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Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real

The NIDA Blog Team

On this blog, we often get comments from people claiming that marijuana isn’t addictive. A lot of people seem to think marijuana is different from other drugs. Unfortunately, it’s not the case: Just like with other drugs (including alcohol and nicotine), you can get addicted to marijuana—especially if you use it during your teen years.

Dependence vs. Addiction

Drug "dependence" means needing a drug to feel physically okay. If a person is dependent on a drug, having enough of a supply is always important to them. However, being dependent doesn’t necessarily mean they’re addicted. For example, many people can be dependent on a medication prescribed by their doctor without being addicted to it.

The difference is that people who are addicted start to think about the drug all the time and make it a larger priority than other things in their life. They often make bad decisions that work against their health and their overall well-being. In the case of a medication, they may start to abuse it (use it differently than how the doctor prescribed): taking more of it, or crushing it and injecting it. Or in the case of a drug like marijuana, they'll be unable to stop using it even though it's causing problems with school, a job, or relationships. People with an addiction are often unable to see—or admit—that this is happening.

That Bad Feeling …

… is called withdrawal. A person with drug dependence will experience withdrawal if they completely stop using the drug all at once. Withdrawal is what leads a lot of people who are addicted to a drug to relapse—meaning, they've tried to quit, but they start taking the drug again.

A new study in the Journal of Addiction Medicine shows that teens who use marijuana heavily can experience withdrawal when they stop using it. In a study of teens receiving drug abuse treatment at an outpatient clinic, nearly half of them (40 percent) experienced symptoms of withdrawal when they stopped using marijuana.

Not Just a Crummy Day

From portrayals in movies and on TV of people addicted to heroin, people have an image of drug withdrawal as sweating, shaking, and being curled up in bed with unbearable pain. Marijuana withdrawal is a lot more subtle, but every bit as real.

The main mental symptoms of marijuana withdrawal include:

  • Being irritable
  • Feeling anxious or worried
  • Feeling depressed
  • Being restless
  • Having trouble sleeping at night and feeling tired during the day
  • Having low appetite or losing weight

Some people having marijuana withdrawal might not realize it. Some of the symptoms just contribute to being in a lousy mood, and it’s often easy to blame that feeling on other people annoying you or just having a bad day. You can also have physical symptoms like:

  • Stomach pain
  • Sweatiness
  • Shakiness
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache

More Use = More Problems

The longer a person uses marijuana, the more likely they are to have withdrawal symptoms when they aren’t using it. In the Journal of Addiction Medicine study, teens who had marijuana withdrawal symptoms were more likely than other marijuana users to have problems like difficulties at school or at work or trouble with relationships or money. They were also more likely to have other signs of marijuana dependence and mood disorders like depression.

And teen users who suffer marijuana withdrawal are more likely to experience marijuana addiction than adults. One in six teens who try marijuana will get addicted to it, and that goes up to as many as one-half of teens who use it every day. 

If you’re worried you may have a problem with marijuana or any other drug, this page may help answer your questions and let you know what to do to get help.

Tell us in the comments: Do you know any regular marijuana users who stop using marijuana and experience the withdrawal symptoms described in this post?

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for sure it is real ... i smoked for over 20 years every day ... every time i quit i can't sleep well, feel tired, vivid dreams /nightmares and certainly cravings.
Yes....Insomnia is most common withdrawal symptoms. Most of the people relapse again due to insomnia and cravings.
Thank you for posting this info. People who helped raise me (parents, teachers, DARE officers, etc) had NO IDEA how to explain these things (though it was nice to have a personal relationship with an officer from my town). They simply had not taken the time to understand it for themselves. This article hits the nail on the head without any misinformation or excessive fear-mongering. I feel better knowing this is on a government website, especially directed at teens who need to hear this. The sad thing is that they will only find and absorb it if they're genuinely open to it, which many are not. As long as the information is out there it has the opportunity to work its way into the crevices of society it drastically needs to reach, which is looking on the bright side. Optimal age to hold off smoking until is 21, but college kinda corrupts that, so 18 is a good reference point. They're *almost* at the right point in cognitive development; perhaps just a bit too soon for some.
If Mr. Obama had to quit weed right out of high school there's no reason you along with myself shouldn't as well.
I'm 28 and I've been smoking pretty strong pot for around 9 months every day and quit a week ago today. I don't find myself craving pot, but the withdrawal symptoms are no joke. I've quit before and experienced very little symptoms, but this time is definitely different. I am irritable, my anxiety is very high, my hands and feet sweat like crazy, sleep is very difficult (one week in and I got four hours of sleep last night- thankful it's the weekend), night sweats, lack of appetite, and nausea. At this point, my appetite is (for the most part) back and I'm no longer nauseous. I think the hardest part for me has been the insomnia. The lack of appetite has helped me shed the extra weight for all of those nights of the munchies, so I have no complaints about that. Even with the lack of sleep, I can tell a difference in my energy. While I was smoking pot, I would come home from work and have zero energy to do anything. My house has been a wreck the majority of the time and I have always been a clean freak. I'm so excited to get back to having energy again! I don't regret smoking pot because I've had some wonderful, fun nights with my fiancé of laughter, deep conversations, food tasting better than ever, and the best sleep ever.. but it's time to move on and become productive again. If you want to quit, do it. The first 3-4 days were the worst for me; now my symptoms are just annoying. Just keep telling yourself these symptoms are only temporary!!
Anxiety is very much difficult to overcome.
I smoked pot for 40 years and quit cold turkey with the help of God. It effected my health in many ways. I have lost some teeth because of it and I had no motivation smoking it. I use to be in denial and always stuck up for the pot but I know now that it is not good for you. It is an addiction and I truly hope that you will find a way to quit. The value of life being straight is so much better than being high all the time. It feels good to be normal again. You can do it. Pray and hang in there. I wish the best for all of you. Take care!
I'm on week 2 no weed. I quit cold turkey. I'm extremely moody, irritable, and emotional. I'll go from being extremely friendly and generous, to a sarcastic clown, to gloomy, to rage, then on the verge of tears, all within the same day. I need to exercise myself to exhaustion every day in order to sleep at night and to regulate my mood swings. I'm a boxer and martial artist. I highly recommend all you ex-drug addicts to punch a bag as hard as you can. It's kind of working for me. But I'm feeling insane as hell right now. I've deactivated my facebook account because I've been posting too much anti-Trump propaganda. It's out of control. Ok, good luck everyone! Hit a bag ( the heavy bag - not the green one lol ).
HI. I have been smoking since I was about 16 yrs old I'm not 28 and have had saver stomach issues and way worse since I have had my daughter 3 yrs ago. I have lost lathe amounts of weight. I wake up almost every single morning in pain on some sort. End up very ill amd in the bathroom for the good part of every morning iv always found warm baths gave helped. Iv recently been thinking and have also been told ita the weed causing it. And to me I always been saying I smoke it for an apitie some days. Sometimes for sleep and for pain. Also cause I like it. I'm wondering it the one thing I have been using to make me feel better is actually the one thing that's making me sick? Please anyone else have this. Also I'm in college and if it is the weed I'll need to quit . I'm terrified I'll go threw bad withdraws and fail horribly. Iv also always had depression issues and I find the weed helps me just cope I geuss you coukd say with everyday life. Is there anything I can do to help withdraws? Please everyone help me. I want to succeed so badly and don't want weed to be what brings me down

We're sorry to hear about your struggles and appreciate you reaching out to us. As a federal scientific research agency, we are unable to provide medical advice. It is important to listen to what your body is telling you, and seek medical help. If you feel you are in crisis, please have someone drive you to the emergency room or call 911. To find treatment in your area, please call 1-800-662-4357 (toll-free) or visit this website and enter your location: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. This free service is available 24/7/365.

Marijuana is addictive? I guess they changed the definition of addiction from when I first learned it 25 years ago.
This a government website, which means it is now controlled by Donald Trump and his gang. Keep this in mind.
I need to any tablets, capsule or syrup for quieting Marijuana (Ganja), please help me. I want to save My boy friend 's life. I am very very exciting after know that.

Hi there, we are unable to provide medical advice, but please contact a doctor if you have concerns. In the U.S., you can use this free treatment locator to find drug addiction treatment near you: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/

Iv been smoking 4 about 20 years. Have stopped 4 periods longest being 6 months. Now im on week 2 and getting cold turkey only now. After 2 weeks? Can that be? Its worse than ever... I was sleepy fisrt few days but fine afterwards. Now im struggling.
One of my neighbors are a crazy married couple and fight almost every single day. The wife is usually the one who starts it. The other day, I saw the husband just get home from work. The second he steps into his house, his wife picks a fight on him. Some time during the day I will hear the wife coughing as if smoking weed, not to mention my room will start to smell like weed as well. I believe she is going through withdrawals that put her in an extremely uptight mood. And reading this article helped my theory make more sense. I'm tired of hearing them argue and having my room smell like weed 24/7...
I'm 33 and kid u not I've been off the green for 1 month after smoking it very heavily for 20 years. I've been a grower and part of a big circle and the last few years smoking on average 1.5oz a week just myself. I still feel like I'm dying off. So unlike me I ended up in hospital after 10 days and didn't even believe the doctors when they said it was all an anxiety attack caused by cannabis withdrawal. As far as I was concerned I was ok in my head but anxiety can actually be all physical. I'm talking majorly bad I've been pale as a ghost with my breathing all messed up, pains in my chest and my eyesight going all blurry. I still have bad pains in my stomach and really bad acid reflux which I've never had before. And last week I spent 5 days solid in bed with ridiculous fatigue. I've had a few friends who've quit and a couple of them ended up in hospital after a week or two as well with genuine physical ailments like developing pleurasy and enlarged bleeding spleen. Believe me if ur a genuine heavy user of the best stuff for long enough and you quit it will not be easy within 2 weeks it will hit you hard. The guy who quits for trips away....He isn't properly addicted that wouldn't have been an option for me
I smiled daily since I was 15 years old and I had to stop smoking on numerous occassions. Every time I stopped I had physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal like sweating, anxiety, irritability, fits of rage, shaking, etc. I was fine during the day at work but at night when I was used to toking I would start feeling extremely uneasy and uncomfortable. Never addicted to any other drug but marijuana dug its claws deep in me. It's nothing that a strong minded person can't get trough I would believe but it was terribly uncomfortable especially when you have anxiety and other minor mental health issues even when you are smoking. Everyone is different for sure but for me it was painful, physically.
I will say this, rigorous exercise helped me immensely otherwise I probably would have checked myself into a hospital.
Third day of quitting cold turkey. I have smoked for 5 years straight on and off. I have been a daily smoker for the past 3 years (not much just a 20 sack a week). I can't say that Mary Jane has ruined my life but it hasn't definitely put me in a position where I realiszed that there is more to life then just smoking everyday. I would think about pot everyday and would smoke it every night to relax. I recently got married and need a change in my life. Welll here it is... I have strong feelings of anxiety, panic, deppresion and anger. My mind just does not turn off. Keep these posts coming, because they keep me sane and looking forward to a clean life.
I suffered a panic attack 3 weeks ago. Having smoked weed for the last 7 years I decided to stop altogether. I must admit I have not been great since quitting, I am suffering emotionally and have lost a lot of weight, my sleeping is very bad sometimes I may only get 3 hours a night. I feel lonely and really down but I know if I continue to tell myself it's not permanent then soon it will fade. It's been rally tough for me but there is no way I am going back to smoking it again.
i came to this site to get some insight and it looks like i was correct. i have been smoking pot for over forty years and i have stopped for a short time do to financial problems caused by disability from work. my stomach has been feeling bad for 5 days now and i have a problem even thinking about eating food. i have forced myself to drink juice and eat very little portions. my feet swelled up but that was due to high bp. i am usually a very up beat person so i don't get too depressed and nothing else seems to be bothering me right now. i hope this will help anyone else with any questions about long term usage.
I was a daily smoker for from the time I was 14 until I was 30. I quit in 1992 and don't remember having withdrawals but that was awhile back. I met a wonderful woman, married and raised a family. I had a very successful business and things were good. We lost everything when the housing market collapsed in 2007 but I didn't go back to weed. I worked hard to get back on my feet and things began to turn around. Weed was legalized in WA and one day I walked into a pot shop and bought some thinking it would be fun. I got hooked again. It has particularly harmed my business. I have a 12 year old son and it would break his heart if he knew his dad was a daily smoker. I have quit now cold turkey for 5 days. I have zero motivation to do anything and have been experiencing anxiety and depression but I believe that if I can stay clean my life can be good again. For me, taking one toke was too many. It was like a crouching tiger waiting at the door. It is one day at a time for now. I will start lifting weights and running again tday. I think getting some natural endorphins flowing will be good. I am thankful to have found this website!
The community tends to get rather defensive about the negatives because they are often exaggerated in the mainstream media, but they definitely exist. I smoked pretty much every day for 4 years and quitting was no picnic. The withdrawals are indeed mild in comparison to other hardcore drugs, but it doesnt mean they dont exist. I had a fairly rough time quitting. Finally I just decided to throw all of my pipes/binds/meds away completely because if I held onto them, I was just going to do it again. I would like to make it clear that I am speaking for myself only and not other users, but I can say with confidence that quitting was not an easy task.
Yes, it is proven that marijuana withdrawals are real.
Smoked for 30+ years for the last 10 ive smoked verly small amounts 2 or 3 times daily. I have a pre existing anxiety disorder and it helped me a long time. Now in order to get help with a pain problem and to continue to get my A.D.D. meds I have to stop. So ive cut down and am going two or three days without at a time. I'm now having severe panic attacks and any Dr I see doesn't want to help because I still have thc in my system. I am from Ky where its still illegal in every way. not sure what to do because I'm scared to quit because the panic attacks but yet I cant get help with the panic attacks until I quit.
Hi I am Vishnu I was smoking weed since 2013 and today it is march 20 2017. Few days back around 2 weeks to be exact I quit smoking weed. In between 2013 to 2017 I used to smoke around 3-4 joints a day and 10 to 20 bongs a week. I was heavily addicted to this drug which took 4 years of my life. Though i don't feel bad about this because I became more mentally strong person and kept my self in the world where I found about things which drive this world logically. This included a lot of research work. Then one fine day a thought pop up in my mind about leaving marijuana form my life. And at that point I quit smoking weed and today it's been 2weeks I really didn't felt any side effects or any kind of withdrawal symptoms instead I felt good my body felt lighter no more eye pain no headace, skin quality improved, diet improved and getting proper sleep in night. So it is all about your mind. If one can operate his/her feelings nothing can stop you in doing that thing. I love to get my life back. So guys be strong stay on your decision no one can stop you.
Wasn't gonna share my story but since so many of you had relatable withdrawal symptoms I will share mine. I smoked all throughout highschool and college and at first it was an exciting hobby that was new and different from anything I have ever experienced. Well years passed and eventually that feeling faded and smoking pot became more of a necessity at all hours of the day. I realized I needed a change when weed became my priority. As I type this I am on my fourth day sober and have been up a full 24 hours on two separate occasions. I also have been sweating quite a bit with a little increase in the anger I have. I do not worry about going back to smoking weed as being sober offers its own unique challenges and benefits. Thanks to everyone who reads.
Thanks to all the potheads on here giving legitimate advice and encouragement. I'm 26, and I've been a heavy pot user for 12 years (all day, every day). I'm day 4 into my sobriety, and my symptoms aren't nearly as bad as some of you have described (and to those of you, I'm sorry and good luck). I'm so irritable and pissed off it's almost comical, and, yes, I'm having trouble sleeping and eating. I just want my clarity back. I'm worried about these delayed side effects that some users have described, like how the first few days aren't all that bad and then... Oh well, I'm absolutely determined to quit. After having abused this substance for so long, I don't expect it to be easy. I'm really encouraged by all these posts. I'm really glad this site exists to keep me moving forward. Good luck to all of you. You can do it!
Try giving up sugar, caffeine, alcohol or anything really and your body will go into withdraws. Habitual pot smoker for 25 years and gave it up for 18 months but last year my buddy Bart the cat died and I was in a dark place and started again. Two weeks ago decided it was time to give up again, apart from crazy dreams (that do pass) its a non issue. Good luck if you decide to quit and I will certainly not judge those that lapse...
I've smoked off and on ever since my teen years and I'm very successful my job and life. If you can't do nothing but sit there and smoke all day your we're lazy to begin with.
I have only been smoking for around 2 months and I have had to stop because of trouble with the law. I haven't smoked for 3 days and so far it is very visible what the withdrawal affects are. My first day not smoking I felt like every time I ate something I needed to throw up and at night I couldn't focus on sleep at all and it was like I was having a war in my head. The next day I still couldn't eat and ended up staying up even later than the first night. Today is my 3rd day without smoking and eating is still hard but I don't feel as anxious and depressed as I was the first two days. I didn't even know weed withdrawl was a thing and I thought these symptoms were because I was getting a fever (which could be true aswell I've been getting super sweaty super fast) but in actuality it's because of the weed. The first night I was really contemplating trying a different drug or turning to alcohol. Weed is a gateway drug and anyone who says it's not is delusional to them selves and I highly recommend not getting into the habit of smoking everyday. I used to smoke in moderation and never got the crave to smoke it the next day but once I started to smoke like 3-5 days in a row you start to develop a crave. I'm not saying weed is bad for you but the best way to make this not happen to you is by being smart. I love smoking weed and I think I will do it another day but you only have one life and if you decide to smoke everyday of your life you will never find true happiness and it will be a big waste of life.
I used to be that person who thought the govt made too big a deal about weed etc. I have smoked every night since 2010. Today is my 6th day sober after quitting cold turkey. I didn't realize I had withdrawal until today. My son had the flu so I assumed I got the flu from him. However Dr said I tested negative for the flu, maybe I did or didn't who knows. Regardless, now that the fever is gone, I'm still miserable. I've had crazy diarrhea, the worst headaches, nausea, muscle pains, irritability, chills, the night sweats are so gross, lack of appetite. I expected irritability and insomnia, but had I known It's be this bad. They say it's harder to detox from the THC b.c it's stored in your fat cells, so with my being overweight seems to explain some if the more prominent physical withdrawal symptoms.
Hi all, been smoking from aged 16 every day, am now 47 - whoooo life seems a smoke hazed dream. Not proud, nor ashamed, but do regret letting it take over. From 18 I went to prison for trying to withdraw money with a shotgun - not recommended- I went through jail smoking and training, got out aged 25 and enjoyed a joint, kept smoking with all the usual liberal thoughts, got a job, went back to school and wised up. I am now a decent member of society, have a high stress job supervising workforce of 20 road workers and all with a lung full of weed every day for 31 years. I never smoked while working, but have always wondered were I could have ended up with out weed, it does hold back, make you lazy, makes you withdrawn from people, can't be annoyed, but now getting clean, very tired, irritable a lot, confused at times, but hey what do I expect for 31 years of abuse every day. Just wanted to show that if I can deal with quitting - anyone can. Far from easy but doable. God doesn't help, you have to do this on your own, make you mind up and suffer. Good luck to all, will be worth it stay strong!!
Did you manage it Paul ?
Regardless of what people tell you there are SERIOUS withdrawls from marijuana. For example when you smoke it increases your senses sight smell taste emotion. STopping marijuana after something like that made me feel insane. I felt like a ZOMBIE. when people say they can stop for days and feel fine and only have minor withdrawls that's because it stays in your system for months. I did not mentally recover for about 3 months and that was RUNNING and drinking plenty of water every day for 2 of those months. NEVER TOUCHING DRUGS AGAIN.

Thanks for sharing your honest experiences with marijuana. A lot of people are afraid to share their negative experiences because it is supposed to be “cool” to smoke marijuana. It takes courage to talk about it, but it can help others who are confused about marijuana. Research tells us that some people do have bad reactions, and some people do get addicted, which can make it very difficult to quit.

I can relate to this!!!!!! Currently going through this phase! Want it to be over with I feel my mind wandering off a lot and can't seem to get my point across. And definitely do not feel mentally present. So zombie like will be the right way to phrase it.
I started smoking pot when I was 16, my brother and his friends got me started. I had an alcoholic father and grandfather. So dependency ran in my family genes I guess. I smoked a lot in college and continued to smoke every day for 30 years. I always got the same symptoms every time I ran out. Mean, Irritable, anxious, etc. I destroyed my first marriage because of it I believe now. My wife was not much of a smoker but put up with me. I didn't stop, but moved on to another relationship and never told my girlfriend, hiding it for 20 months. At the beginning I didn't want it as much, but later the same things happened and I broke up that relationship too. It nearly killed me with heartbreak and I stopped. I was depressed for months, no relationship, no pot but I endured and eventually met a wonderful woman. We got along great at the beginning, but like a fool I started smoking again, and hiding it. I had the same withdraw symptoms again when I ran out. Fast forward, after 5 years she got sick of my mood swings and my relationship was nearly over. I finally quit for the last time, 30 days clean and I had the same serious withdraw symptoms, including lack of sleep bad. My mind never turned off and I had a talk with my wife about my history. I am done finally because I feel so much better. I working on getting my marriage and life back. I was very successful in my job and in athletics (runner, triathlete, bike racer) so somehow I balanced everything except my relationships. Now I am focusing on staying on the right track. Almost 45 years, with only a few years break, is a lot of pot. I did not smoke much, but I did it a lot alone, and often, that's a major red flag. Hiding it is also bad. I believe in the right setting, it can be used like having a drink, but I was a dependent addict. Those who smoke in the right setting for a party or once in a while, like an glass of wine or a beer out with friends, it's OK. For me It nearly ruined every relationship I ever had. I won't go back. I feel better than I have ever have now. I finally accepted I was addicted and that's the first step to recovery.

Thanks for sharing your honest experiences with marijuana. A lot of people are afraid to share their negative experiences because it is supposed to be “cool” to smoke marijuana. It takes courage to talk about it, but it can help others who are confused about marijuana. Research tells us that some people do have bad reactions, and some people do get addicted, which can make it very difficult to quit.

took me 3 month to start sleeping after i quick cold turky, tough but very doable
Hey! Im 15 and stoped using weed. And now i have pain thru the whole body and it feels like im about to die. Am i going to die or am i thinking too much

We thank you very much for sharing your story. Hang in there. For most people, these feeling pass. You might consider consulting a doctor for help getting you through this difficult time. Most doctors are happy to help you try to quit using drugs, because they know it is better for your health. It takes a lot of courage to go through this withdrawal---we applaud you!

I was a heavy daily smoker for 3 years. I quit last January because I was put in the hospital twice due to constant vommiting. Throughout that year I smoked every so often because my bf & friends would all do it around me. But at the beginning of this year I started back smoking daily & heavy & it started making me sick again so I am day two clean & it is hard. Last night was just miserable. I have no appetite so I haven't been able to eat since yesterday around lunch. Every time I try to eat I feel like I'm going to vomit. Surprising I did not have trouble sleeping but I'm sure it's coming since I have sleeping problems. I loved the way I felt when I wasn't using last year & I wish I would have never started again. But I know if I just push through this & it will be so worth it once all of this passes. I love to smoke but for me I became to dependent on it & if I don't have it I get in a bad mood & that is not the way I want to live life everyday. I am determined to not smoke again because i have no motivation to do anything.

We wish you well and congratulate you for your courage in trying to get healthier. Keep your eye on your goals. You might consider consulting a doctor for help getting you through this difficult time. If you are comfortable telling your story, it could help others understand that marijuana can be addictive.

The first time I had tired marijuana I was 16. By the time I was 17, I had started to use more and more. By the time I was 19, I would smoke everyday. I am now 26, and am quitting for good. Every other time I had quit, I told myself I just was taking a break, or "we'll see what happens." However this time I can finally admit to myself and my wife I have a problem, and I want to change and to begin to fight against my addiction to weed. I am on day 6 of no weed, and boy has it been a journey. The first 5 days were peer hell, and just today I am starting to feel better. I was able to go to work everyday and still keep up with the bare essentials of my life, however that is not to say the withdrawals were not real, and were not difficult for me. I experienced all the symptoms. The strongest though were insomnia, no appitiate, and anxiety. I had a long talk with my wife last night after having woke her up because I couldnt sleep. I decided to ask her, and then actually listen, how my marijuana use has affected her throughout our marriage. Hearing the stories from her perspective, of events that I had viewed as just fine because I was stoned through them, really broke me, and has become fuel I will use to make sure I never go back. I am not ignorent to what addiction to harder drugs looks like, as well as what withdrawal from them look like. I have a brother who died of herion overdose a number of years ago, and one still with us who is addicted to meth, heroin, you name it. While marijuana addiction and withdrawals once you quit looks different than that of harder drugs, it is not to say that it is not real. It is very real, and I am so encourged to read the comments of others on here, to know I am not alone and I am not making this up in my head. As far as my political beliefs concerning weed and the legality of it, I do think it is more harmful to keep marijuana a schedule 1 drug and ruin lives forver with jail and criminal history, than the use of it or the withdrawlas from it. Like with other addictions, I primarily think it is a public health issue.
Going on a week for me. I have experienced loss of appetite, insomnia, irritability and having cold chills. Started at 14 now I'm 34. So much wasted time and money. Was smoking a quad a week and now none. I have given it to god in hopes he will aid me along the way in this tough time.
It seems some people are affected more than others which is the case with most drugs even alcohol. I know people who smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day and they dont need more, i know people that can have a joint once a month and its enough. The people with addictive personalities are the ones that need to beware of smoking marajuana. I know somebody who has been smoking marajuana for 40 years daily. After one day of not smoking she goes mental. Me personally i have an addictive personality so when i quit smoking after 4-5 years regularly i didnt sleep for 5 days and lost alot of weight. Had halucinations and anxiety and depression. This is the worst that can happen so i decided that a person like me cannot smoke marajuana at all because i enjoy it too much and end up smoking daily and eventually find it impossible to quit without severe withdrawrals. So on conclusion you need to decide which category you fit into. The addictive personality or the ocassional personality.
So True, Reading this has definitely helped me realise how lucky i am, or perhaps I was where some of you have been in the past and thank god i'm making the decision to stop before I too start experiencing those horrible withdrawal symptoms. Good luck guys and remember! You never catch the magic dragon so stop chasing :)
Very Interesting. Keep it up. Never Give up, Never Give in, and Never go back! I Started at 16 and now 26 with 2 years off for my A-levels, then started again at uni and smoked on and off since uni up to now. Today is my 4th day sober, and though my intake increased over time, the most i smoked was around 3 joints a day. In the early days i only smoked weekends, after uni i smoked around an 8th a week, usually mixed with tobacco. Have tried to quit in the past and this is like my 6th time but it feels different.. because this time I don't want to ever go back! Never give in, never give up and never go back. I can tell from reading your posts that everyone is different. I have experienced little to no symptoms of withdrawal and feel quite lucky. No problems sleeping, no problems eating, i exercise regularly because i've always been skinny and wanna bulk up. Exercise has helped a lot and i feel so lucky. I do get cravings and always tell myself NO! Train yourself to recognize bad thoughts because we all have them. My memory isn't great and the high isn't what it used to be (you never catch that magic dragon - southpark reference lol) but its true. I Know this quit will be permanent because i commit to a smoke free life. Obviously saving me money but i never spent that much on weed anyway (though it was starting to add up to around 8th's a week). I have had health problems in the past and a lung operation (before i started smoking) so i know smoking hasn't helped and probably contributed to my Increased Inter-Cranial Pressure (has to have surgery to correct this, and now have to live with a permanent VP shunt in my head). Smoking didn't cause this increased cerebral spinal fluid production though it probably didnt help. Anyway, life goes on and thank God i havent experienced any withdrawal symptoms (or perhaps i'm just unaware of them) though the dreams are much more vivid now (didnt know that weed makes you not dream). Anyway that's my story. Day 4 clean and I am never chasing after that magic dragon again. It's pointless. By the way, guys, weed also affects sperm production and can lead to fertility issues. Remember: Never give in, Never give up and Never go back . Exercise, live long and prosper and leave Smaug the magic dragon alone with all his gold (weed) :/ Hope this helps. Good luck ya'll and thanks for listening


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