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Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real

The NIDA Blog Team

On this blog, we often get comments from people claiming that marijuana isn’t addictive. A lot of people seem to think marijuana is different from other drugs. Unfortunately, it’s not the case: Just like with other drugs (including alcohol and nicotine), you can get addicted to marijuana—especially if you use it during your teen years.

Dependence vs. Addiction

Drug "dependence" means needing a drug to feel physically okay. If a person is dependent on a drug, having enough of a supply is always important to them. However, being dependent doesn’t necessarily mean they’re addicted. For example, many people can be dependent on a medication prescribed by their doctor without being addicted to it.

The difference is that people who are addicted start to think about the drug all the time and make it a larger priority than other things in their life. They often make bad decisions that work against their health and their overall well-being. In the case of a medication, they may start to abuse it (use it differently than how the doctor prescribed): taking more of it, or crushing it and injecting it. Or in the case of a drug like marijuana, they'll be unable to stop using it even though it's causing problems with school, a job, or relationships. People with an addiction are often unable to see—or admit—that this is happening.

That Bad Feeling …

… is called withdrawal. A person with drug dependence will experience withdrawal if they completely stop using the drug all at once. Withdrawal is what leads a lot of people who are addicted to a drug to relapse—meaning, they've tried to quit, but they start taking the drug again.

A new study in the Journal of Addiction Medicine shows that teens who use marijuana heavily can experience withdrawal when they stop using it. In a study of teens receiving drug abuse treatment at an outpatient clinic, nearly half of them (40 percent) experienced symptoms of withdrawal when they stopped using marijuana.

Not Just a Crummy Day

From portrayals in movies and on TV of people addicted to heroin, people have an image of drug withdrawal as sweating, shaking, and being curled up in bed with unbearable pain. Marijuana withdrawal is a lot more subtle, but every bit as real.

The main mental symptoms of marijuana withdrawal include:

  • Being irritable
  • Feeling anxious or worried
  • Feeling depressed
  • Being restless
  • Having trouble sleeping at night and feeling tired during the day
  • Having low appetite or losing weight

Some people having marijuana withdrawal might not realize it. Some of the symptoms just contribute to being in a lousy mood, and it’s often easy to blame that feeling on other people annoying you or just having a bad day. You can also have physical symptoms like:

  • Stomach pain
  • Sweatiness
  • Shakiness
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache

More Use = More Problems

The longer a person uses marijuana, the more likely they are to have withdrawal symptoms when they aren’t using it. In the Journal of Addiction Medicine study, teens who had marijuana withdrawal symptoms were more likely than other marijuana users to have problems like difficulties at school or at work or trouble with relationships or money. They were also more likely to have other signs of marijuana dependence and mood disorders like depression.

And teen users who suffer marijuana withdrawal are more likely to experience marijuana addiction than adults. One in six teens who try marijuana will get addicted to it, and that goes up to as many as one-half of teens who use it every day. 

If you’re worried you may have a problem with marijuana or any other drug, this page may help answer your questions and let you know what to do to get help.

Tell us in the comments: Do you know any regular marijuana users who stop using marijuana and experience the withdrawal symptoms described in this post?

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Feel depressed, can't sleep at night, feel tired during the day, have no appetite, just sucks overall and dont know what do to with my life lol.
I've been smoking marijuana everyday for the past 4 months. I got introuble with cops and have to face a drug test in 8 days. Two weeks ago I stopped weed , but gave up and smoked 2 blunts. I got detox pills. After taking them, I feel as if I have the flu. I puked so much. I'm getting so many hot flashes. My throat is sore and I just feel horrible. I haven't smoked since I detoxed. I don't know what to do. I feel so awful.
I have personally had it on and off throughout the years for about 18 years now. longest i've gone without was 2 years. i must admit irritability and chills are the main ones i've experienced the rest of the symptoms i am and have been treated for for about 20 years. so i cannot comment on them for i do not feel them. but i can confirm with 100% certainty that these withdrawals are far better than my prescription drugs. if i stop taking what the doc gives me i'll be in the same boat as a those who do heroin and such. for the same thing that cannabis can treat. more exact the THC in cannabis can treat what i have.
I've been smoking every single day for over two years and just stopped cold turkey. Im not saying im having withdrawal but dependence is real. Im 20 years old, have fused vertebrate, beginning stages of spina bifida. Im in constant pain everyday and every year it gets even worse. In not too long I will have a rod and lose most of my mobility. As it is I cannot lean or look left with my neck. I used Marijuana as a pain reliever and a sleep aid and it's been the only eat to not be in pain for years now. I take no peracription meds do to a previous addiction and two friends overdose. It is not medically legal in my state so I can't just get perscription. Im in pain all the time from my back not smoking, I can't sleep, it's causing my girlfriend to have doubts cause she takes me being hurt and frustrated as not loving her because of the attitude I get. Stopping may be fine and dandy for you but for us that sent recreational smokers and do it for medical purposes it is extremely hard to stop. All the physical pain comes back and it keeps me from sleeping. Withdrawal may not be an issue but dependence is all too real. More than anything I want to know, how do I get better? How do I completely change my way of life? How is someone like me supposed to just cope with unbearable back and neck pain and just quit? P.S. I do not drink at all (can't Stand alcohol) and I've never had a problem dropping cigs and not smoking them. Don't ha e withdrawals from ciggaretes, been smoking them for about 7 years and quitting them was easy.

Hi Tommy, we're sorry to hear about your struggles and appreciate you reaching out to us. As a federal scientific research agency, we are unable to provide medical advice. It is important to listen to what your body is telling you, and seek medical help. If you feel you are in crisis, please have someone drive you to the emergency room or call 911. To find treatment in your area, please call 1-800-662-4357 (toll-free) or visit this website and enter your location: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ or 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

im smoking marijuana regularly.how to stop them?

Hi! You can find addiction treatment programs in your area using this tool: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ or by calling 1-800-662-4357.

It never ceases to amaze me how willfully ignorant those on the "Marijuana is not addictive" wagon are. To the point where they are willing to tell an addict to their face, on message boards, social media and otherwise that what they are experiencing is simply not legitimate. If you pay attention to whom is saying what, you'll notice a very obvious trend... The people who state they are addicted and are seeking help are the ones saying it most often. The ones who are saying "It isn't addictive, you bought into the lie" are generally either those that still smoke it or have been through other addictions that are perceived as 'worse' than Marijuana. It's as if someone being addicted to Marijuana offends them on some visceral level... I have been on both sides of this debate. I have been a heavy daily Marijuana smoker since I was 18. In the past I have quit with no issues and truly believed it was not addictive in the slightest..... However I am now in my early 30's and have realized my desire to completely quit Marijuana and it is only now that my addiction has presented itself. The withdrawal symptoms are as follows; Sweating Cold Chills/ Sweats Headache Nausea Insomnia Complete loss of appetite Body Aches/ Pains Anxiety Depression Irritability/ Mood swings and Clouded thoughts These are all very real and are not nullified by others' disbelief and judgmental statements about how it is "all in my head" or I've swallowed some kind of Big Pharma lie... Frankly, those whom are willing to smoke cannabis in the first place are hardly those that are at Big Pharma's beckon call in the first place. If you stumbled upon this page because you are like me and trying to find ways to cope with your withdrawal know this.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE. WHAT YOU ARE FEELING IS REAL AND LEGITIMATE. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY, YOU DESERVE THE HELP YOU WERE BRAVE ENOUGH TO REACH OUT FOR!
I get sick every day and I am beginning to wonder if it's related to the pot. I smoked pot for a year when I was in my twenties, then again for two years in my thirties. Then in my sixties I smoked for 2 years, quit for 4 and finally smoking again for 2 years. Each day I start off feeling unwell. Then most days that is followed with nausea. I have no appetite and over these past two years I have lost 32 pounds. Sometimes I get headaches but not that often maybe 2 or 3 a week. I have tons of tests and nothing accounts for the nausea. Medication doesn't stop it. Yet let me smoke and every problem is solved, or is it? I get an appetite, the nausea stops and I feel so much better. Anyone else go through this?
We have a friend (who has been a buddy of my husband since 1977) who just had a complete mental breakdown associated with going cold-turkey off of medicinal marijuana which he has been smoking for most of his life since his teen years. He literally flipped out, took his gun and was shooting it outside of his home, incoherent, and threatening suicide. He was texting and calling my husband with very scary messages that concerned us deeply. Fortunately the police intervened and HELPED by getting them the desperate help that they need and we have hope that our friend will get well. The point I am trying to make is that studies need to be done because it isn't as simple or easy as anybody wants to say it is. We are pro legalized marijuana but this incident is causing us to re-think the issue. This is my husbands best friend for over 40 years. He needs something to help with the physical issues he has to deal with and of course we all thought medicinal marijuana was the answer for him. It is a catch 22. They live on disability and his insurance would pay for all the drugs in the world but he had to go into a rehab clinic to get weaned off of those because they were detrimental to his health (post heart surgery, diabetes etc) and the marijuana gave him relief. However the cost doesn't work with their budget and when you are dependent upon any type of medicine that your body MUST have but you can't afford it and the necessities of life (such as food) what do you do? I hope this information is helpful; there are no easy answers however if you've never had to go cold turkey after smoking it all of your life you are fooling yourself if you think marijuana withdrawal posses no health threats. We just witnessed it this week!
Been smoking bud daily (typically an 1/8 a week) for 20 years or so, take a couple weeks off here and there while on trips out of town. First 3 days I have a short temper, but nothing major. After losing my job I quit for 6 months in case I needed to take a pee test for new jobs. Felt pretty good the entire time but was was not used to dreaming at night. I think a lot of ''withdrawal symptoms'' are just people getting back to being themselves. That is how life is without smoking for those people.
Thank you to everyone for posting, its so helpful for me to hear what others are going through, what a great forum. I'm 36 and I've been smoking on and off since I was 32 (never really liked it in high school or university - plus I was too busy floating my liver to ever bother to look for any green). Been smoking/vaping/eating edibles HEAVY (3-4 g/day) for 3 months straight as I am able to grow my own legally now and seem to have a natural green thumb. On day 4 now and this is by far the worst withdraw symptoms I've ever had... Day 1 - went to work, felt fine - but that night I got maybe 2 hours sleep, would feel tired AF then go lay down and be wide awake. Day 2 - physically/mentally exhausted, mild stomach upset/one episode of diarrhea, slept 7 hours but had night sweats. Day 3 - I went out and spent the day in nature, did some hiking just to keep my mind off of weed, but in the evening I went from chills to feverish like every half hour, and got 3.5 hours sleep, also drenched in night sweating again. No apatite since day 1, but I don't mind that since I need to drop a few pounds anyways, and even though the other symptoms are new the insomnia is still the worst part for me - although I had insomnia bad long before I ever found weed so I'm going to have to find a new way to get to sleep. I love weed, but it makes me lazy and dump and I'm starting a new job (RN) and need to be focused and clear headed for my patients. I also find I'm a way better friend to everyone around me, I care about what's going on in their life, I'll go out of my way to spend time with them and not ignore calls/texts to socialize. I saw myself become detached from the world around me as I grew closer to weed. And even though in many ways it kept its part of the bargain (made me not really give a F about my problems, and helped a lot with sleep) I want to be more present in my own life - if that makes any sense. I'm not sure this will last (hopefully at least until I get good at my new job), but I'm very proud of myself (and thankful to God) for giving me the strength to take back some control. Whether you succeed or fail, just be brutally honest to yourself about the toll its taking in your life (as well as any benefit) and what you need to do will become increasingly apparent. Best of luck everyone! <3
I stopped smoking weed about 10 days ago after about 6 years of daily use. I have experienced all of the withdrawal symptoms that have been mentioned including irritability, insomnia, night sweats, chills, hot flashes, anxiety, restlessness, lack of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. My insomnia and night sweats have improved somewhat. What I am most concerned about is the lack of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. I am a recovering anorexic and have relied on weed to boost my appetite. I have not once felt hungry in the last 6 years without smoking. Does anyone have any advice on how long the nausea and stomach cramping might last? I am terrified of losing weight. In the past I have been clinically emaciated and told that I would die of cardiac arrest. I don't want to fall back into the disorder but I also don't want to depend on smoking every day to maintain my recovery. I am very unsure of what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, a doctor would be able to give you advice on how to stay healthy while you go through withdrawals. If you don't have one already, you can use this search tool to find a treatment program near you: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/

I would like to say thank you for your comments. I am reading these because l am a mother that has just found out that my son has quit, day 3 . This has really helped me to understand and will give me some ways to help him. Thanks again.
Started at 12 & now 57, that's 45 years a daily smoker. Yes I knew the effects from times that I couldn't get on. This time due to work related issues I had to give up full stop. On my 4rd day without a smoke now, I did cut back prior to stopping which yes I feel help me stop completely, doesn't stop the bad effect's you feeling. I think it's like anything esle you need to want to stop it yourself mentally, & then you just put up the effects of not smoking pot, of course, I don't like the effects but I know they we pass in time. Positive thinking helps with the facts, no worries about drug driving or being tested at work. Eg- I could drive last night at 10.30pm & not worry about the law doing drug testing, "swob testing". Now belive me it felt good, & that feeling helps me to putting up with withdrawal effects. Don't get me wrong I do love the stone from pot, but times have changed & I have to stop. My misses had bowel cancer & still user's pot & I find it OK because It's me & my mind that wants to stop. As I said you need to want 100% to give it up, hard on body effects & mentally so be strong & ride it out. I find keeping busy also helps as your mind is on other things. To all quiting, all the best & ride it out.
All of you who are complaining about "marijuana withdrawals" are a bunch of wussies. If it is that big of a deal, don't quit "cold turkey". Try weaning yourself off. Ex: Blunts to joints, joints to geebs, geebs to one-hitter bowls, one-hitter bowls to nothing.
I agree with cutting back to stop, now on my 7th day without & still haveing some affect but easing. So you have stop smoking to make this opinion? as to wussies. Yes it's not like hard drugs but believe me it's hard enough.
Oh my gosh. Marijuana is not addicting and if you are 'addicted' it's a you problem. I was a heavy smoker BC I am a medical patient and have a lot of pain daily due to my leg being amputated. I don't take pain medication but I did smoke to ease the pain. Anyways.... I quit smoking 6 months ago (cold turkey) BC I am traveling the US for the next 3 years and don't want to have it on me or worry about finding it in other states. The only issues I have had since quitting are the same issues I had prior to smoking (chronic pain in my stub, insomnia, and difficultly eating - I have severe stomach issues as well). Do I miss smoking? Not really, but I do miss not being in pain and I'll probably smoke again when it's convenient to do so. However, I don't think about it much. I have no urge to find other things to ease my pain. I think this page is just fear mongering and if you can't quit smoking cannabis.... That's sad
I've smoked every day since I was 16 (I'm 24) the last three years I've smoked dabs daily through my entire day.. after one day of being out I get neausous with absolutely no appetite I went four days without eating cause I couldn't force myself, I was awake for 5-6 hours at night tossing and turning, and was so irritable. As soon as I smoked again all these symptoms went away
Hi all, I have been a marijuana smoker since I was 14 years old and I am 28 now, yes a long time. I have always smoked a fair amount, usually it can be anything from 12-16 grams a week, Very good stuff usually cheese or haze, i have stopped before for 6 months last year but started again when my parents got a divorce, the only way I stopped before was going on holiday to Italy for 2 weeks which the doctor prescribed me 28 x 10mg diazepam tablets to aid with my mood and sleep. Marijuana withdrawl is very very real even my doctor says a lot should have been done before to educate people, when I was younger they said marijuana wasn't addictive.... I need to stop again as I have a baby on the way and although I earn a very good salary which is enough to afford my habit I want to stop for good for the fairness of not having it around my child. Any tips for tackling the withdrawal would help,I've heard red wine before bed and excersise helps a lot, don't want to depend on diazepam again...
i sold my son to the Mexican mofia for a half ounce f mid and a pack of white owl grape
It's been a hand full of days since I quit smoking I smoked since I was 14 for almost 6 years...about to turn 20 I've tried quiting multiple times in those past years from a month to a week or so and I think this is the time to truly commit to stopping...my health is what concerns me but I know if I stay strong and keep my faith with the lord he will keep me healthy and strong...I've been having all the symptoms everyone has been describing from terrible nightmares to sweating and shivering in bed to depression and lots of anxiety but what really concerned me was my trouble breathing its as if I've been thinking about every breath I've been taking I know my lungs are shot from the constant smoking every day 3-5 times a day but I feel as if my anxiety is a big factor to this any thoughts? But I know as I excerise everyday and keep my head straight I can do anything these things take time it's like you've smoked for 6 years and when things start to get bad you expect them to go away in a couple days but in reality these things take time with correlation to how long you smoked I just hope things will start to get better thanks
It's probably not as addictive as sugar for most people but it is at least psychologically addictive to most long term users. Mildly physically addictive but I think most people who quit and have issues probably have other issues they have to deal with. Without a doubt the most noticeable thing for me when I quit was the intense dreams and nightmares. Especially dreams about using again, which seem so real it's crazy. I'm also tired more often even though I'm sleeping alot more, which it's strange. So since I quit over a month ago I sleep more and have less energy, go figure. I haven't had the desire to exercise or go outside that I used to have when I smoked weed, and have been gaining weight lately. Reality seems boring without it, but I guess reality is sort of boring. I do communicate better with people and am more social, that's the one big improvement.
I've been smoking for 27 years! I stopped once for nine months about 9 years ago but one day I just started again! I started when I was 14. I like to think I'm somewhat intelligent but as soon as i started smoking I fell in Love with it. I messed up school, i messed up college, I messed up general life really! i'm now 41 and a mum of a 3 year old. Now instead of being paranoid about things like the end of the world I am now worried about my child's health and my health! Constantly worrying that something is going to happen to one of us! at this point in life i feel so low so i have decided that i have nothing to loose so its worth a shot! its time to try to stop! Today is day 4!! im ok except im so depressed. Not sure if withdrawal of just the damage smoking so much has done. If my depression is a result of my smoking I would like to know if after it is out of my system will my depression leave too or will i pay the price forever? Help!!!!!

We're sorry to hear about your struggles and appreciate you reaching out to us. As a federal scientific research agency, we are unable to provide medical advice, so please contact a doctor if you have concerns, and call 911 or your local emergency services if you need help immediately. You can get information about drug abuse treatment programs at https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.

So I've been a frequent marijuana user from about 2010. Frequent meaning at least once a day to up to 10 times a day. I have lost a six figure job as a result and have ano opportunity to get it back. I quit smoking for a little over 3 weeks now. I've been experiencing increased anxiety, relationship issues ( fighting with family members, girlfriend etc.) A feeling of being lost and not in control. Smoking generally made me feel less angry and easygoing. Now I don't know how to properly deal with my emotions.I feel like I need help. What can I do?

Hi Abraham, we're sorry to hear about your struggles and appreciate you reaching out to us. To find drug addiction treatment in your area, please call 1-800-662-4357 (toll-free) or visit this website and enter your location: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. This free service is available 24/7/365. If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ or 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

I have been smoking marijuana for 5 months, having 1 or 2 large joints a night because I liked the buzz it gave me while I fell to sleep. I have stopped smoking it for 2 and a half weeks and it has ruined 2 and a half weeks worth of my sleep. Most nights I would be lucky to sleep for 4 or 5 hours and I usually wake up in between those hours feeling very irritable and needing to go to the toilette. Then cannot go back to sleep. Do not know how much longer this issue will last but I hate doing it and the withdrawal symptoms are real...
Hi brother smoker ! Well i can tell you that after 10 YEARS of smoking only 0.03gr/night..i stopped cold turkey..What a nightmare,but the sleep WILL come back.I tryed meditation and it helped me ALOT..maybe you could try that.Goodluck from an EX Medical Smoker/User.
Im 5 days into my withdrawl and sat in my kitchen reading these posts while my missus and kids are fast asleep in bed. Im really suprised how many people out there are going through the same experiences. Ive smoked weed for the last 26 years and have only ever stopped once before for 102 days. I went through the main symptoms of withdrawl back then, anger,anxiety, vivid nightmares not dreams,tension, waking up absolutely soaking wet 2 or 3 times a night, sweaty hands and increased body temperature. I have all these symptoms right now apart from the nightmares, they havent started yet. I dont really know why i started again because i had a lot more energy, motivation, feeling good about myself and friends and family pointed out how well i was looking and was a lot more chatty and approachable. I bummed a spliff of a mate with the intention of seeing whether i could maybe just have a joint at weekend or 1 before bed. I soon crept back to my usual consumption, at least a gram a day. When i started there wasnt much skunk about. Any green was usually just weak grass, we smoked hash,sputnik,sticky black etc. Then the skunk started to appear which was generally a lot more expensive, oh and a lot more potent. A mate and i worked out a rough estimate of £35000 each that we had spent on weed over 26 years. The turning point for me this time was the fact i was smoking a quarter of an ounce in 3 days. When my dealer brought the last one he said this will blow your head off. Its a new strain called mr kriplings something or other, he wasnt wrong it was mega. I still smoked it in 3 days and the realisation kicked in. This guy was paying for holidays on the back of me and others being regular customers. Id had enough. Id worked away from home for six month and had saved a few grand to see me through christmas. Its seasonal work march till september.Ive spent up and now find myself out of work 4 weeks before xmas. Im so angry at myself but realise and have done for years that weed makes me very apathetic. I,ll be away again in 3 months time and im determined im going back weed free and healthy. It feels good to write this down and get it off my chest.....no pun intended. Im boiling hot, irritated,ive had a bad stomach,sweaty palms all the time,pains in my back, increased cigarette consumption,restlessness and my thighs and knees hurt constantly. Another weird thing is that every now and then i feel stoned even though im on day six without weed. I visited a mate last night who was smoking weed and offered me some, i declined to his amazement. We chatted for a few hours and i watched as he smoked another six joints one after the other. This didnt bother me as im detemined to see it through this time and take control. Anyway writing on this blog has tired me out a bit so im going to try and get some sleep. Good luck to anyone going through withdrawl, it doesnt last forever and from what i remember it really is great when youre straight.
All these comments make me feel better since i know im not the only one having trouble with sleeping, eating and even social relationships. Its my 2nd night and i've been in the bed for last 6 hours i have no idea if i can sleep or not. I am 29 and smoking weed for last 11 years including the last 6 years that ive been smoking everyday. A few months ago i was planning to quit but somehow a friend of mine bring me 500gr of weed that he produced himself . That made me consider quitting again since weed is free now one of the biggest problems about weed, money issues, was gone for a while. After smoking that much weed in this period, i came to my parents house yesterday which is in another city, to get away from the huge pack which is still at home waiting for me. I will stay here for a few more days till i see i can sleep a bit but lets see how i can deal with it when i go back. Everyone i know in real life, except relatives and people i work with, smoke pot a lot. Even my gf. After i pass this physical test i hope i will deal with friend issues. One more important fact for me is that we, smokers that do this for long period literally forget who they are and how they were feeling at a normal day. Since i used to do everything when i was high including work collage and music , now i have no idea how to live. I am planning to come back here and add more about my experience. Thanks from Istanbul.
Good luck mate.
I'm 32 and have been smoking Bud since I was 14 with a few brakes ( once for about a year, usually a few weeks) and I've always experienced heavy sweats , trembling, difficulty sleeping, tired all day (of course) ,,strange little pains and sensations just about all over my body and I get panicked until I realize its withdrawals .. I'm going through this right now as I quit about 3 days ago.. the cold weather doesn't help because it causes me to shake like I'm panicking.. if I put on a jacket I begin to sweat,, .. Ive got a baby boy now and I can't be all high and drunk anymore.. and I can't be all weak from withdrawals.. I don't see myself going back to weed for quite some time if at all.
I quit about 4 days ago and have been experiencing hot flashes - morning sweating and feeling tired after a long night of sleeping - didnt realize it until today when someone said I might be having withdrawals from not smoking in days... didnt realize this would be a thing post quitting... how long does it last?
My husband is a chronic smoker. He has a high level IT job and works from home. He smokes a little over a quarter a week and uses it to calm his brain down since it is always going at 100mph. He has been smoking for about 20 years like this. I feel over the past five that he has become more of a recluse. He doesn't want to hang out with many people and his health has gone down the tubes . Since we are in a highly prohibition state the quality has been getting poorer and it is very hard to get (I'm talking $200 for a quarter of ditch weed. It's ridiculous). He has now decided to quit cold turkey. He is very depressed, anxious, has trouble sleeping and is in a horrible mood. He will go on rants where is he talking for hours straight. He almost seems manic. I feel like he is trying to push me away as well. I don't say much because I don't know what to say. Is there any advice as to what I could do that would most help him? I am a positive upbeat person but do not want to do anything that is going to make this worse for him.

We're sorry to hear about your struggles and appreciate you reaching out to us. As a federal scientific research agency, we are unable to provide medical advice, so please contact a doctor if you have concerns. You can get information about drug abuse treatment programs at https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.

There is nothing you can do to make it "easier" for him, that's up to him... but there are many things you can do to not add pressure, I can't list them but you KNOW what makes hubby tick. So just try calm and relaxed with EVERYTHING. Just until he is out of the woods...
I've smoked weed heavily since i was 18 and im 44 now. between the ages of 21 to 30 i probably smoked nearly i half oz everyday, for a period during that same time i would smoke close to an oz a day which usually involved smoking with others as well. i know it sounds like a lot but during that era(90's) i knew i few who smoked just like i did. one of the reasons was the weed was readily available to me at very large amounts. i never took a break until i was over 30 and i have taken 6 months off a few times since then. I guess my situation is different because i never had withdrawal symptoms like ppl say here and i know i was never addicted to it, so my personal opinion is that it depends the person personality. Ive never had an addictive personality so i think people who do say they were addicted, i bet that other things in there life were easy to get addicted to. i smoke only on weekends simply because of the affect it has on me like laziness and not finishing task like i should, plus the grade of marijuana i smoke now are leaps and bounds better than what i did 20 years ago. i can say one symptom that ive read here that i can say would affect me just a little and thats the stomach thing, queezy feeling when i didnt smoke but that was about it.
I just wanted to wish everyone who have contributed to this awsome blog,it's been an a amazing help when i thoose to stop using CB. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EACH AND EVERYONE...STAY COMMITTED AND STRONG. :-)
Thank you , day three
You either don't smoke the amounts you are saying or you are lying... I'm not interested in getting into debate but I know and YaoU know what are saying is covering up what is really happening with your mind and body. ....
I started smoking when I was 15, am 23 and I been 1 month clean. I am getting headaches and a feeling of throwing up all the time it's really horrible I don't understand can it really be a withdrawal symptom???? I can eat, anything, but I get extreme nausea

Hi Dana, drugs and withdrawals affect people differently, so please contact a doctor if you have concerns. You can get information about drug abuse treatment programs at https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.

I quit smoking 4 months ago September 1st 2016. I started having withdrawals such as chills, stomach pain, everything physical listed above.. I haven't touched marijuana ONCE since September 1st i had a horrible experience. I did smoke from the age 14-18. I wouldn't have any bad high or anything and I was a heavyyyyy smoker. Anyway, I quit September 1st and felt the withdrawals 1-3 weeks. Since then I've been ok but tonight.. man I feel terrible. It feels like I'm going through it all over again and I haven't smoke since september 1st since I stopped so idk why this is happening. I hated the withdrawals and I feel like they're happening again but it's been months and I haven't smoked once man. Not one time. Just hope it stops tonight.
WE/YOU/I, know weed is a drug. We can get other people's thoughts and opinions of it but really we know just like any other drug it is addictive. I would like to say to all those that think otherwise and of course know better than me. YOU ARE NOT READY TO STOP YET but good luck for when you are. I have smoked for many years nearly twenty years and that's everyday I am now struggling to stop weed and have Struggled for the past five to ten years. im not here to give a lecture (although some of you really do need one) but to tell you it will get easier, just like when someone close dies you never "get over it" or "forget them" it just becomes easier to deal with and more natural. Good luck to you all. I wish you all best.
I have been smoking for 4 years now trying to stop but now I think that someone is trying to set me up on a bad situation Ian always on fear is that something normal I see dreams I think that's real pls let me know if that's normal during widrawall

We're sorry to hear about your struggles and appreciate you reaching out to us. As a federal scientific research agency, we are unable to provide medical advice, so please contact a doctor if you have concerns. You can get information about drug abuse treatment programs at https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.

I'm 26. I've been smoking on and off since 16. Daily since 23. This shi t is ADDICTING. I gave it up for my NY resolution, and I've been dying every day. lol
Withdrawal is REAL! Been smoking since 16, now 45. Quit a bunch when I was younger but it was the Jamaican weed which was much less potent and after 10 days or so I was happy and back to normal, but would also go back to it after about 30 days, thinking I could handle it. Fast forward to current time, early 2017, weed got much stronger after the turn of the millenium and my experience with quitting became much like those of others posted here. SERIOUS Anxiety, Depression, sleeplessness. I am on day 19 now and it is still rough. My brain is missing the drug and like others it has stopped producing what it used to naturally and now it is empty of 'feel good' transmitters. IThat IS what is happening. So what to do? Accept, be patient, occupy my mind, exercise, see a therapist, use family and friends for support, pray, eat well, reduce caffeine, take warm baths, wait, wait , wait. Doctor says it will take 6 months or so...BUT I will have better days between these bad days. AND when I get through these withdrawals and this experience, I will be pumped to live again and start achieving the dreams I have dreamed for years. THAT is the reason to wait it out. It's our brains and they are incredibly resilient and will recover, it takes time. Patience and acceptance is the key. We will prevail if we stay strong! Happy 2017!


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