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Marijuana Use Can Lower Your Grades

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The NIDA Blog Team
Studies show that marijuana interferes with attention, motivation, memory, and learning. Students who use marijuana regularly tend to get lower grades and are more likely to drop out of high school than those who don’t use. Those who use it regularly may be functioning at a reduced intellectual level most or all of the time.
Check out NIDA's new infographic that explains what that means in the classroom, and how that can affect your life.  
Marijuana Use & Educational Outcomes Infographic
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Its hard to live in a society where drugs are being abused. I have a young child, and i just want a safe life for him :(
I smoke every day and ive kept A B honor roll, go to work and work out after, it is YOU letting your grades drop. Pot is not a drug, its been used for thousands of years as a main medicine.
Hi, my name is Mark J. and I smoked marijuana since I was 13 years old until I was 27. Then 20 years later I went to college and did better that I did In High School. I've been on the Presidential list and the Deans list the whole time I've been going to PCC College. I've never smoked while I was getting ready to go to school I think I would be to paranoid! Thanks for listening. M.J.
Smoking Mary Jane is really bad for you.
No one thinks high school kids should be smoking marijuana at all, actually a study says that people should not smoke until age 21 due to brain development. That being said, I do believe Our Country was founded on ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL and EACH MAN SHOULD HAVE AN EQUAL VOTE ! With that being said I will support the petition to get this on the 2pq6 ballot, just because we're talking about 250 to 300 million dollars to State Education, more jobs, less unemployment, and the more people employed the more money put back into the community! EVERYONE DESERVES A VOTE AND NO ONE UNDER 21 SHOULD EVER SMOKE MARIJUANA!
U haft to be 25
ok, not all men, but all women too. dont discriminate.
True that! ;-;
foreal! im in high school i smoke green, and i have pure A's ! y'all are dumb asf don't judge .
true bro
well clearly u missing some brain cells. And I think that the world is ready corupted we dont need teenagers to.
I LOVE HOW THE SOURCES ARE ALL SURVEYS!!! You guys really don't know how much you are destroying our society by publishing data that was never even looked at by a statistician as fact. These are all faulty "studies" with misconstrued conclusions. Just because things appear to be correlated, doesn't imply causation. especially when so many factors are involved. How many variables were even looked at? How unethical of you to twist the minds of the impressionable.
This is a quote from a "study" that contradicts those surveys: Some institutions regularly churn out papers that demonstrate marijuana decreases IQ points and impairs brain development. A new longitudinal study, however, complicates these findings that get inserted into anti-drug campaigns. Researchers from Rutgers University and Pittsburgh Medical Center studied 408 males who used marijuana starting in their teens, and followed them up until their mid-30s. Analysis of the data found the young men who are now adults fell into four groups: no use or low use, early chronic users (some smoked nearly 200 days per year), those who only used during teenage years, and lastly those who began smoking later and continued into their adulthood. There were no links found to physical or mental problems in any of the groups, even in early chronic users. Other factors such as cigarette smoking, access to health insurance, and other drug use were controlled for.
u r right
our country is already going down hill and now they want to legalize marijuana? even if its for medical use. people are going to think of a way to get high or some kind of buzz. this is not a smart idea.
the buzz was kind like of dusted because of the drug and drunk and beer?
Legalizing marijuana not only will boost our economy with millions if not billions of tax revenue, but also create thousands of jobs, also not to mention it will stop inflating our already ridiculously over stocked prison system with people that dont belong there.
It's been illegal and still millions of people smoke weed. All we miss out on is tax money by not legalizing it.
wow, i never thought of weed that way before :/
hi falisha
hi im rosy
This is about facts not to say "hi"
i think weed is okay XD weed doesnt nothing to us but make us feel good about are selves :) happy birthday
Happy days man!
America is legalizing this drug which I don't understand the point of. They are probably legalizing it for money!!! >:(
The fed gov spends a trillion dollars or more a yr to keep it illegal. Are taxes pay to put everyday normal hardworking family oriented people in jail. Does this sound right? I believe all the time and money wasted on this could do more good if used within society, on all the problems we face in our nation that we lack the money for. Marijuana is not as bad as they say it is up to the people to make the choice of their own future. I raised a family, had great health and good job, I'm now 48 w/3 grandchildren and still doing great. People think of what was claimed in past thought nit in the present.
well i have A and B honoral and i toke all day every day
same with me yo, everyone thinks its the end of the world
yea same here its nothing to wig out over in my opinion
Seriously, you don't "have A and B honoral." You get As and Bs and are on the Honor Roll. If you don't spell correctly enough to get your point across, it is hard to believe the truth of your statement.
And yet you cant spell.
Almost all the people in the World need some sort of stimulation to keep them happy.So they are addicted to alcohol,drugs,tobacco,beetle and some other things. Every thing created by nature for all living things.Every plant has it's value.Some plants have indispensable medicinal value.It is harmful to children.If the students get addicted to marijuana their lives ruined completely.Their memory,their concentration power,their health,their strength, their nervous system every thing becomes weak.They postpone their important works in laziness. Heroine is the most dangerous among the drugs.It should be eradicated. Marijuana is good for elders over 40.When you have tension and problems,when you have problem in finding any solution to your problem,Marijuana will give you a good idea within a few minutes and pacify you and drive away your tension.It reduces your high blood pressure.Marijuana keeps you away from heart diseases,this is my personal experience. Mr.Barack Obama is not a fool to legalize marijuana,He knows Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.OK,I ask you all a question,the crime rate is high under the influence of liquor or marijuana? The only way to legalize Marijuana to keep away his people from Heroine.
that is probably putting it bluntly..... who knew america could be a buncha jerks?
Their legalizing it because it helps people who are suffering, and it would be able to do a lot more if people would support it so that we can find out all of it's healing abilities. Thank you, M.J.
The two smartest people I ever met in my lifetime, and I know I shouldn't use names, at least not without their consent , were both avid marijuana users . the first became doctor and with more than one doctorate degree, the other fellow worked and designed hydraulic systems for jet aircraft, Both excelled at their jobs and to my knowledge are still doing well today .User number one was my next door neighbor and I remember him staying up late at night smoking pot while doing his homework. This is a true story and when I type in my name I hope they read it and reply. I am 66 years old and started smoking pot in 1967,in Levittown Pennsylvania
today more teens are using marijuana more than ever and its causing our schools to go down on their academic rank; and since we are the people of tomorrow, the gov. is trying to act quick before we all go down even more. im a teen girl from lhs high school and its disappointing how our generation is taking drug use as a joke.
i am in high school also and i smoke weed and it dose not mess with my grades i have smoked for 5 years and i keep a 3.75 gpa and i think that should show that weed dose not mess with you grades and for any one that has not smoked weed i would try to get them to because it opens up your mind to a lot more looks on life and gves you a upper hand on open mind thnk and you well not be so closed in and up tight
I'm not sure where you are getting the 3.75 GPA. I would like to ask if that includes English or Grammar classes?
well..... good for you, yo mama would be proud ;>
it is so true !!!
You can't even spell right? wym
Hell yeah man you go!!
You are a very intelligent person. The people who are against legalizing weed are ignorant of the fact that marijuana is illegal because of all of the things that can be made out of it. Paper, clothing, fuel, just to name a few. These that just see it as as a drug from the devil have been fooled. They've been fooled by the people with the money who will continue to have the power over all of us until we wake up and take back what is ours. That is the right to have a country that is not only environmentally sound but good for us all, You smart people do some research and then make a choice. Until then just shut up!
Hi, my name is Mark Johnson and I go to PCC Community College and I smoke weed sativa and I get on the Presidential list, and the Deans list each term I've taken. I am currently holding a 3.6 GPA and I am majoring in English. I love your comments, and I agree marijuana has all kinds of purposes like insulation for houses, fuel, and a material that is stronger than titanium, and lighter than fiber glass for making cars, bikes, ect..
Yeah, but think of what you all MIGHT have achieved had you NOT smoked it!