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Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real

The NIDA Blog Team

On this blog, we often get comments from people claiming that marijuana isn’t addictive. A lot of people seem to think marijuana is different from other drugs. Unfortunately, it’s not the case: Just like with other drugs (including alcohol and nicotine), you can get addicted to marijuana—especially if you use it during your teen years.

Dependence vs. Addiction

Drug "dependence" means needing a drug to feel physically okay. If a person is dependent on a drug, having enough of a supply is always important to them. However, being dependent doesn’t necessarily mean they’re addicted. For example, many people can be dependent on a medication prescribed by their doctor without being addicted to it.

The difference is that people who are addicted start to think about the drug all the time and make it a larger priority than other things in their life. They often make bad decisions that work against their health and their overall well-being. In the case of a medication, they may start to abuse it (use it differently than how the doctor prescribed): taking more of it, or crushing it and injecting it. Or in the case of a drug like marijuana, they'll be unable to stop using it even though it's causing problems with school, a job, or relationships. People with an addiction are often unable to see—or admit—that this is happening.

That Bad Feeling …

… is called withdrawal. A person with drug dependence will experience withdrawal if they completely stop using the drug all at once. Withdrawal is what leads a lot of people who are addicted to a drug to relapse—meaning, they've tried to quit, but they start taking the drug again.

A new study in the Journal of Addiction Medicine shows that teens who use marijuana heavily can experience withdrawal when they stop using it. In a study of teens receiving drug abuse treatment at an outpatient clinic, nearly half of them (40 percent) experienced symptoms of withdrawal when they stopped using marijuana.

Not Just a Crummy Day

From portrayals in movies and on TV of people addicted to heroin, people have an image of drug withdrawal as sweating, shaking, and being curled up in bed with unbearable pain. Marijuana withdrawal is a lot more subtle, but every bit as real.

The main mental symptoms of marijuana withdrawal include:

  • Being irritable
  • Feeling anxious or worried
  • Feeling depressed
  • Being restless
  • Having trouble sleeping at night and feeling tired during the day
  • Having low appetite or losing weight

Some people having marijuana withdrawal might not realize it. Some of the symptoms just contribute to being in a lousy mood, and it’s often easy to blame that feeling on other people annoying you or just having a bad day. You can also have physical symptoms like:

  • Stomach pain
  • Sweatiness
  • Shakiness
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache

More Use = More Problems

The longer a person uses marijuana, the more likely they are to have withdrawal symptoms when they aren’t using it. In the Journal of Addiction Medicine study, teens who had marijuana withdrawal symptoms were more likely than other marijuana users to have problems like difficulties at school or at work or trouble with relationships or money. They were also more likely to have other signs of marijuana dependence and mood disorders like depression.

And teen users who suffer marijuana withdrawal are more likely to experience marijuana addiction than adults. One in six teens who try marijuana will get addicted to it, and that goes up to as many as one-half of teens who use it every day. 

If you’re worried you may have a problem with marijuana or any other drug, this page may help answer your questions and let you know what to do to get help.

Tell us in the comments: Do you know any regular marijuana users who stop using marijuana and experience the withdrawal symptoms described in this post?

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I smoked for 16 years on and off till around 19 then everyday almost all day , at highest point i would easily smoke a half oz a week last few years a qtr a week. Ive been done for a little over a week now , yes i have symptoms of withdraw , first three days sucked cause all i wanted to do was smoke but got past that insomnia is real ill lay in bed for atleast an hour before finally drifting off to sleep, and been getting headaches frequently and no medicine working. As for hunger im not much of an eater to begin with so kinda hard to tell on that one. No stomach pains or anything like that have been feeling slightly feverish but then again its also winter so could be getting a cold . Im my experience withdraws real but not unbearable, to anyone looking to quit for ever or temporarily, it is difficult at first but hang in there it will get better as it goes. Atleast it has for me and the dreams are trippy at night feel like your actually there and not sleeping some good some creepy lol . Actually had a friend over the other night who asked if it was ok to spark up told him had no issue with it long story short i ended up just taking one puff , and surprisingly i coughed my a$$ off and the taste was horrible , and no not low quality same stuff i used to enjoy on a daily basis, so yeah to those non believers like i was it is real ,but then again everybody responds differently to things . Just figured i would share my on going experience of walking the road to sobriety . Like i stated before it sucks at first but it gets better and honestly i feel good and have no regrets on my decision , but.. wont lie in saying i will never do it again but atleast not anytime soon
I would like to contribute to this page as well. I am a 37 yr old male, I only ever started smoking about 4 or 5 years ago. At some point, it became a daily thing. I have tried a few times to quit. I even tried locking it once in a box and sending myself the key through the mail so that I knew if at least the key was coming through the mail, I could resist for a few days (however long the mail takes). In retrospect, this was kind of a funny but creative idea. Ultimately, it wasn't that hard to break my dollar store lock. I tried quitting a few more times. And now I'm trying again. Tonight I smoked for the first time since January 30th (cold turkey is not for everyone). The withdrawal symptoms are 100% real. For me, I don't experience any of the physical symptoms (except for the sweating - which I didn't realize was a symptom until I read the comment by Peter (scroll way up). However, I am experiencing almost all of the mental symptoms. The biggest one is the lack of sleep. I even tried Zzzquil which didn't have any effect. I don't feel depressed, but I have a far shorter fuse and get myself into an angry state when I overthink situations. I realize that not everyone will have the same reaction. To be honest, for some people, marijuana is works. But I am definitely addicted and don't want to depend on it. I do think it's a bit silly that it isn't completely legal. It's like alcohol, some people are terrible drunks, and some aren't.
This is the 2nd time i have quit smoking Marajuana....so funny how it creeps back in and next thing you know you have buds who are rolling as you drive into their homes.. and next thing you know you stoned all the time, i am not a half measure kind of gal..i function very well when i am stoned but i know that its an illusion..please God this time i intend to really get rid of this addiction..i dont want to be a slave to anything..food is next..yoga is my vice in getting to the bottom of why i seem to think i function better on it...
Hello. I am a 26 Year old female, who believes she is currently going through extreme withdrawal from marijuana. I was an extremely heavy user from August til the beginning of last month. HOWEVER, my withdrawal symptoms began before I even quit smoking. I went from medical to recreational and instantly starting having these paralyzing chills and headaches, but I was still using. Then I moved cross country and lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks, because I stopped having access to any marijuana. These symptoms began around Jan 4, so when people say a month or SO, I'm less inclined to believe I'm lucky enough to be able to say it shall be over any day now. I'm starting to get incredibly hopeless and I hate knowing there's nothing I can really do medically speaking as Obama care has decided 26 year olds don't need health insurance. :( I'm just really tired of going through this. I know nobody has answers, I just worry this is about to be the rest of my life. I've quit before, and never went through this....
Ive only used marijuana for 3 years now everyday basically, and i stopped cold turkey about 6 days ago i started to feel dizzy randomly and i get headaches often, also i have trouble sleeping and i wake up about 3 times a night... It hasnt been difficult to stop but i had no idea stopping would come with withdraws Lol ... Ive noticed working out more and also reading has helped me stay away from it so far . i heard the first week is the hardest
I have been smoking almost daily for the past 2 years since I retired from the military. I love the effects of Cannabis but I will FINALLY ADMIT that weed is holding me back. I had a habit of about 1-1.5 grams a day (a=lot). I finally quit yesterday because it is killing my motivation to get a better job and do what I have to do. I was never a procrastinator before I started smoking weed. Now, I put things off too much and I am spending too much time and money on getting, smoking, being high, and sleeping. My 1st 24hrs without weed SUCKED! I was mad at the world and being an A-hole to my wife and kids. I also had a major loss of appetite and the chills(still have the chills 26hrs later). I feel super depressed right now. I don't want to go through this again.
I've been smoking for 7 years with maybe a couple breaks in between. Recently when I smoked I started getting paranoid. It was so bad to the point that I thought someone was breaking into my house. It then turned into me feeling like I was dying and my chest caving in, that my friend rolled up a joint and I had a massive panic attack that I quit cause I didn't want to feel like that anymore. It's only been 2 days that I quit and I still feel anxious. I'm hoping that it will go away soon, but I never thought weed would do that to me. It's been my best friend for 7 years and it's like it turned its back on me :, (
oh hey nicole macdonald nice to see u going through the same thing
Withdrawal symptoms are present in everything we find pleasurable. What is your release when you get home? Alcohol? Food? Working out? Sex? MMJ? Cigarettes? Book? What is your "routine"? We are all addicts. We're humans.
I've only been smoking marijuana everyday for about 5 months and I just can't sleep at all no matter what I do and I also can't eat properly but everything else is fine, I really need to quit but I don't know what to do anymore
It is real.... My irritableness is through the roof! ITS NOT ALL IN MY HEAD!!
I've been smoking weed on and off since I was about 15. I've quit several times, the longest being about 2 years and have never experienced withdrawal symptoms until recently when I decided to stop smoking again. The first 3 days of sobriety were accompanied with lack of appetite but that was the worst of my " withdrawals". Weed has been good to me.
I can guarantee, that every single person who consumes marijuana for 2 decades everyday( morning, noon, and night) smoking or ingesting. Is going to have almost every single one of those symptoms... Headaches, nausea, chills, sweats anxiety, depression, sleep problems, dreams, digestive affects etc... I have smoked since I was 13 very heavily and now am 33 and have stopped numerous times, longest being about 3 months.. You use any substance in that amount for that long, your withdrawals will be significant. Because it stays in your system sooooooo much longer than water soluble drugs or substances, the withdrawal symptoms drag on longer than other water soluble drugs. Currently I have chosen to stop smoking permanently or a minimum 3 years..... Before I even think of having that toke at a party, or that joint.. I will never go back to smoking it on a regular basis.. Every single time I stopped I got withdrawal. It's not the worst withdrawal, but it lasts longer than most. Cannibas has a strong odor soo your sweat starts to smell, your food intake changes soo you also start withdrawing from your change in diet. There are soo many variables that come into play with long term excessive use its not even funny.. So, my advice to anyone thinking of starting to take cannibus make sure your at least past the age of 18 and that goes for any substance. Your brain, nervous system, bodies biology are not fully developed soo taking any mind altering substances at any age younger than 18 would be stupid... Let your body finish its maturing process BELIEVE ME.. PLEASE. The withdrawal is a reality like Any other substance you use in a habitual manor. For an alchoholic he drinks everyday, he'll withdrawal.. Same for marijuana. All those who say there are no withdrawals didn't smoke it like an addict.. For those who doo you will withdraw.. WITHOUTQUESTION... ITS JUST COMMON SENSE. The information provided in this article is completely accurate. Anybody who says otherwise has not smoked it enough or take long breaks between use.
I can't take it anymore. Weed was my last escape. I've quit so many times now I can't keep count. Sometimes I spend most of the day crying and contemplating suicide. But for whatever reason, here I am, trying to quit...again...I feel like an idiot.

If you need help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/, or get information about drug abuse treatment programs at https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/.

This is unscientific! People want something that is not propaganda. Site owner lovely work in the comment section though.
Reading some of these comments, it's kind of obvious that everyone has their own opinions and withdrawals with marijuana. But Here's my story. I'm 25 and recently assumed ownership of a medical marijuana card, went to the clinic and bought a heavily dosed pair of edibles and ate both at once. It's real. You can overdose! I had the symptoms of a paranoid, hyper ventilating, schizophrenic crazy man curled up in the fetal position on my bed. Vomiting, sweating and heavy uncontrolled breathing. Enough to make me want to quit. I've smoked since age 14. And that isn't the first panic attack either. Had numerous. Now with that said, yea pot can be a great medical alternative than heavily dished out prescription opioids. But like all medicine, moderation is key. Finally I have decided though that's IT! Goodluck to those who want to or can't quit. And to those who will continue... ENJOY! puff puff, and I'll abstain from that grass...for now ;*)
I started smoking marijuana when I was 13 years old, I'm nearly 23 and decided to quit in December of last year due to several issues it was causing. I wasn't aware of the many issues I had till recently, shortly after I decided to quit I found out I was pregnant. I had 2 previous miscarriages when I was smoking and was ignorant of the effects it had on my fertility, though each persons physiological makeup is different. I've had crazy withdrawal symptoms, I'm eating more, sleeping less, very irritable with crazy bouts of anger towards myself and others. My baby has been my saviour in many ways, thank God. I didn't notice these symptoms in myself, it was my partner who started pointing them out to me, as I've been arguing with him like crazy since I stopped. He said I was definitely more chilled out. I don't think we are really aware of the impact substance use/misuse has on our body, minds and spirits. Particularly if you have used it for a long time. I never thought I would see the day that I'd be saying this but sometimes life slaps you awake and brings you to an awareness. Don't get into a habit of depending on a substance to make you feel good, better about life or whatever it is your circumstance or if you just like smoking it or taking whatever it is. The only really dependency you should have is within yourself, not with out yourself. If you do have to depend on something external..there is a lot of reevaluation you have to do about your life. If it's not now that you realise, it will be one day. God bless x
I am very dependant on marijuana and have been a daily smoker for the past 6/7 months. I have been going through a heavy withdrawal the past two weeks. Little to no appetite, irritability, headaches and the worst of all the insomnia. I mainly depended on it before bed to help me get to sleep. Now I never sleep. I've never had this problem before I started smoking heavily. If I do get to sleep, it's not until 4/5AM and I generally will sleep 8 hours wake up even more tired than when I went to bed and sleep an additional 3/4 hours. It is absolutely horrible!
This is pitiful. The most recent and accurate studies on long term marijuana use was an Indian tribe (I can't remember the name. I studied them but it's been a while). These people smoke insane amounts daily because it's part of their culture and also a religious practice (similar to shaman monks using shrooms for an enlightening experience). What they discovered is after years and years, talking like 20 years, of smoking as much as they do- and until you look them up, if you smoke an eighth a day you think you're smoking a lot.. not compared to these people. With the heavy, daily intake and years and years of use they found long term affects in memory, mood swings and often depersonalization. Aside from that study, there haven't been any major studies because it's still federally illegal meaning getting funding is difficult. It is a dependence for those that smoke constantly, not an addiction. The withdrawals are often your body trying to readjust. THC affects the same GABA receptors as benzos, meaning your body under long term use teaches itself how to live with this new chemical flooding it. Once you take it away, your body has to relearn everything again, which causes discomfort. I've been on Benzos for over ten years and I hate them. Not saying nothing is true, it does depend on each person. How much your body had to change. Try stopping a benzo after years. I spent three days after forgetting my medicine at home when I went out of town for work dry heaving in my hotel bathroom for three hours every morning. If you want to understand what exactly MJ does, study your GABA receptors and what they affect.
Recently I've been forced to quit smoking marijuana. I'm a 19 year old female who regularly smoked a decent amount of it, even daily. While attending college, it is VERY hard to avoid, but I'm doing it. The first couple days were fine and I even thought it would be a good thing, and I could focus on school and maybe get a job in the meantime. However, today especially, depression has hit me hard. I've found myself overall unhappy, almost hating myself, and just being sad. It's like a feeling of sadness I've never experienced before. I've had a few stomach pains, and chills/sweats on and off, but I've been very irritable. I'm hoping these go away soon. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for withdrawal symptoms like these to go away?
I've smoked weed for a long time since I was 17 and I'm now 51, with only a few breaks between. My longest break was 3 months. I noticed that when I quit smoking my withdrawal symptoms were very mild. I only got headaches, felt irritable, and coughed up phlegm. And my dreams became more vivid, longer, and at times lucid. That was it. None of those other symptoms such as sweating or fever. My headaches eventually went away after 2 weeks, and my lungs cleared after 1 month of coughing up phlegm, which's usually greenish with specks. Going cold turkey on weed isn't that bad as with other drugs, especially coke and meth.
been an oz a week user for 30 years (48 years old). It has virtually total control of my life due to the withdrawal symptoms that many on here describe. Took the decision 2 weeks ago that this has to stop and have been suffering pretty badly. I am determined to get through it and have a life without having to hand over wads of cash (that i can ill afford) every week, being able to go abroad with my wife without making her holiday a misery and just be able to function normally without being a slave to the stuff. Finding some deniers comments on here pretty ridiculous and mildly insulting. If your in the same boat as me, good luck to you, it hurts, but we'll get through it. Just wish i could get back the 100K+ back.
I'm sorry but marijuana withdrawal is nowhere near as bad as heroin or pills. If you think what you are experiencing is bad, don't ever do drugs again. I'm dealing with it now, but it's still okay. Woke up last night because I heard someone screaming my name, I guess it was the nightmare. It felt so real though, woke me up at 5am. Thought the police were outside screaming for me again.
I am addicted, dependent whatever you want to call it i thought it was the morphine pills that i take for pain that was giving me all these problems so i would take more and more of the pills and still the withdrawal symptoms wouldn't completely go away. After reading all these comments i know what it is, i didn't have a puff for 2 days and felt like i was losing my mind, i felt immense fear,sweats one minute freezing the next. It must give me a chemical imbalance in the body and brain, i finally found a puff and the symptoms disappeared. uh oh
ive been smoking weed every day and every 4 hours a day usually 2 spliffs each, and after 6 years, i quit for a month and my body felt like it was going through random shocks. also my brain and face feeling high sometimes ....... and my lungs hard to breathe... and my heart feels heavy QUIT NOW B4 ITS TOO LATE -torontonian
This doesn't happen
I'm 47 and I've been smoking weed since I was 12 years old, every day, all day. I actually quit for 6 years and pick it up again : ( I assure you that weed is addictive and withdraws are very real. However part of it is just mental. When I go on vacation I have withdraws but they aren’t as bad because I know when I come home I can smoke again but quitting is a different ball game. Exspcecally if you live in Colorado. On vacation, I don't know where to get weed so its a mute point but here at home weed shops are like McDonalds.( literally ) I'm on my 2nd day of quitting again and of course I'm having withdraws. I've never tried to quit since weed was legalized and it's taking everything I got not to get in the car and drive two block away from me and get more. Addiction sucks.
After just reading most of these posts I do feel better. Its horrible to think that you're alone in any struggle but with the depression factor of withdrawal its just emotionally unbearable. The reason I'm responding to your post is the whole availability/State legalization that's happened. Because of my need to always have a joint/pipe/bong ready for use whenever I wanted, I always had to be sure that my supply was stocked up and never ran out(FYI its a bit harder to get weed in Europe than the states). But when I moved to Amsterdam I found that it was easier to quit with it being so easily accessible. Have you ever run out and have no choice but to scour the earth(you act cool outside, but inside you're a mess) in search of your next smoke? Long-time smokers will all probably say yes. When I look back and remember the moment I finally calmed down, it wasn't when I rolled or sparked-up, it was when I had it in hand. Just knowing that I had it and could smoke whenever I wanted made everything ok again. hope this helps some.
I have been smoking weed for years and i just stopped cold turkey about a week and a half now, and its not easy, i can't sleep at nights, sleep during the day, loss of appetite, sweating during the night to the point that i need to change my clothes, cry for no reason, get angry and lash out too easily and the worst part of it all was my lips getting dark from smoking. I had to make a change in my life, i just pray to god that i can keep going foward and never look back at a joint. Withdrawals from smoking weed is very real.
I smoked marijuana heavily for 15 years. I was recently convinced to quit by my doctor when I was diagnosed with acute asthmatic bronchitis. Marijuana withdrawal is very real. I am still feeling the symptoms of withdrawal after a month. The first 2 weeks were the hardest. It is a major myth in society that marijuana has no withdrawal or isn't addictive. Although everyone experiences it diffrently. Some less than others. It is still very real. I had to get acutely ill before I managed to be able to quit...and I'm not even there yet since it's only been a month and I still have a ways to go before I feel clean. Thanks for the support, and people who say marijuana is not addictive are completely wrong.
Hey! friends I had been a bhang eater since last year I quitted on 14th of February and still facing withdrawal symptoms I know it'll pass ......it is nothing to worry if you have developed dependence on the marijuana ....everyone can quit it the only thing that you have to do keep believe on that you can get out from this sh**the .........These days are really hard for me but I have told myself I'll not give up until I succeed ...........These symptoms are actually emotional but it can be overcome with our constant motivation ......don't think for help from outsider because only you are responsible for your present condition so blame yourself and try hard drive relax whatever your situation demands ...believe in yourself after all your mind knows how to heal.........don't listen to others .....listen what your subconsciousness says everybody face distinct symptoms depends on their body chemistry so I have not mentioned any .....even it might give you other ideas of symptoms that you may not suffer
I have smoked weed from the age of 18 every single day,i am now 29 and have not smoked a joint for over two weeks, i am only starting to realise how i abused that drug and used it for a mood stabiliser, my moods now seem to be erratic and extreme plus having had a constant headache for ten days, even in my sleep i can feel it, i do not have trouble sleeping but i cannot seem to eat as well as i did when i smoked. For years i was always saying how weed helped me but it only numbed the person i was. It is an addictive drug. I am now trying to balance myself back to being a chilled out woman but without the weed.
Does stopping smoking mess with your blood circulation as I'm always cold and tingling in my hands and feet

We can't say how withdrawal will affect you personally, so please contact a doctor if you have concerns.

I'm a 28 year old male, I have been smoking for 14 years daily. I've tried quitting many times but couldnt handle the withdrawals. It usually takes a week or two for the heavy withdrawals to start. This time I tried to cut back the dosage to 1-2 milligrams for 2 weeks before going cold turkey to gradually let my thc levels to go down. Im suffering from splitting headaches and night sweats and dreams. I know in a few more days I will be angry/depressed, something I have suffered from my whole life. Besides the physical withdrawals I have no craving symptoms because I truely want to quit, but in reality I have been smoking my entire adult life HALF MY LIFE. The only remedy I have found to make it easier is exercise, melatonin to sleep, and a little bit of whiskey to take the edge off. If anyone knows a better way or another home remedy please let me know. I think I am going to get a big bottle of cranberry juice after work to help clear me out. They really need a regimen to help get people clean, something that will make things easier for people to make it through there daily lives.
Ask your dentist if you could be in jawlock at night, I experience al the anger put away for 29 years (now 44) this afternoon i get my relaxplate. Keep it up I've been also slowly cutting down for years, from daily bongs to 0,05 a week. than i could stop for ten days max. go easy on youself, please don't get mad if you fail once in a while. If you can keep trying, get help talking things through to get confident. And try not to replace it with alcohol, that really won't help you sleep at all. Better to lie down at 19oo and get some extra shuteye. listen to your body, take lots of water. I can really feel with you, remember you're not alone. Its for a higher goal.
Everyday I smoke,,everyday I improve
Hi i smoked for years and i finally got to the point where i was smoking a quarter ounce a day. When i wasnt high i felt down depressed angry and bitter. It was horrible. So i decided to quit it has been a week now and i finally feel better the first three days is hell on earth. No sleep no appitite depression anger anxiety cravings.but everyday you get better. I have a university degree and much life experience. I have found that if u belive in jesus christ he can help u with anything and get you off drugs. Just keep praying to him and follow him and he will help u everyday. Marijuna is said to be a safe drug. It is not. It will eventually take over and harm u. Drug free is the way to be. Praise jesus christ. Jesus this is david can u never let me do marijuana again thank you.
How long does depression, sleep pattern, edginess, no energy and lack of life last? It's been 5 weeks for my husband but he smoked for over 20 years.

Hi SaravGFA, marijuana withdrawal symptoms usually peak a few days after quitting and may last for up to two weeks, according to this NIDA research: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/mariju... That being said, we can't say how drugs or withdrawal will affect you specifically, so please contact a doctor if you have concerns. You can also get information about drug abuse treatment programs at https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/. If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can always contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.

Ive quit smoking for nine days now, i was smoking marijuana for 5 years and i seem to have so many withdrawals, loss of appetite for a few days, (lost 3 kilo) Couldn't sleep for a few days either. Very irritable and the worse of it is the sweating, i sweat so bad i wake up in the middle of the night and my pillow etc is all wet from sweat... i hate it so hopefully doesnt last!
I find it funny how everyone thinks that MJ is a convenient, and a safe way to get high... It's hilarious when I really stop to think about it; i'm 20 years old, and quit smoking 5 years ago, and I'd have to admit it has to be the greatest decision I've ever made in my short life.. I'd like everyone to know that withdrawal from MJ is a very really danger. A lot of people are just misguided within the use of weed, and it saddens me. I remember back in my freshmen year in high school everything was fine, and dandy until I tried to smoke weed with some of my friends after school. This had to be one of the worst mistakes I've ever made in my life, and the consequences, and suffering to be followed by this poor execution of choice would lead to inconsequential struggles, and burdens that could of been completely avoided in my life. Just a week later from smoking weed I started to notice that everything started to feel gloomier, and dark... This was obviously a sign of depression, but as a 15 year old kid that was excited to live life, and experiment how would I have known any better? Then a month later the social anxiety kicked in.. For some reason socializing and communicating with people had just gotten harder to do. I was so confused at this time in my life that I had no idea what was going on with me.. Life wasn't so easy back then you're highly miss understood; everyone's giving you weird looks, and questioning you over trivial matters. When I look back at those times in my life they were severely dark, and loathing for me. I used to wear the same clothes the day before or pick out clothes I'd worn the previous weekend; from my dirty laundry basket that I hadn't even thought of to wash.. I was overcome with sadness, and confusion as a young man all because of MJ. I'd skip school to smoke, and steal I'd even pick up a bad habit of smoking cigarettes too. Going to school was such a burden for me because I was dealing with such severe issues in my life at an age when you're suppose to be going out socializing, and having fun. The despair, and emotional turmoil I was going through was extremely abrasive. No teenager should go through what I went through just because of weed. I honestly have no regrets, but being addicted to MJ caused some severe damage at my life during those times. I can't even explain how crippling it was for me at those times words wouldn't be able to do those painful experiences justice. I was suffering from severe anxiety going through withdrawal, and to add too that I was also going through some serious depression. I felt sick, and nervous, overreacted to a lot of things during those times too. It's just to confusing for a teenager to have, to go through withdrawal during those teenager adolescent years. They're already dealing with enough as it is, and on top of that MJ is portrayed as such a "harmless" fun loving drug to the point where these kids will go, and smoke it just for the hell of it. I had a friend that was sweet, and nice during his middle school years, but then everything changed with this kid as soon, as he started smoking weed. His whole persona, and behavior just lead him astray; all because of weed.. The kid started popping pills, and I think the last time I saw him he even told me he was selling crack.. Weed isn't a joke it really is a gateway drug, and it makes me feel ridiculous typing this now, but because of past experiences, and what I've seen it do to people I just know this is the truth. My advice for anyone is to just stay away from weed, and any other drug period. These substances will not only oppress you physically, and mentally, but even worse they'll oppress you spiritually. I've read all the comments from this thread thus far, and I must say that withdrawal is completely temporary. I know at this time if you're going through it that, it might seem impossible to get out of it' and that it feels permanent. It's all an lie, and illusion you'll probably forget the whole experience within a year or so... I'd also recommend that you stay from prescription drugs that these doctors or better yet "pharmacies' will prescribe you. The drugs they'll introduce you to deal with the symptoms will give you far worse withdrawal symptoms then you're currently having now' and you'll have yet another addiction to deal with. Just let your body do what it's designed to do, and let it detox you. I can assure you that everything will turn out better for you. To make a change in your life is the most powerful thing that you can in this life. Not a lot of people have the courage to do it, but I promise you that if you keep your faith, and your courage still; that you'll come out of this not only stronger, but also smarter, and wiser. - Cody
Im done useing weed and am sick as a dog. I cant stop crying either. Never again!
I just quit recently, 4 days ago - I'm 39 and have smoked non-stop since I was 17 or so. I feel irritable and a little anxious, but the weirdest part is that I have felt high since the day I quit. I have had a little trouble sleeping and do feel tired during the day, but the being stoned feeling is so odd! Has anyone else experienced this? I quit BECAUSE I was tired of feeling this constant hazy/cloudy feeling, so I am hoping/assuming it's temporary.
For me it goes and comes.......less frequently as time passes. But I had quit smoking for 6 years and even after all that time it I might wake up one day with that feeling sometimes. Not sure if I damaged something in my head that just can't be fixed. But this symptom isn't as common as the others I've noticed, guess we just dont have any luck
Dude, Are you ME??? I've been researching the affects of quitting weed after a loooong period of abuse, and I've been wanting to write in about my personal experience. I just couldn't find the right blog to do it in. I'm not even sure this is the right blog, but when I read your post- You ARE me!! My name is Dre', some friends call me DreDay, nice to meet you. I've been smoking since 16/17, and I turned 39 in march this year. So I have been smoking daily, multiple blunts, for over 20 years. I got a bad cold or the flu or something 2 months ago, and I stopped smoking. A couple days turned into a week, weeks to a month, and now today around 6pm will be my 8th week. I'm STILL pissing dirty, and I STILL walk around in a daze. It's crazy how the effects of THC is still affecting me. The longwest I've heard for chronic smokers like us is 3 months. I have less tolerance for BS now, I haven't found this big surge of energy folks talk about after quitting either. I'm hoping to get my short-term memory back. I just look forward to experiencing life as I have yet to experience it as a grown man- SOBER. All my friends blow, so I have found myself spending more time with my wife and kid. I won't lie, I still crave it, but I don't want to fail myself. I have some Moonrock in my glovebox that I've had there since b4 I got sick two months ago. Pray for me and I'll pray for you. Good luck boss!
Things will definitely get better I know the feeling it's bin nearly a month that I've stopped and tbh it's bin hell. But I'm happy and I know in the long run it's the best thing i ever have done. I'll pray for you and all of you we will all get through this
I'm praying for you brother blower...Praying is the way to seek forgivness and help you stay focus.I'm quitting now hardcore after 10 years..Love flyes your way brother.Alfie
I don't know where to start... Yes, marijuana is bad for you, especially if smoked. Despite what some people tell you, inhaling any kind of smoke is very hard on your lungs and if done repeatedly can increase your risk of developing issues with your lungs. You are ingesting a substance into your body that is not meant to be there. Smoking marijuana may hurt the developing brain. I say may because the studies that have been done use that wording. As in there just has not been enough REAL studies done to definitively prove that this is the case. That being said, it is, a healthier option than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Now, when I say healthier I mean that none of it is good for you, but it is the lesser of two evils so to speak. I have smoked weed all my life. I have quit quite often and for years at a time before coming back. I have been a ridiculously heavy smoker and I have smoked occasionally. I have never experienced any of these "withdrawals" that a large amount of you say you are experiencing. It seems that your comments are more of a contest of who smoked the most. The mind is a powerful thing and if you truly believe you need something your body will let you know. I think that if we educated teenagers, and the general population it seems, about what marijuana really does to you they would probably decide to use it intelligently or not use at all. Using scare tactics to convince these people that what they are doing is wrong is just silly. Think for yourself, do some research, come to your own conclusion, don't let someone else think for you.


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