Was Great Now I Regret It ! .-.
don't take it anymore because it can cuse brain swelling and brain damage and liver and kidney failure and also if molly is mix with a different drug when you fall asleep you will never wake up its a 50% 50% chance
My son's had some with weed and alcohol? How dangerous
Don't let him do it! He could die or suffer terrible after-effects!
HAHAHA, how ignorant you are makes me laugh. I can't even begin to explain how incorrect you are and how false your information is.
Why is that may I ask?
Madonna promotes degenerate behavior. She said full well knowing kids would make the association with the drug? Did she talk about the consequences of using it? How irresponsible of her.
how is that her responsibility?
I love molly
You are a ignorant person. Drugs are not good at all. If you want to leave a normal happy life stay away from any kind of drugs specially molly. It cause brain damage. Once your brain is damage , there is no turn back.. Stay away from drugs. ............
same lmao
I've always knew Madonna was evil. She who'll destroy everyone's children including her own she's on a mission from satan
Your crazy. Please don't comment on something you have never tried.
Your crazy for trying it i will never try it n Madonna does work for satan..
Actually, she's a part of the illuminati.... Most all those involved with Hollywood/music industry are in some way connected to them and in turn, Satan.
Satan doesn't exist. It was made up thousands of years ago by people with absolutely no education (like yourself). Madonna is a human not a soldier of the factious Devil. MDMA has been around for decades and was used successfully by psychiatrists until ONE TEST on monkeys taking doses 4-5x higher than the human dose showed some oxidation in their brains. The government quickly added it to their list in the "war on drugs." I've seen thousands of people doing it through out the years and not one person had any adverse effects. They all went on to be productive members of society. Nurses, MBA's, highest level computer admins. Etc. If you know someone dead set on using it then have that person start slow with a small dose. If possible have one of the pills in the batch tested so you know what you are taking. Stay hydrated but don't go over board. Although it gives you a ton of energy and euphoria take dancing breaks and nice to a cooler place every now and then. I'm not promoting MDMA but the fact is it's use isn't rising it's always been used and although it might not be good for you I've never seen anyone get sick or need a hospital after using MDMA and it was extremely popular when I went clubbing or to concerts.
i don't think that's true
molly should be MDMA if it isn't I will admit it can be dangerous. but pure MDMA is used in thearopy to help PTSD and depression it is all not dangerous in small doses and can actually be very helpful. it is a lot more helpful than alcohol which is legal and a lot more popular.
I am a recovering drug addict from Puna,Hawaii. I will say this I've been there done that, people are going to continue so what they're doing and no matter what others say it wont change majority of addicts minds!! The addict will be ready to change when they are! its nice to see that others care but most times it starts in the home environment and some addicts were fed drugs from an infant being in the womb too
My son just came out of the hospital after taking it. He took 2 capsules. He mixed it with alcohol. He couldn't sleep for 2 days and was so anxious. His heart rate was fast and he was clammy to the touch. He seemed emotional too. His eyes were bulging too. He looked uncomfortably hyper. He started to have problems breathing so we took him to the ER. He was given an IV because he had become severely dehydrated despite the fact he kept drinking water. He was given Ativan because he was so anxious. As a mom, it terrified me. I thought I'd lose him. If you're thinking about taking it, think again, someone loves you and would be heartbroken if you weren't a part of their life anymore.
I was thinking about taking mdma but after reading what you just said I changed my mind
Hey listen. That guy took 2 capsules which is WAY too much, and also drank alcohol. If you start with .5 capsule and make shure it's proper stuff it's fine to take. Please be careful and drink .5 liters of water every hour. Protip: eat a small and salt snack, to keep salt levels in check with the rising water level.
A .5 capsule? That's five times a normal dose. Usually a doss is a .1 or .2 capsule. want people to think and act rationally while on Molly? really? How about you just don't take it?
Its ridiculous for you to claim this is not dangerous . To say to take there is a proper way to take it is being very ignorant . She someone buys Molly , its different groups of manmade chemical concoctions and NOONE really knows 100% WHAT they are going to get , unless they are chemists . And if you knew what your talking about don't you think , size , weight , physical limitations , mental and emotional states would play a part . Sir I don't think you are actually qualified to be spreading these false statements .
nice words
@ max how about not taking the awful drug at all .. Instead of promoting it maybe you should think about getting some serious help ......
How long did it take him to recover back to normal?
Sorry about your son but it sounds like he took some fake stuff & you shouldnt drink when taking mdma. Get a drug testing kit and make sure its real stuff ( real molly doesnt come in compressed pills, that is ecstacy which can be mixed with anything) Sip on a couple bottles of water while rolling. Research a good dosage ( .1 and another .1 90 minutes later) never redose more than once in a night and dont take it more than once every 2-3 months and you"ll be fine. The experience can be extremely amazing. Make sure your with good friends. Education & Moderation is key. Be safe and usually good to have at least one or two sober people around.
How about just not take it at all. :)
I feel sorry for you americans with your stuff thats cut to insane extends. Here in holland basically all you'll find is clean pressed pills with monster amounts of mdma and nothing else for very little. If all you're taking is actual mdma and you're not doing anything overly stupid there's not a lot that can go wrong.
Bingo Hank! Not all Americans are irresponsible kids. I'm sorry to all the parents on here that have had all these unfortunate, bad experiences. It sounds like your kids were irresponsibly taking this and either MIXING it with other things, weren't familiar with WHAT they were taking, were partying with other irresponsible people, or MOST IMPORTANTLY just didn't know the do's and don'ts. Alcohol is just as dangerous if used irresponsibly, DRIVING is just as dangerous if done irresponsibly!! I don't use MDMA/X/whatever you want to call it, anymore, but I did my fair share of it throughout my twenties. Yes, here in America it is ALWAYS cut with something, the question is WHAT. You don't just pop several pills until you know what you're getting, what it's cut with. Is it speedy? Is it a downer? You're NOT supposed to drink alcohol with the stuff, this is where the do's and don'ts come in and where people get seriously hurt. Alcohol eats the MDMA and lessens the effects, so the ignorant who are drinking, will take the initial pill or two and then end up popping a bunch more within a short time later because they aren't "feeling" anything and continue drinking alcohol, dehydrating themselves. They may be drinking water, but not enough to counteract the amount of alcohol they're consuming. Also forgetting whatever drug the ecstasy was cut with. And that's just one scenario of stupidity. I apologize if I sound insensitive to the people who are going through or have had tragedies caused from foolishness. Speaking as someone who HAS experienced this drug so many times, like Hank from Holland said and I believe this completely, if we were to put PURE MDMA in the drinking water of every country in the world, I promise to all who read this there would be no wars, no hate, no killing, we would truly have WORLD PEACE. You feel no anger, just an open heart.
I'm sorry, But what addict or person with an addictive personality, do you think is going to do a DRUG, IN MODERATION??? Hello. It's an addictive substance... Most people can't/ don't have the knowledge of how to take it or when to and how much. If they knew anything about it they shouldn't be stupid enough to take it in the first place. This is coming from an ex addict. NO ONE should experience it. yes it can be euphoric . That's exactly what keeps you doing more and more, again and again. Sure in the moment you feel open hearted. In the long run a lot of people have long term issues to deal with. Such as personality disorders, chemical imbalances that cause depression or severe anxiety. I personally have holes in my digestive system from burns caused on the inside from taking drugs. I have nerve damage in my body and my skin. I had chemical burns ALL OVER MY FACE from doing MDMA that was cut with God knows what. But it definitely caused scare tissue and nerve damage . It depends on what's in it, and who's taking it. Some people can handle things better than others. Some people can't at all. Sometimes it doesn't even matter on gender/weight/ age. It's not normal to feel the need to do drugs.
My daughter tried it a her first rave concert . It was the most scary experience her or I were through . She had to be carried out of the crowd by someone because she went into a seizure . When i had to pick her up from the security office at the concert , they were just about to call 911 . She was sweating profusely, her heart rate was completely out of wack . Her eyes were in a blank stare . Teens don't realize how dangerous this can be . Even the first time they experiment with it . Its becoming way to common . And despite what they try and say , it doesn't make you all peaceful , content , and awake , it also causes very bad aggressive mood swings . From happy , to sad , to angry and violent , to a downward spiral of depression . NOT WORTH IT . just another chemical they are ingesting not realizing how harmful it is
Sorry for what happened to your son. You're a mom so you must have been petrified in the hospital but think about it this way. He probably took too much, danced, walked, did a lot of activity, and didn't stay hydrated. The fact that they only gave him Ativan and an IV shows that he wasn't in grave danger. Oh and one more thing, your son drank alcohol which by itself is dehydrating now add in MDMA which speeds up the body and you will be extra dehydrated. I'm really not pro-drugs however I concede that the war on drugs is a failure. Actually if you look at alcohol prohibition alcohol consumption actually went up and the supply was met by the black market criminals which made things even worse. It's like a triple whammy. I think we need to know the truth about these drugs that are never going away and instead of jail offer detox or regulate the sale of drugs and use the tax proceeds to fund education and rehabs not jails!
If he was up for so long it was meth and not MDMA. MDMA does not last days.
its cause alcohol dehydrates you and molly REALLY dehydrates you. he wasn't smart about. that's not the drugs fault. but I hope your son is okay.
Absolutely. 100% agree. Currently dealing with it with my son... heartbreaking for a mother. it’s killing me to see
each and every drug has a starting point in nature and so does mdma uses sasafras root in combination with mda of which I do not know the origin but I am quite sure there is one
U go girl estasy is a hobble drug knownim sayin
You guys should teach your kids harm reduction, how to make sure the drugs they are taking are infact the drugs they intended to take. Methamphetamine and MDMA are nothing alike when you tell kids "drugs are bad, drugs will kill you" those are the missinformed missunderstood kids who overdoe or get into trouble and are afraid to ask for help.
Im 19 and went to amsterdam with my friends a while back. I hadnt really taken it before but every night i took about two pills. I would be sweating over the top and now at night i constantly sweat like ive never done before and it started wh3n i came back.
I took one pill for a strip club, I got so frostuated I couldn't even flirt with dancers, did not enjoyed my lapdance, and gave up my money unconditionally, MDMA is the worst. I felt so terrified of my own consciousness I couldn't experience anything good.

I do think Madonna was talking about the drug MDMA, and she is trying to cover it up. I would say that it is a well know fact that alot of famous people(not all) do use drugs because they are so readily available to them. So I would say since she was at a dance club, and give the name of her latest album, she was talking about MDMA.

mdma hase bin around for years just got big i did mdma in the 80's nuthing new just like any thing ell's bin out for years just music makes it bigger
i dont known wat to do because my freinds at school is taking this pill and they want me to takein with them but i look it up and i am scared i dont know what to do should i taken it.????????:(:(help!!!!!!!!