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Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real

The NIDA Blog Team

On this blog, we often get comments from people claiming that marijuana isn’t addictive. A lot of people seem to think marijuana is different from other drugs. Unfortunately, it’s not the case: Just like with other drugs (including alcohol and nicotine), you can get addicted to marijuana—especially if you use it during your teen years.

Dependence vs. Addiction

Drug "dependence" means needing a drug to feel physically okay. If a person is dependent on a drug, having enough of a supply is always important to them. However, being dependent doesn’t necessarily mean they’re addicted. For example, many people can be dependent on a medication prescribed by their doctor without being addicted to it.

The difference is that people who are addicted start to think about the drug all the time and make it a larger priority than other things in their life. They often make bad decisions that work against their health and their overall well-being. In the case of a medication, they may start to abuse it (use it differently than how the doctor prescribed): taking more of it, or crushing it and injecting it. Or in the case of a drug like marijuana, they'll be unable to stop using it even though it's causing problems with school, a job, or relationships. People with an addiction are often unable to see—or admit—that this is happening.

That Bad Feeling …

… is called withdrawal. A person with drug dependence will experience withdrawal if they completely stop using the drug all at once. Withdrawal is what leads a lot of people who are addicted to a drug to relapse—meaning, they've tried to quit, but they start taking the drug again.

A new study in the Journal of Addiction Medicine shows that teens who use marijuana heavily can experience withdrawal when they stop using it. In a study of teens receiving drug abuse treatment at an outpatient clinic, nearly half of them (40 percent) experienced symptoms of withdrawal when they stopped using marijuana.

Not Just a Crummy Day

From portrayals in movies and on TV of people addicted to heroin, people have an image of drug withdrawal as sweating, shaking, and being curled up in bed with unbearable pain. Marijuana withdrawal is a lot more subtle, but every bit as real.

The main mental symptoms of marijuana withdrawal include:

  • Being irritable
  • Feeling anxious or worried
  • Feeling depressed
  • Being restless
  • Having trouble sleeping at night and feeling tired during the day
  • Having low appetite or losing weight

Some people having marijuana withdrawal might not realize it. Some of the symptoms just contribute to being in a lousy mood, and it’s often easy to blame that feeling on other people annoying you or just having a bad day. You can also have physical symptoms like:

  • Stomach pain
  • Sweatiness
  • Shakiness
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache

More Use = More Problems

The longer a person uses marijuana, the more likely they are to have withdrawal symptoms when they aren’t using it. In the Journal of Addiction Medicine study, teens who had marijuana withdrawal symptoms were more likely than other marijuana users to have problems like difficulties at school or at work or trouble with relationships or money. They were also more likely to have other signs of marijuana dependence and mood disorders like depression.

And teen users who suffer marijuana withdrawal are more likely to experience marijuana addiction than adults. One in six teens who try marijuana will get addicted to it, and that goes up to as many as one-half of teens who use it every day. 

If you’re worried you may have a problem with marijuana or any other drug, this page may help answer your questions and let you know what to do to get help.

Tell us in the comments: Do you know any regular marijuana users who stop using marijuana and experience the withdrawal symptoms described in this post?

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ive been smoking marijuana since the age of 11yrs old and now im 27 and really trying to quite! Ive only been 2days clean cut cold turcky threw away any that had to do with smoking mary jane. And i feel very sick i have all the symptoms of withdraws! I need advice on what to help with the withdraws and is it deadly to stop cold turcky?
We're sorry to hear about your struggles and appreciate you reaching out to us. As a federal scientific research agency, we are unable to provide medical advice. It is important to listen to what your body is telling you, and seek medical help. If you feel you are in crisis, please have someone drive you to the emergency room or call 911. To find treatment in your area, please call 1-800-662-4357 (toll-free) or visit this website and enter your location: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. This free service is available 24/7/365. It is courageous to admit that you feel you are addicted. There are no medications scientifically proven to help with cannabis addiction; however there are things professionals can advise to help you through withdrawal. You can also check clinicaltrials.gov top see if there are any studies that might be able to help you. We offer a step-by-step guide that provides answers to common questions about treatment [https://www.drugabuse.gov/related-topics/treatment/what.... The guide offers lots of resources that can help. We wish you the best.
You all don't know nothing about heavy chronic smoking and real marijuana withdrawals, because no one smokes marijuana as much as me, no matter how many pounds of weed you've been through. Every 30 to 45 minutes, I smoke 2 to 3 grams, sometimes i just grab a hand full of buds and smoke it all, joint style, bowl pipe, bong, etc., i smoke in all forms of ways just to get that 30 minute stoned. It used to take me only 1 toke to get stoned for 4 to 5 hours in my teen years in 2007. Today, the whole town knows i'm the biggest pot head in the town and anywhere out of town they go, they say no one smokes as much as me, not even the biggest drug dealers in the cities. I smoke so much, every 10 to 15 minutes i cough out pure black tar (resin) from my lungs, worse than mucus, you can probably even get THC test results from the Tar in my lungs. I'm glad i got blacked out drunk few nights ago, i woke up in the ER having tremors/seizures, and the doc told me i have to go cold turkey on marijuana. Heart palpitation, gastroinstesinal, musle spasms and cramps, sweats, tired and weak, insomnia, major nausea, all kinds of crazy stuff going on with my body that I've never experienced before I started smoking weed. I used to be the healthiest kid in school, no chemicals in my body. Ever since I started smoking weed in 2007, all kinds of negative stuff been going on with my body. Talk about over-kill, there is a point in life where one can smoke so much marijuana, you all think you're hard core potheads who smoke more than your competitors. You're not me though, you don't know how dependant to marijuana my body is. 20 to 30 minutes without it, i will be angry and not fun to be around, not even the big guys hang around me, they call me crazy behind my back instead of my face. Once i start something, i don't start easy or slow, i binge and hog it all without leaving you anything. I can one-hit your biggest bowl from your bong or pipes, i can 1-hit a whole gram in 1 hit. I can puff a whole joint in one big inhale and not get stoned, just a small tease stoned. Dabs? Not enough THC for me too. I tried Dabs, and it doesn't do the trick, no matter how many Dabs i have from hash oil, wax, or shatter, i just feel a few minute relaxation and few minute euphoria, 30 minutes max. In the ER, the docs gave me the Maximum amount of every Anti-Nausea and Pain medication they can give me, shots, pills, and IV. That's how dependant my body is to weed, your strongest Anti-Nausea and Pain meds won't take away my bad withdrawals, nothing takes away my nausea except for weed. The docs in the ER said they gave me enough Anti-Nausea and Pain medicine to knock out a Cancer patient under Chemo and also knock out a big animal like an Elephant. When the docs look at my health record, they will see dozens of marijuana related paper work and dozens of paper work for anti-nausea and pain meds. In 1997, i had a surgery to remove 1/4th of my kidney cause of over-size. Again, your strongest pain meds never helped me. The docs said they gave me enough pain meds to put a patient in coma. I was wide awake and still feeling the pain before surgery, after all those pain meds that gave me, nothing seized my pain. The doc gave me more pain meds, he said double the dose of the Maximum amount they can give any patient for pain meds. After that, i found my self giggling and out of pain, so if you want to compete with me in any way, nothing can put me down, not even all your pain meds at once, shots, pills, and IV. You'll have to double your Maximum power. My 2 eskimo names in English mean: a stranger, and one who sees all. That is a fact. Not even the best docs could find out why pain meds don't help me when they give me their Maximum amounts. No one can compete with me when it comes to smoking marijuana and having marijuana withdrawals. I enjoy the bad withdrawals, pain feels good to me and i love throwing up. Only thing that will put me down is a bullet, make that a full clip of bullets for my thick head.
I've been smoking for 5 and a half months (quit 10 days ago) I was wondering how long the withdrawals will last.
I have never read so much nonsense, this tiny minority of self-pitying whiners have got it completely out of proportion. It's about as addictive as chocolate.
Berti, I think you could benefit from exploring compassion and opening you mind to the possibility that these words are true for every person who wrote them. You can call people self pitying whiners but that only causes others to call you names and think poorly of you as well. Is this the cycle you want in life? There is no need to bash the recovery others seek with your cruel denial.
I want to clarify before you read that I know for a fact that I am not addicted. I never feel the need to smoke and if I have an obligation or I'm going out I won't smoke, which has never been a problem for me. I've just managed to work it into my every day routine, especially recently since I don't have a lot going on. I've been smoking nearly every day for about a year now and 3-6 times a day for a few months. I'm 21 and started smoking when I was 18, not very often at first, but the frequency gradually increased over time. Four days ago I decided to cut back on smoking, which turned into not smoking, since I'm running low on money, and I've recently gotten into song writing and get too self conscious to write while high. I've stopped before without problems, but this time I'm having difficulty sleeping and feeling a little cloudy The first day was by far the worst. I took night time benadryl because the day before I had a little trouble sleeping. I fell asleep at 2AM and woke up at 3AM with my body feeling completely stressed out for no apparent reason. I didn't consider not smoking the issue due to my previous experience with quitting, but considering the timing and every other factor, it's the only explanation I have. I was able to sleep the next night, but considering I barely got an hour of sleep, that's no surprise. This bring us to right now. I'm unable to sleep again, despite being tired all day. It's incredibly annoying, but considering that I dabble with other drugs which I can't sleep on, I'm sort of used to it. I only really noticed the fog today because usually when I stop it only takes one or two days for me to feel clear again. I imagine this is because I've been smoking more heavily recently. Thankfully, these are the only negative side effects of quitting I've noticed. Pre-quitting, I've noticed that I'm a little more spacey than I used to be, but to be fair I've always kinda been like that. I blank on trying to find a word a lot more than I used to though, sometimes even a pretty common word, which is what really made me notice. I can't say whether or not my cognitive abilities have declined significantly or not besides the word acquisition issue. I can say that my motivation to do anything is shot as soon as I'm high though, which has definitely reflected in my studying/grades. To be fair I never studied all that much in the first place, but I digress. I'm also a rather anxious stoned, so I often decline offers to do things, which considering how often I smoke, is impeding my social life. Now on to the positives I've noticed since quitting. I'm generally a very messy person, always have been. Surprisingly, since quitting, I've without thinking cleaned up after myself after cooking, which was starting to become a problem because I live with two roommates and I know it's been bothering them. My appetite/control over my eating has also changed considerably. When I'm stoned I like to call myself "The Great Devourer" because if I have the option to, I'll eat until it hurts, which combined with a sedentary lifestyle has led to a rather hefty weight gain. Additionally, instead of ignoring something being on the floor that shouldn't be there and walking on, I take the half second to pick it up. I know it doesn't sound like much, but for me these are some serious changes in my behaviour. I've also become more social since quitting. My roommate/best friend hasn't stopped completely like myself, but now he's limiting himself to smoking at night. We always end up hanging out in our living room, but when we were high wouldn't say much unless we had a comment about a show we were watching or had something special that we wanted to share from reddit and things like that. In general, no idle chitchat. Post quitting/cutting back, we've been talking a lot more, which while it starts at small talk, has lead to us having more in depth conversations about our lives. I've even shown him a song I've been working on, which would never happen if I were high. Like I said, I'm self conscious to the point of not even writing when stoned, let alone allowing someone to see it, even those I'm closest to. What started as a funding issue has turned into me considering quitting altogether, though I'm leaning towards just seriously cutting back (restricting to weekends or something like that). I still enjoy the way it makes me feel, and love how food tastes when I'm stoned. I'm confident if I can treat it as a special occasion as opposed to a casual daily event I'll be able to keep the benefits. Though for now I'm going to stay the course and see where it takes me. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. It's now 5AM and I'm going to try to get some sleep.
I have smoked about my whole life, I'm 63. whenever I could not find it, I would drink more beer. I have decided to quit for awhile.It has been 3 days and I feel the anxiety, hard to sleep, very vivid dreams when I can and no appetite and mild depression, though I am recovering from a heart attack. Marijuana has kept me from doing things some good things and some bad. To continue not smoking it, I try to be more active and do things that help others and get out of myself, sounds easy, not so! Anything worthwhile can involve great effort.Wish all of you well.
I've quit smoking after 13 years off and on (on) mainly because in started to get sad every time I smoked. I also noticed like alcohol I just can't control myself. I'm an addict. I thought my problem was just alcohol but soon I started to realize I was doing essentially the same things I did when I was out of control on alcohol. I'm not craving weed but I do have the headaches and insomnia. Albeit this is only 5 days into it. But I want to live a more clear headed life which I've never allotted myself before. Plus I have a commercial drivers license. I pray everyone on this message board stays vigilant in their journey to level headed life
I have a husband who is severely addicted. We've become financially distressed lately and cant afford to buy weed. When I told him this he went into a screaming rage over not being allowd to have it, he's had headaches, stress, depression, social withdrawal, even more paranoid, extremely irritable and angry over any little thing. But he refuses to go to the hospital and get help for that, or for his other psych issues. It's ugly. He's been smoking since about 13 years old, now almost 50. So I'd say he is SEVERELY addicted, and it's very ugly coming off it. He even refused jobs that required drug testing, refused to even try for better paying jobs that would drug test or require him to stay clean. He risked smoking at work. Never again will I think that weed is fairly harmless.
Hi i'm Marc and I'm a Pothead, I'm 26 now and I've been smoking everyday since 15. That's not too long compared to all you guys but all my friends who started with me have quit... I Just graduated and finished my internship + moved to a new country. I can't manage to make friends but I already have 2 dealers. All I do is stay home and blaze joint after joint. I'm meant to look for jobs (both part time and full time) but I end up smoking and watching stuff... I feel like I'm wasting away my life but when I try to quit it's a horror show. I've tried quitting several times, my hands get sweaty, I have to force myself to eat food, and it takes me hours to fall asleep. Even when I do manage to fall asleep, I end up waking up every few hours. Oh and I get very angry at things. The longest I've went without Pot was a month.. Upon relapse, I ended up smoking once per week, then only on the weekends, then resumed to every day. When trying to quit, I delete my dealers' numbers from my phone ad throw away all smoking materials. And when I do the world gets darker, I start getting scared of everything... my thoughts get ecstatic and my brain is on over drive. The longest I can go without a joint now is a week. Even when I shake down the physical feelings after quitting, my mind starts pulling up hundreds of reasons of why smoking pot is really not that bad. And I eventually blame my anger on some incident that happened and go like " nah! this is not the time to quit... i'll quit eventually but this is not the time.'' My question is, where do you get the will to quit? I mean I want to! but only because I need to find a job, because I need to be focused writing my dissertation, and because I want to meet someone. I'm really happy that most of you got to quit. I guess I'm doomed to at least serve 30 years to Marry Jane before she dismisses me as her slave.
Same boat here Marc.. 26, been smoking over a decade. Need to start/finish my thesis and i have not much time left. My brain plays the exact same tricks on me too (I've tried to quit many times, but this time it has to stick or I'm completely screwed), I hope i am stronger this time around and don't listen to it lol. I'm not sure if reading these comments for hours has helped or hindered but it's not like i'll be sleeping anytime soon so what else do i have to do. I'm so tried every night i crash like 10 or 11 usually.. atm it's nearly 4am and I'm more awake than ever. This is my second worse withdrawal, the worse is by far the lack of appetite. Which doesn't even sound so bad, just force some food down and be done with it right? wrong. even the smell makes me physically sick. Oh well I'm going to think of it like a cleanse and carry on. those are like my 2 favourite things after smoking...sleeping and eating! lol so i will have to find some new favourites to replace with. hopefully something legit like working out, but I'm super lazy so we'll see.

Hi Marc, if you're in the U.S., you can get information about drug abuse treatment programs at https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.

hi. ive been smoking almost everyday for the last 8 years. im 26. just quit cold turkey 9 days ago after having my first anxiety attack caused by weed. the first 4 days was a living hell. i spent all day in bed and felt very dizzy and had zero energy, and couldnt eat without getting heavy nausea. but i can seriously feel its getting better every day. nausea is completely gone now. i can eat normally. but i still feel slight dizzy and wierd from time to time. but like i said its getting better everyday.
I am moved by how closely I relate to most of your words. It often feels that I am the only 1 in my world like us. It is comforting and life is a challenge. Loneliness and isolation are the root of my deep depedance. As I trace how in teen years an energy of seeking, purpose replaced dispair developing a habit a cycle. University, career, children, grandchildren. Hard work, stress, doing the best I could my reward and relief has been marijuana. I have stepped away - not on my own - then gradually returned to daily increasing, at times use. I rarely smoke with others. I am sure for developing a life without medication a rigorous and thorough deliberate plan is needed that I do not have at this time. Saving $5000 a year I could reward my self some how?! There are those like me here. Sure be nice to kiss my tragic flaw goodbye.
I have been smoking pot for 49 years ('67). I started at age 11 and am now 60. I have smoked heavily the whole time with several interruptions (e.g., when I was in recovery for heroin addiction [14 months; no weed]. A years probation [for sale of hash and mushrooms]). I grew my own (indoor) ganja for many, many years. Had my medical marijuana card in California in the mid-90's and lived near Humboldt County for years. My addiction problems have NEVER had anything to do with marijuana! They evolved from pep pills (prescription amphetamines); sedatives (Reds, Yellow-Jackets, Quaaludes, etc.); shooting methamphetamine; shooting cocaine; smoking crack; prescription opioids (fentanyl, morphine, diluadid, oxycodone, oxymorphone, methadone, codeine); and heroin. Over the years, I eliminated almost all of these drugs from my life but I have been able to shake my opioid addiction. I still crave the nod. [1st drink (age 9.5) — after being molested: 1st opioid codeine (age 11) —:stolen from relatives: shooting heroin (age 14)] I have NEVER, EVER experience withdrawal symptoms when I have stopped smoking (abruptly). Did I miss it? Yes. Was I sick? No. They only undesirable "side-effects" I have EVER experienced from marijuana have been LEGAL! NOT BIOLOGICAL! Marijuana has never been a relapse trigger for me: In fact, it has always lessened my cravings for other drugs: Ganja has helped me stay clean. No doubt I will be lambasted for my beliefs herein but contrary to what the government, teachers and preachers will tell you; there is a copious amount of hardcore scientific literature that bears out this claim. And such literature goes back at least a century and a half. Research literature --- from the mid-20th Century Eastern Europe; and the US until the "Reefer Madness" Era began and research was curtailed — too bears this out. This does not include the many (different and diverse) cultures that have used the marijuana plant (in many forms — buds, leaves for tea, hashish, and hash oils; and the baking of ganja-containing edibles) for thousands and thousands of years. A major problem being that few people have any knowledge of these FACTS. When I have been in treatment for substance abuse and someone comes in complaining about their addiction to marijuana and that they are suffering serious withdrawal symptoms, I don't know whether to laugh or scream! Give me a break! I have smoked Tai Sticks, Panama Red; Columbian Gold; the ganja in Jamaican, every strain in the jars from the medical dispensaries, the buds in Amsterdam; the buds in Colorado, Northern California's finest, etc., etc., etc. Yet I have never had the slew of symptoms people on this site claim to have suffered. Nor have I ever seen a Rasta that was forced (circumstantially) to abruptly stop smoking get sick! NEVER! So chide me if you must but I think you "withdrawalers" (sic) are a joke. You're just giving ganja a bad name. You are a bunch of cry babies out for attention. If you can longer smoke then don't. But please quit complaining because you're not being honest. Yes you might not eat as well and sleep as well and you might not be as happy or chilled out but enough with the "major withdrawal symptoms". You're just giving ganja a bad name — stretching the truth beyond reasonable. This is the last thing we need when marijuana is still illegal and remains classified as a Schedule One Drug. If you cannot handle it fine but why do I and like-minded potheads have to suffer for your wimpiness (sic)?!?!
I just quit marijuana and am experiencing Being irritable Feeling anxious or worried Feeling depressed Being restless I feel kind of lost I hate it I never want to go through this again
I just stopped smoking weed after years of using it every day. Its been about a week and I have to say these symptoms are very real - for me anyways. Not so much the physical ones for me its more mental and in my head. I have a hard time sleeping, restless at random times, i get really angry and emotional for dumb reasons. I never thought weed was addictive or that I would have any withdrawal from stopping. Clearly I was wrong... this sucks!! I can't wait to feel normal again - sometimes throughout the day I feel great and others not so much. Its like a flip of a switch and I'm acting crazy. Good luck to anyone else suffering :(
Anyone who says that quitting marijuana doesn't have physical withdrawals.. I'm living proof that it does. I have had to be in outpatient and inpatient care bc of it. I had serious issues quitting when I got pregnant. And right at this moment I am having withdrawals. I ran out yesterday. Last night I didn't sleep more than an hour. I woke up and couldn't stop shaking, can't eat, threw up and now I'm dehydrated and can't eat still. I've been smoking consistently (like every day) since I was 13. I am now 21. I think I will have to stay away from weed for the rest of my life.. Which really sucks bc I love it so much.
COMMENT FOR EVERYONE BASICALLY: Sounds like some bs a friend of the editor made. I don't think you were trying to get off smoking just pot, liarliar. Try not sleeping at all, constant state of literally wanting to rip your skin from your body to escape it, never eating, shaking and crying for the sweet release of death. SIMPLE ANTIDEPRESSENT WD! Sounds like you abused it and don't know how to deal with the real world legal drugs and how they will mess you up. Going to rehab for pot is like going to the ER with a stubbed toe.
I smoke cannabis heavily, at present I've not smoked it for 2 days now, my head is pounding I'm very very tired and I occasionally feel sick, these symptoms are real
I have a loved one who smokes a lot. On previous attempts to quit he has had a major issues with symptoms of withdrawal. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to lessen, minimize or counteract the withdrawal? The symptoms he has are: Nervousness/anxiety Nausea and stomach issues Headache Severe Body aches (general pain) He also gets extremely irritable and flys into a rage many times a day. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Wendy, we can't say what treatments would help your loved one specifically, but please contact a doctor if you have concerns. You can get information about drug abuse treatment programs at https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.
I've been smoking constantly for about three years now and I've stopped for a few months with smoking here and there. Now that I've stopped completely for now, this is so real. I can hardly sleep and when I get right at about to fall asleep, I've been have pain run through my whole body. It's bearable but uncomfortable but it only lasts like a second until I'm about to doze again. The depression has been there along with the irritability. I'm one that never really experiences headaches but since I've stopped, I've noticed more than usual. My appetite has definitely dropped. I'm rarely hungry and when I eat, it's hardly anything. I also have crazy nightmares and weird vivid dreams when I do actually sleep. Those are really my main things. There's probably more that I don't really notice or can't think of right now but this is actually a thing and it sucks. Needless to say, as soon as I get another job, I'm a continue my ritual because this is annoying and affecting too much.
smoked 37 years and trying to quit ciggs and weed at same time, I quit ciggs before for eight months, never been without weed but I intend to try as my lungs are horrible and in very bad shape but i'm feeling flu-like symptoms, chills, upset stomach, headache, I hope I can make it
I agree with the experts, I have been smoking weed for three years straight and recently quit cold turkey because I realized it was effecting my life in everyway negatively that it could. I lost my job, have had bills go unpaid, and have avoided things I would have otherwise been actively involved in. Since quitting i have been majorly depressed, highly anxious, unable to sleep at night, tired during the day and overall a complete mess. My appetite is none existant , I think that it is no doubt real
Cow Pies. I started smoking HEAVILY when I was 16 and I just got tired of being "out of control" when I was trying to move on with my life at 18. I had NO NONE ZERO withdrawals and actually felt better about everything. Few years later I was married with a kid and didn't care about smoking up anymore. 15 years later: when MEDICAL MJ started to come out, my old ass self started to get pains, I wasn't sleeping well, had a damn ED because of depression and my GI tract was a mess. Instead of taking an estimated 6-7 medications I don't even know what is in them, all known to have DEATH as a "side effect" and doctors throw around highly REAL ADDICTIVE benzos and painkillers like candy on Halloween, people abuse them and doctors screwed up by still shoving them down our throats. So, you're saying being irritable because "damn I'm out of pot" is the same thing as "I'm honestly contemplating suicide because I don't have my legal meds"??? Is that right? Teens - unless they do see a MMJ doctor and watched by their parents to take this scientifically proven cure to a huge range of medical problems - did we forget it stunts the growth of cancer? No, you don't care about these poor kids with cancer, AIDS, MS, LGD? - you're stuck in the 1960 brainwashing that is ruining medical progress. Veni, vidi, vici: There is a difference between physical dependence and psychological dependence. If you really want to EDUCATE the masses, stop your bull scare tactics (that makes rebels want it more -sigh) and actually get sources and do your homework.
Ive been smoking since I was 15, I am 26 now.. I am on Day 4 of being clean. I have quit before for a month and for some reason never had much trouble besides lack of sleep for the first week. But this time, it is completely different. I have trouble sleeping, I am just getting my appetite back, I go through hot and cold flashes and headaches and lack of motivation . I get angry.. Not on purpose but I do. Either at myself or my husband and it can be the smallest thing and I just lash out. I am worried about temptations, because it is hard for me to say no because I do want it.. I am just tired of it controlling my life and I want to start trying for a family soon. It is definitely easier said then done. In two weeks I will be going on a road trip, with my dad who also smokes.. I a m scared I will give in to temptation and I don't want to go through this all over again .. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)
I'm going through the same thing, I started smoking at 21 and I'm 34 and I'm on day 4 and it's terrible, I'll just continue to pray and hopefully I can get through it.
While marijuana can be addictive, and people can become addicted to it, this article over sells it. "1 in 6 teens who use marijuana will become addicted..." This article fails to mention that the estimates of the number of people addicted to marijuana are highly controversial because of the fact that one can be dependent without being addicted, but dependency is often used to determine addiction. If an article is going to use controversially obtained data to try and prove a point, it should be honest with its readers in that te data maybe skewed or inaccurate.
To Angry at the Di.... Lucky for you then I think. The treatment you expect from others on this blog is how you yourself speak to others. Your experience is different to that of others, as has been/ will be your reaction to withdrawal. All about differing frames of reference. It's still quite something to experience full-blown psychosis from 'just a smoke'. Argue against how people express themselves if you like, but feelings are what they are for each of us. You sound hardcore and have lived a more drug-oriented life I think. As have I, but kicking the dope has been tougher on me mentally than either booze or cocaine. We're all different, and valid. But I would say that I'm a person centred counsellor :@))
Hi i am now coming up to 5 months of not smoking cannabis , i smoked for 5 years and used to have a quarter each day ( 2-3 gram bongs ) I am still suffering from side affects really bad and was wondering how long therell last
So had to leave o n vacation first time not smoking in 8 years. Everyday user . The only symptoms I have is not wanting to eat, upset stomach, and throwing up feeling . This is my third day clean i hope after today the symptoms subside I want to enjoy Puerto rico :) it almost feels like I'm pregnant agian with morning sickness kinda wierd
I definitely believe that some of these symptoms are real. I'm almost 22 years old and I've been smoking since I was 18. It's been an everyday thing ever since. Not that it started off addictive, I just enjoyed it so it became daily. Then it became multiple times a day. And then it came to smoking a blunt before even doing anything. I'm trying to quit and I need any advice possible. I haven't been sleeping. And I've been sweating like a dog. I'm not really hungry or excited about the day either. I don't do other drugs and I know alcohol isn't the answer. I really just want to sleep at night again.
For whatever reason i never smoked weed, but I have several relatives and friends that smoke quite a bit ($600 per month in some cases). I never realized how much a weed habit could cost. I am an investment manager and work with individuals on retirement plans. A rule of thumb in investing is that investing $1 per day in the S&P 500 index would grow to $100,000 after 40 years. "The young factor" rule of thumb is that if $1 per day for the 1st 8 years of one's career is invested and zero is invested for the next 32 years, that would grow to $50,000. Using these rules of thumb, a $600 per month weed habit ($20/day) if instead invested over 40 years would grow to $2,000,000. Or just the 1st 8 years of a $600 weed habit if instead invested would grow to $1,000,000 over the next 32 years. Is smoking weed really more important than having a one or two million for an early retirement? I am really interested in the thoughts of people with expensive weed habits. Have you considered other uses for your money? Does weed have so much control over a person's life they are powerless to understand alternative better uses for that money? I really am interested in your thoughts. Thanks
Not everything in this world is money, like long lasting relationships with friends, going to concerts, going to the movies, buying a new cd album. All of these things cost money for our enjoyment. Someone who is a movie fanatic can spend $80 a week buying movies legally. You watch it once or twice and you move on with the movie. Same concept applies with mj. You pay for it, you enjoy it and move on, hopefully built some memories along the way too. I would rather live a rich life of everlasting memories and strong relationships then a life of high monetary value. Its personal perspective on what is being rich. We are all going to die. Where does your money go if invested and you contract cancer before the 32 years comes up. You will ponder what you did with your life on your deathbed and you will think, "i wish i made more memories with my friends and family instead of focusing on the the ups and downs of the market my entire life watching a number go up that i dont touch." By that point your too weak to make memories and the only memory your loved ones will have of you is you on the deathbed and your money. I dont see a better use for money because what good is it if you dont spend to live a little. People tend to get along because they share a similar interest, like video games or smoking marijuana. People spend well over $600 per month on video games, but when it comes down to it, the kid who spends that much on video games also hangs out with kids who spend equally that much on video games. This is coming from a social stoner. Thanks!
Thanks Everyone. I'm 56yrs old, smoking since I was15. I smoke 2-3 grams a day. I decided to quit as looking for employment and expect drug testing. Wow I thought I was sick, nausea, headache the sweats. Can't sleep. Now I know, just part of the fun of quitting.
yes it totally sucks been smoking since I was 14 now 49 ya I quit to get better job questing my decision miss getting high only on day 9 a very rough 9 days counting days before I can puff again and the maddening dreams will not go away never an issue when I'm high
I'm 57 and have been smoking pretty much daily for about 20 yrs. For most of this time only a couple of puffs once a day and recently I've been up to 3 joints in a day. I was getting nauseous and irritable and depressed while I was still smoking it so I decided a week ago to stop and see how I would be. So far the nausea has stopped but I still feel very spaced out, had a major panic attack the other night, feel depressed and not sleeping well. I am resolved that I will not smoke again until I feel completely fine however long it takes and even then, I will only smoke on special occasions rather than daily. I want to make it something fun again, not an energy-sucking habit!
Well if you drink 5 coffee a day for 100 years and stop you will surely have killer withdrawal :p all grwon up people who drink coffee everyday simply cannot stop after 15 years... reading this page made me fear marijuana you made it sound like heroin!... the Key to avoid such symptoms when you stop is not to smoke that much in the first place! a man with a habit to sleep and a tv on every night cannot sleep without it after 5 years those are called "Habits" Most importantly don't wake and bake!! every now and then take 3 to 4 days break try to constrict it to weekends or 1 joint per day.... i always take 3 days or 1 week breaks maximum withdrawal is bad mood or a bit of trouble sleeping or even nothing at all because usually when i stop i cant stay home so i do sports which fixes everything! im now in day 2 i have headache but its normal next week ill get like 10 grams and it lasts me for 2 weeks minimum it helps me on long pc projects or have fun when there is nothing to do.... everything in excessive intake will be very dangerous anything at all! even water..... if you drink tons of water your cells will blow up swelling water... anyhow this page was a very motivational thing to read so i dont forget that marijuana is not a game and i should always find balance in my life between the pleasures and the duties .... Love to All Humanity Best of luck to all Marijuana users :D
I stopped smoking about a week ago now and while I've experienced some of the symptoms mentioned above, I've found that much of it is "mind over matter." I'll break down the symptoms and their level of "ease," to get over, personally. Easy: - Psychological things such as irritability, anxiousness/restlessness - Just keep yourself busy. Do the laundry you've been needing to do, wash your car, clean your feet, etc. The less time you're just sitting around thinking about it, the easier it will become. - The less you think about it, the less chance you have to be "depressed," about it. So far so good. Moderate: - Being tired during the day/trouble sleeping at night. - There's not a whole lot you can do to combat this, other than just keeping your morale up. It can be kinda brutal being groggy during the day, but grab some caffeine or a 5 hour energy to get going. - As far as getting to sleep, figure out what works for you. Usually I start taking deep breaths and count them in my head, until I fall asleep. Like counting sheep, I guess, but keeping oxygen flowing. - Chills, Headaches & Shakiness - I haven't experienced headaches so much from quitting, but my roommate has, fwiw. - I do get the chills from time to time and have been a little shaky, too. Nothing you can really do about the chills other than keep a blanket around, just in case. Nothing crazy to worry about there. The shakiness is strange and makes you feel like a crack-head, but I've found staying hydrated and snacked up helps out. Difficult: - Appetite - Personally, this is the toughest for me. As you know, smoking gives you the munchies, so you can eat whenever you want. Without it, I don't eat as much, or as often. (probably a good thing for many, in the long run) As I said before, just gotta put "mind over matter," and get yourself to eat to get your metabolism up. I usually have a granola bar or pop tarts or some fruit in the morning, a light lunch (crackers/cheese, cereal, ramen, etc) and then by dinner time, I'm ready for a full meal. Hope this helps someone out there. If you really want to quit, you can do it. Stay headstrong, surround yourself with people who can and will help you and start living your life again. Good luck and God bless.
Hi there, iv been smoking weed every day for about five years, im now 21. i roll a spliff as soon as i get home from work and proceed to sit on the sofa and smoke spiff after spiff untill i fall asleep. I hated how it made me into a zombie with no energy or motivation, lack of concentration and patience. I panic when im nearly out of my stash as it reminds me of how much i spend a week (approx £60 -80) and always a struggle to get a reliable dealer. If the dealer dident show up it would throw me and my partner into turmoil. what do we do!? that panic is real. Why did i proceed to smoke it if i dident want to feel like that? i know that traumas in my life and self esteem issues have led me down this path to numb my head and take away my anxiety (or so i thought) and to all those people commenting like ' you sure you aint been smoking spice?' or ' these comments are ridiculous' yeaa well i used to think that too. weed is a natural growing plant id say, not like other drugs and its ridiculous that people think their addicted to well maybe if you stopped tooting away youd wake up and smell the coffee bros! yes i agree everyone is different, like with anything, peoples chemistrys are different and peoples bodies react differently you cant put everyone in the same boat. I am on day 8 of detox and ill be honest it has been a living hell. I dident believe that you could experience withdrawals from weed untill now. Extreme sweating from every part of my body i have to get changed 3 times a day although im freezing and get hot flushes almost like menopause. I have crazy vivid nightmares anxiety dreams wake up delirious and really upset. My anxiety has skyrocketed to the worst it has ever been to the point where feelings of suicide have slipped through. Irrational thinking panic attacks and just the feeling that my head literally cannot take anything in and wants to explode like a big ball of cotton wool. i have lost almost half a stone as it is so hard to eat with the nausea. I dident want to admit this for a looooong time because weed was my baby and it kept me sane but even though i feel like im dying at the minit and i know one spliff would 'sort me out' i know that it would trap me in that false world again that iv been living in for so long. Some people can have a spliff or two on a weekend and leave it at that but some people like myself with addictive personalities cannot. if you can do that then good for you mate have a ball! but please dont make people feel bad for speaking out about their addiction to this drug because it is very real and bloody hard to overcome. reading your comments has made me feel like im not as alone as i thought i was. Good luck to everyone you can do it :)
Its true that there are withdrawal symptoms but never the less, weed should be legal.
I have smoked for 22 years this is day 5 with no weed . Sleeping is very hard im having nightmares and sweating through the nigt. It seems to me withdrawal symptoms affect different people in different ways
I can totally relate I am day 9 I have smoked weed for 35 years and I am missing every moment of being high never had dreams like this from smoking weed I only quit to get better paying job every day is a challenge to get through with out getting high
I was a heavy daily pot smoker for 20 years and am now 43. I have tried to quit many times. Every time I get these same symptoms described above, nausea, headaches, irritability, grouchy, agitated, etc. It sucks. I hate it sooo much. Marijuana addiction is real. I joined AA and am on day 7. It is very hard but the AA program is really great. I am sure NA is good too but same as AA in that it is a 12 step program. I hope that my brain will someday return to "normal", otherwise I am going to have to learn some good coping mechanisms to deal with the new me. I need to quit both alcohol and pot because I drink too much when I quit pot and I smoke too much pot when I quit drinking. I truly believe that the support I am getting from the AA program is going to make all the difference this time and I will quit. I really hate the idea that I can never have pot or a good IPA ever again in my life but that is thinking too far into the future. I need to take it day by day. Moment by moment. I can't wait until I wake up in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed!
You go Mr t. Good luck
The effects of marijuana withdrawl are real and very defined...2 weeks after you quit,you will go for a week without any sleep at all. The following nights you will have night sweats as your body detoxes itself..then get ready for the most vivid technicolor dreams you will ever have. Stay the course...drink lots of water and try some exercise...it's all worth it...life is better sober and clean...good luck.
I suggest for those who are psychologically addicted to give meditation a try. Those who meditate, often have an easier time with it. Meditation is the cultivation of self-awareness. Most habitual users can't even give a good reason WHY they use it, other than a shallow "It makes me feel better. I like it." Meditation takes courage, the courage to sit alone with yourself and observe your often chaotic&unpleasant thought-stream, the courage to experience unpleasant emotions and sensations directly without distraction. But the rewards in enhanced self-awareness, inner-peace and mental fortitude are well worth your efforts. Before I meditated, I felt more of the mental traps reported by others (boredom, irritability anxiety, etc). It's important to ask: Why am I doing this? A shift in perspective? To escape painful emotions/thoughts/circumstances I should be facing head on? Is it because I don't believe some activity can be as fun without it? I function better at some creative activity with it? Would I just like to mellow out after a tough week without the physical side-effects of alcohol? Do I NEED it to feel "normal"? Abstain from judgement or condemnation, there is no need to willpower yourself to stop that second if your reason isn't "good enough": just increase awareness of your reasons. This will make it much easier to realize when you've gotten what you need from it and can let it go, or drastically reduce usage. If you chose to use it, do responsibly with awareness.
I have been smoking everyday for about 5 years now. I recently quit cold turkey and I'm on day 6. I have felt very pukey after I eat anything, I have also been having night sweats. This is just day 6... Marijuana is addictive don't let nobody tell you otherrwise.


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